Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Soar As Trump’s Comments Cause US Dollar To Plummet

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32 thoughts on “Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Soar As Trump’s Comments Cause US Dollar To Plummet

    1. Yes, Bitcoin has outperformed every other currency, commodity, stock and
      asset since its inception in 2009.
      “Bitcoin’s Rally Crushed Every Other Currency in 2016.”
      “Bitcoin was the best performing currency of both 2015 and 2016”

    2. MainAccount … As you know, I’ve been a HUGE pimp for bitcoin the past few
      years but I’m starting to get quite bullish on STEEM. The social media
      platform Steemit[dot]com is gaining a lot of traction. I believe
      cryptocurrency mass adoption will happen with Steemit, because of ease of
      use, before bitcoin.

    3. I would rather use crypto currency than buy the stock the worth is not
      using the dollar. All you vipers think about is a casino get over it they
      destroyed money period its all over.

    1. Gary Youse: Not for an internet currency. Why avoid taking advantage of the
      internet just because of a very unlikely if?
      Do you avoid buying a house because of fire?

    2. Will Nielsen Id rather stock up on tangible goods. not many people know
      about bitcoin yet alone how it works hell i dont even know. When the
      economy collpases everything goes with it.

    3. Don’t be so pessimistic and afraid, even if the internet goes down, it will
      be only temporarily, and anyway bitcoin can be stored offline on paper or
      hardware wallets and transferred via radiofrequency/radiowaves, a
      peer-to-peer decentralised system is not going to disappear, the future
      systems will be decentralised and digital.

    1. some how its such a huge scam their is less demand for anything as far as
      your inflation theory but what it is actually is a ditortion of market
      manipulation. I call it perpetual slavery and surfdom on a global scale.

    2. Apparently 24T is the max that the debt ceiling can handle before interest
      payment become impossible. The question of when is really starting to
      become clear.

    3. Corporations are not even paying as much taxes as profits plus buying back
      their stocks with cheap money borrowing cheap money to pay dividends. Look
      here…..If ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING happens like a bank failure in europe
      you will see a blood bath so huge it will make the tornato in the wizard of
      oz look like a picnic.

      People are to damn complacent of the RISK that is real in these equity
      markets. There may be a lesson coming with this bubble that will blow all
      of the investors away FOR GOOD. than again they may run it up to 40
      thousand and than it will blow up.

    4. you mean if a bank fails and takes your mone? you may or may not ever get
      it back.I wonder if those gold futures guys ever got their money back from
      Jon Corzine after he stole clirnts money.

    5. The same was said when debt was $10T……………we will talk about it
      when there will be $40T debt.
      What exactly makes you tink that :”the federal reserve can no longer
      sustain over 19.5 trillions in Dept”?

  1. Trump had been put in place15 years ago the take up the presidential
    position. The apprentice have him exposure. The banks prop up his real
    estate business as part of the pay off. He is just another IDIOT to take
    over the other idiots that the establishment can control. No brainer.

  2. Like some are predicting, QE infinity is coming soon to your local liquor
    store….lol….you will need all the booze you can grab when reality
    becomes too harsh

  3. be worry free and also accept the fact if you have money your done when
    your stuck with the 99.9% of those that dont and 90% of the world isnt
    where you want to be when shtf;Hawaii,Philippines and other isolated
    islands in asia is where you want to be but good luck with them wanting you
    around…. ahahhaahbut yeah silver and gold and bitcoin if you believe its
    gonna be viable in shtf or dollar collapse.

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