How to Protect Your IRA From Confiscation, Nationalization and Hyperinflation

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Jeff interviews returning guest Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets, topics include: offshoring self directed IRAs, capital controls and the war on cash is ramping up and spreading to other countries, the coming war on gold and Bitcoin, negative interest rates only possible with demonetization, a possible US debt default under Trump or else possible nationalization of IRAs, the desirability of holding tangible assets, making it difficult for governments to rob you, perilous times ahead for IRAs, a precious metals backed Visa/ATM card, a glowing testimonial for the TDV Summit and Anarchapulco 2017

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43 thoughts on “How to Protect Your IRA From Confiscation, Nationalization and Hyperinflation

    1. The only way out is creating a digital encrypted trustworthy way to share
      money . Think of the record industry not being able to control people
      sharing music.

      Than its problem solved. But….They the currency devils have to PUSH like
      ECB does to Steal everything and the kichen sink with negative rates.

      I predict an alternative sharing currency global and I hope to God its
      deregulated than All problems are solved.

    2. MTech,

      Sorry, but there’s no short answers for that ; ]

      First, let’s assume that you understand that “money” is simply a vehicle,
      that historically was freely chosen by the marketplace, to store and
      exchange excess work.

      Next, let’s assume that you know today’s “money” (better know as currency),
      is dictated, monopolized, enforced and regulated by governments and banks.
      Work is now irrelevant.

      Then make sure you understand concepts like;
      *Fractional reserve banking (deposit $1, loan out $10),
      *Re-hypothecation (using someone else’s collateral),
      *Leverage (involves borrowing or financial instruments that allow you buy
      or control things you normally couldn’t) and
      *Bonds (debt – with the ability to pay off with more debt).

      Use those on a global scale, add in 1000’s of pages of regulations a day
      and plenty of BS accounting – and you can see how a lot of money is created
      and used but based on very little work or tangible collateral.

      Is anything real? It’s real as long as people BELIEVE it’s real but NOT a
      second longer.

      How did they have that much? THEY DON’T – NO ONE DOES! Governments have
      spent (debt) multiple generations of future work.

      How can they do that? Well, if you control the legal system, the military,
      the media, the educational system, the banking system and the money – you
      can do whatever you want – for awhile.

      Understand this one simple FACT. Governments are simply a group of regular
      dudes who produce NOTHING, they have zero money.

      The government game is simply this, after being voted in, their only
      function is to, figure out how to take (or continue taking) from one group
      and give to another (their voters).

      The majority of their compensation comes from those on the receiving end,
      during and after their time in office – regardless of party.

      When you can make the rules so that you have an open checkbook and a
      lifestyle without consequences – it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make intelligent

      This always ends badly with government outspending not only the productive
      people but the game itself. That’s when we start seeing the aggressive
      money grab through taxing, regulation, capital controls, corruption, etc. –

      Not pay the debt? If the creditors get screwed, be prepared for a cash
      society in which most people and businesses could not survive. For most of
      us, it would be a cheaper solution.

      For those on the receiving end of the government/banking game, the big easy
      money would come to a screeching halt (which is the primary fear behind the
      Trump election).

    3. Wow, thanks Phillip for great explanation. It looks like there is no way
      out. Keep going like now, it will be very bad future and slavery of society
      unavoidable. Crypto currency looks ok as long as the elites/governments do
      not play hard on you and make it illegal, They will do everything to
      shutdown it on their timing. Resetting the whole system, maybe too costly?
      Is there a cheaper way and acceptable among available options? Thanks again.

    4. Mtech,

      There are solutions – but unlikely to be implemented right.

      Education is the first. People need to realize that government by default
      is a destructive entity. They can’t do anything without stealing from
      others first. Which unfortunately is acceptable to the receiving majority
      of the population right now.

      Allow everyone to vote on every issue.

      Eliminate career politicians and have term limits. That way damage and
      outside influence is minimal.

      Eliminate or defer lobbyist activities

      Eliminate income taxes and only use consumption taxes. That way
      demographics are irrelevant.

      Minimize federal power.

      Slavery is not mandatory but certainly one of two outcomes. Society can
      either accept personal responsibility and consequences while respecting
      private property rights OR they can continue to covet thy neighbor’s stuff
      (due to their own incompetence) and hand over complete control of their
      lives to a communistic leader so that they GET their “fair share”.

      People don’t seem to understand that, socialism works (joke) until you run
      out of someone else’s money – then no one has anything.

      Cryto sounds good but is too easily made illegal. Already happening in

      Don’t confuse attempted government actions with cyclical human behavior and
      change. All governments and their currencies inevitably collapse due to
      reasons stated before.

      While governments can influence things short term, they have zero control
      over the numerous cycles that exist in this universe that repeatedly cause
      human behavior to act the way it does.

      They’re not trying to shutdown or reset anything – They’re simply running
      out people to steal money from to keep their game going – so they’re
      forcing cashless because digital would be the ultimate tool for control and

      The system will collapse due to a combination of government and

      This period will be in the history books for sure (scary and exciting at
      the same time).

