How I Took The Red Pill – Jeff Berwick Live At Red Pill Expo

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39 thoughts on “How I Took The Red Pill – Jeff Berwick Live At Red Pill Expo

  1. Great talk, thank you Jeff. The only thing is that the sound was a little unclear. Please could you post a reply with the title of the book about how the central banks work.
    Thank you.

    1. John Perry I’ve seen that info… Again, Eustace Mullins, was where this info was from, if you want to find the true root, 3000 years back Eustace wrote the facts. Utube and dive in… Jeff tells about his personal heath stuff on Jeff berwick youtube channel…

      but Eustace wrote…
      Murder by Injections.
      secrets of the federal reserve
      The rape of justsce

      for sale on ebay, from his nephew
      for $64 For them for now

  2. Ugh. This is the WORST camera operator on the planet. He keeps knocking the sound out of whack AND I can’t see anything. Can’t you guys do any better? I am interested in what Jeff has to say, but thanks to this guy I can’t hear it OR see it. Lame.

    I can see good video on the in house screen set up, you guys really need to get a copy of that feed and post it instead of this. At live events you should always try to patch into the event audio feed – it will always be better.

    1. SleepWoke It was filmed with a potato and was purchased with “bitpotato” coin. Give it time to build up it’s potato chain spuds(blocks) and it will be at 720p resolution; “p” for potato, in 3 years.

    2. There is another [official?] version of this vid here that’s 20 secs shorter, but better viewpoint and sound, and a longer title.

      Regards, onebornfree

    1. Yea I’ve invested in ponzis like that before and learned my lesson, your better off just investing in a small cap crypto currency if you want to gamble for huge returns.

    2. What do you think of Genesis-mining? I have some money in there and overall it seems stable. No ridiculous ROI but it could provide pretty decent cash flow

    3. gnomo 767 , mine too, sorry if you had a lot in there! I didn’t have much but it still hurts. I had a feeling not to get into it (the old when it sounds too good to be true….) but if I could’ve just doubled once it would’ve been awesome & they are pure evil for preying upon hopes & trust of people. Now we can say we learned lessons, I won’t ever do anything like that again. When I logged in and saw the broken website message my stomach dropped and I knew instantly. Good luck in the future!

  3. why the f. no one put actual camera on a tripod to record all this. Dude with a phone who keeps blocking microphone with his fingers. So frustrating to watch such a good speech.

    1. How do you know if you are truly awake though? I think you might still be in the matrix, Jeff is controlled opposition. He is secretly funded by Soros and Bilderburg who are using their jewish wiles to keep you from The Truth.

  4. Everything Jeff talked about in this vid is all been talked about on his personal YT channel Jeff Berwick. Don’t believe me? Check out his daily vlog there while he walks his dogs.
    Essentially Jeff was practising this speech out loud live on YT to prepare for this speech. So if you, like I, have seen all these vids he shot the past 3-4 wks then just STOP watching this NOW.
    I just saved you the precious resource known as TIME!

    1. He uses a selfie stick on his smartphone while recording his personal vids.
      Yes anyone could live there for under $200/mth for rent. Food is much cheaper than Canada/USA or any other West/1st world country. Ofc he has security, a driver & a housekeeper/maid so his expenses are much higher. The $200 figure quoted is @ the low end to just get by.

  5. The ending of this speech was like no other & classic Berwick. “Let’s hope George Bush dies soon & maybe the Queen…anyways I’ve run outta time thank you very much.”

    Wow! You won’t get a closing statement to a ~30 min conference speech like that ANYWHERE in the world!

    Only Jeff Berwick could deliver this as he NEVER really rehearses points before he talks on stage yet generally knows what he’s going to say & even HE doesn’t know what he’s going to say until it comes out of his mouth!

  6. 6:48pm Sunday 7.30.17

    I have signed up on 2 email accounts for the REPLY since I could not attend. AS YOU KNOW the timer for the REPLY ended this morning at 4am CDT. Strange time II thought…..and…..

    Who the heck is ASLEEP AT THE RED PILL SWITCH in there??
    What the heck is going on G. Edward Griffin? LETS DO THIS.

    I AM ON YOUR SIDE. Thanks.

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