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Join us for an informal chat with Alex Millar on subjects of the day and their impact on the future.

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19 thoughts on “FutureRant – Alex Millar

  1. Good stuff! I look forward to more ranting in the future!

    Re: Mercury in vaccines. Ethyl mercury (good/better?) than Methyl mercury (bad).
    Half-life of ethyl mercury in the body is weeks (14 to 50+ days).
    Either one will cross the blood-brain barrier.
    Need to distinguish between injecting a substance or it being absorbed during the digestive process (eating tuna).
    Thiomersal , the mercury preservative in vaccines, becomes ethyl mercury in the body. It does do damage to the central nervous system and kidneys. Considering its half-life and how many vaccines are given to children these days, is it any wonder that we are seeing an explosion in autism and other nervous system disorders?
    Thiomersal has been banned in the EU.
    It is a cost issue. It costs less to put the mercury in multiple dose vials than to have single (sterile) dose vials in which no mercury is used. How much is the cost difference? Not much, I would guess.

  2. QUESTION: could in today’s world with the ability to search reviews on the internet eg toasters to investments the internet is the modern sec .✌️

  3. And I forgot: we DO NEED regulators on the ICOs when 95% are scams. It’s nice to live in a fairy-tale world where there is no government and everybody behaves in a nice way, but in real world, you need to limit people’s greed when trying to betray others. The prove is the current Capitalism, that has led to extreme inequality, poverty, destruction of work and welfare state, because of lack of regulations on the wealthier and corporations. Capitalism doesn’t work, it has failed.
    Government is needed, at least at small scale (not like the huge giant corrupt USA), but you need a minimum that can guarantee the basics (infrastructures, healthcare and education),

  4. oh my god just started watching looks like there are going to me a million dumb things said. there is no central authority it is consensus you know like based on evidence and peer review. oh my god you guys are not like the religous right with all the conspiracy and scepticism about science are you.

    1. Science is about QUESTIONING. There is no such thing as “scientific consensus” – it’s against the REAL spirit and intention of science. I’m indeed skeptical of its existence.

  5. All the leaders of developed world were so quick in coming together and criticizing Trump’s position on global climate warming . I wished that they had the same concern about the poor Yemenis people who are at present time getting slaughtered by bombs , diseases and starvation . It is truly ironic. One can only wonder .

  6. a) guest says conspiracy or consenus. Misses 3rd view that no conspiracy but just the consensus happens to be incorrect
    b) gabriel: planet cud be creating a cold response to the pollution. Would result in a lot of humans dying off likely and the planet regaining it’s health homeo-statis

  7. Great to see GDV back… However, when you and Tone rant on about climate change you sound like BU chasing FUD down a rabbit whole.97% of peer-reviewed academic consensus concludes we are the major cause of climate change. Is this how a nation reconciles joining Nicaragua and Syria in rescinding the Paris agreement? WTF, I just don’t get it!!!!

  8. The Potomac River absolutely still freezes over. I live near it and have walked out onto it myself. (Im only 27). Also, how is a giant freeze not considered climate change? I think “global Warming” is an outdated term to describe more volatile activity in climate changes

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Yes “climate change” seems to be their branding change to help them survive the lack of warming they knew was on the horizon… though there is still a massive warmist bent

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