      This will be a battle between (pro) government and the people – so be

      Historically weather cycles play a critical role in how this cycle plays
      out. Ignore the global warming nonsense, cold is what we need to prepare
      for. Cold means less food, migration, disease, war, population decline, etc.

    5. Thanks Phillip. I agree with all you said, it is very core and the benefit
      is common sense to accept. I have been educating my people and most of them
      still cannot grasp yet. But it is getting better every year, we have more
      people understand the importance of more independent life and of grid and
      more freedom from government intervention, and the fruit is most of them
      are more healthy in most aspects. My only problem is I am thinking to
      introduce the idea in line with US 2nd amendment, my government had
      stripped gun from people since end 60s. Other than that, I am also worried
      to bring that issue for the reason “. . . for all they that take the sword
      shall perish with the sword”.

    1. Oddvar Stallemo
      IRA = Individual Retirement Account
      There are different kinds of IRA accounts with different regulations but
      with the same end goal, which is money for your retirement.
      Money grows in the account and the interest is tax differed until it is
      paid out. ** This is in general. Like I said there are many forms of
      individual retirement accounts.
      It’s a big list

    1. Who owns the amount of money that the whole world including USA borrow
      from??? Is it real money? How did they have that much of money?? If it
      is not real money, can we simply remove all the debt by agreeing not to
      pay it??

    2. Thanks for the continued support, Tim. If were the only one leveling fraud
      accusations, it would be easy to dismiss me as a disgruntled customer.
      However, there are many, many more victims. Plus, I have a lot of evidence
      to back up my case. Anyone can Google “Berwick scam” and see even more
      evidence. I will not relent until I get a resolution from Berwick.

    1. I’d like to think he’s an honest guy but my experience with him tells me
      otherwise. He claims to have nothing to do with my contract even though he
      signed it with TDV Media as the agent. Also, I sent payments to his Paypal account for about 3 years. Try to find an
      address or phone number on his TDV Media website. You won’t find one. The
      address at the bottom of his free newsletter was a bogus address up until
      recently. Now, it’s just a mail drop on island. Still no phone number. He’s
      defrauded many more people than me.

  1. Who owns the amount of money that the whole world including USA borrow
    from??? Is it real money? How did they have that much of money?? If it is
    not real money, can we simply remove all the debt by agreeing not to pay

  2. Jeff – what if the Governments – liquidate all the assets of all the
    Churches and all the Temples, Mosques – in the world? Why not? It worked
    for King Henry VIII. The Vatican has gold in the catacombs. Confiscate
    Church assets – including the Evangelical Churches – to save the world’s
    financial system.

    1. Fascist, communist pig ideology… steal from people and churches to save a
      corrupt usurious banking system that never lent a dime of their own money
      but created it from thin air via fractional reserve lending; this is
      illumnist ludicrous hate speech.

    2. Forgive me for thinking that a person who promotes a contractual society
      would actually abide by his own contracts. A lot of people already think
      libertarians and anarchists are nut jobs. When Berwick’s frauds get wide
      exposure, they’ll also think the movement is populated by frauds. He’s
      doing the movement a great disservice, even if you ignore the millions of
      dollars he’s stolen from people.

    3. +Rich Meister The whole theme of his show – is “be a vulture – profit from
      the down turn, suck the bones of the financial road kills; profit, survive
      and thrive” – he’s a business man to some degree. But as I’ve said before –
      Bitcoin is the biggest scam ever foisted on investors. I just hope Jeff
      does not accept calls from OAPs; that would really be shockingly-evil of
      him. They’re all a bunch of scorpions – these investors in my eyes; if they
      sting Jeff – good. If Jeff stings them – all for God to judge.

    1. Berwick seems a better scammer than businessman. I will keep posting until
      every person who views his videos finds out about his schemes. He could
      solve this with about $11,000, which is the amount he owes me after the
      $1200 in Amex chargebacks I received. How many people that see my comments
      will unsubscribe, not attend his Anarchapulco, not subscribe to his
      financial newsletter, tell other libertarians, etc? I’m pretty sure he’ll
      lose way more than the money he owes me. Is it really worth it, Berwick?
      How about taking the first step to repairing your reputation? You can run
      but you can’t hide, especially since your entire empire thrives on Internet

  3. I wonder how many people know that the U.S.A is 20 trillion in debt?
    Now I wonder how many of those people think that it will ever be paid…?
    Has it ever gone down?

  4. after seeing rich meister comment on several vids i am going to cancel my
    premium subscription
    $80 every quarter.
    come clean or watch your empire fall. thanks rich

  5. cunning people buy worthless Bitcoin at a low price and preach it like a
    holy bible hoping to get others into it to drive up the price. After they
    sell it at a high price, they then use the gain to get physical silver or
    gold. Others have no idea they’ve been played. I’m sure Jeff Berwick and
    Bix Weir are two of those cunning people.

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