Globalist Takeover Of The Internet Moves Into Overdrive

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31 thoughts on “Globalist Takeover Of The Internet Moves Into Overdrive

    1. glassfx o think what you will find is certain people thumb down your content I’ve seen people go down instantly when people don’t like what they say

  1. One of the reason I hate bitcoin is that it helps reign in the cashless society. The govt is gonna do what they want as long as we the sheeple just sit and do nothing.

  2. Trump is definitely not a part of the New World Order / One World Order globalist club, if he was they wouldn’t be trying so hard to take him out. He seems to be taking power away from them and giving it back to the people. TPP, Paris Agreement, Cuba etc.

    1. or they are pretending to try to take him out so they can keep the people divided and distracted. and also fool people into thinking he’s the real deal.

    2. I RUN BOXING 49-1 wow, what an intelligent comment. Looks like you got triggered little buddy 🙂 Maybe you should stop boxing and save the brain cells you have left

    3. Praetoriancorps good point, it’s possible but then that would mean the Democrats really like him and aren’t trying to take him out, they are only “pretending” and in reality they are partnered with him. They either hate him because he IS the real deal or they are “pretending to hate him and the conspiracy is bigger than we thought

  3. Don’t get upset, Jeff. We are gonna hang all traitors in public in the great square of anarcholandia. Parasites’ time is coming and luckily we outnumber them.

  4. “0.00001% of internet users are planning terrorism on it, therefore we need to make it suck for everyone. But we should totally open the borders to terrorists.” – Western governments

  5. what is communistic about central banking? helps allready rich people to get ahead while extorting it from the masses. a communistic central bank would disown all rich people if anything

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