How To Buy and Use Bitcoin

In a world of increasing financial uncertainty many people are choosing not to rely totally on traditional fiat currency.

Having a portfolio of liquid, instantly spendable instruments is prudent to ensure you don’t get caught up in the next banking crisis.

You can choose traditional instruments like gold and silver which have stood the test of time. On a more techy note it looks like crypto currency Bitcoin is here to stay.

A good liquid portfolio should contain physical cash, cash in the bank, gold, silver and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is becoming popular and is easily spendable. Here is where you can get your hands on some Bitcoin and use it just like the cash in your bank.

Where To Buy Bitcoin

I find it quite handy to be abel to buy Bitcoins directly from my wallet. offers a great solution!

You can set up your account in minutes and then get your account vefiried and then buy small amounts of Bitcoin to start with, then as you build a purchase history you can buy larger amounts.

You don’t want Bitcoins to be trapped in the virtual crypto world either so it is good to open another wallet with which also comes with a mobile app and a debit card linked to your Bitcoin wallet.

This offers the freedom of being able to save up in Bitcoins and if required be able to withdraw Bitcoin converted to cash from a highstreet ATM, spend online or on the high street.


One thing is absolutely certain, the cash in your pocket with rarely become more valuable, it devalues over time as they print more and more of it. With Bitcoin you have the opportunity of easily obtaining and holding a different instrument that has every chance of doubling trebling and beyond in the years to come.

It’s happened before and it can happen again!!

Here’s some excellent information on Bitcoin


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