How To Put Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Into An IRA with Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets

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Jeff interviews returning guest, Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets. Topics include: getting cryptocurrencies into IRAs, using IRA funds to buy crypto, also available in Canada, Perpetual Assets change of focus as clients increasingly are interested in crypto, private key ownership, complicated but entirly possible to move funds between IRA and crypto, flat fee structure, self directed IRA's and diversification, mainstream bitcoin mocking, wise to only put a portion into crypto, suggested as 10%, get to know crypto before investing, crypto markets are highly volatile and not for everyone, educate yourself don't just dive in, gold and silver still one of the soundest investments going, , Perpetual Asset's long and joyous involvement with the TDV Summit and Anarchapulco.

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38 thoughts on “How To Put Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Into An IRA with Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets

    1. Well Said NewAidea! The power Elite for many years have been successful in making people believe that taxation is a normal legal and legit law when in pure essence it’s Pure Theft and Gansterism. All they have to do is Fkn print more paper money.

  1. Hey Jeff! There is a crypto currency coming out called Ethos that is still in development, but will release a product in Q1/18. They will have IRAs and traditional stocks in addition to a universal wallet where, unlike coinbase, the users hold the private keys for. Look into it and let TDV know

    1. Jones Ethos is going to be much bigger. Bitshares is not going to have traditional assets like stocks, divedends, etc but Ethos will. Not to mention a fiat gateway faster + cheaper than coinbase, a price analysis tool, universal cold storage, social features, debit cards, and more. You have to do some digging to find these plans but it will be a gem

    2. I have been following Ethos(BQX) since ICO. This will be a Game Changer for sure. Great team and project will be a Very Big need in the Crypto space!!!

  2. Why would anyone let someone else manage your money? they are all crooks take your money put in a self directed IRA you can by land, gold, silver or what ever you want out of the hands of the crooks and out of the USSA.

    1. I have a self directed and ready to invest. What exchange should i trust? And should i double check with my custodian before i open a LLC account with coinbase or gatehub?

    1. Me neither. I think it’s smarter, safer and cheaper to spend < $1000 to have an atty setup an LLC entity that your self-directed IRA can invest into. You manage the LLC and as Manager of the LLC buy crypto off exchange. No one but you deals with the keys.

  3. I told you guys one day ago to get Phore while it was 74 cents now it’s 2.40$ are you guys going to miss out on it again before it reaches 15$? Oh yeah btw it’s only on 2 exchanges right now. So when it gets added to the big exchanges expect to be going to the moon.

  4. IRA’s are intended to be smart about the best way to stay in compliance with the IRS, so I HOW does it make sense that Jeff Berwick is promoting this after his constant mocking of people who comply with the IRS?

    1. That’s what makes me skepticle about the dollar vigilante or folks pushing IRA’S or other centralized bitcoin IOU’s that could essentially devalue cryptocurrency

  5. I got awakened to the corruption of the central Banks by watching, listening and reading articles of great minds by Edward Griffin, Dollar Vigilante Icon (Jeff Berwick), Bix Weir of RoadToRoata, Cliff High…
    This made me start my awakening lectures back in Nigeria, at Abuja
    DATE: 11th Dec. 2017
    VENUE: Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

    Thanks to Jeff Berwick and the other Liberterians, Bix Weir of RoadToRoata, Cliff High…
    This is the link to the video session, it was taken with a phone. I hope to setup a studio, get some proper gadgets and get others awakakened as well.

    The link to my first public lecture on Crypto.

    You can support me here
    1. Btc Address

    2. Ethereum Address

    3. Bitcoin Cash Address

    Thank you guys and death to the central banking currupt system.

    1. Work With Scott Hooker …..I tried it too but there’s alot of inconsistencys. I’m not making .75-1.25% off of the packages. It’s more like ,50%. And right from the beginning I’m already down about 20% with all the packages I purchased. They say their is a 3% mining fee but it’s alot more based on the percentage of bitcoins they are giving me from the packages I bought. And the BTC Package Calculator provided on the site is not consistent with the actual #’s. And I just read that the 140% they promise you would make off from each package is not guaranteed. However I know alot of people that has already made their money back I’m still sceptic.

    2. I have made my money back and a lot more. They will never say it and they can’t say that they guarantee you will make this much. It all depends that particular day. I have received a return on my capital of between .75% and 1.25% daily from the time that I have been with them. Now they have mining as well along with Forex packages that should be starting any day now. What it all comes down to it is the compounding aspect. Once I took my original capital out, now I am just letting my BTC packs grow. I started with 5 and now have 95 just six months later. I wouldn’t be skeptical, just stick with it!!

    3. Work With Scott Hooker ….yes will stick with it. I mean they have it down on in my account as .78% I’m getting back every day however if you really look at the gains from the .78% I am making is really not .78%. it comes out less. Because of this and other consistency s I no longer promote.

  6. I agree with Jeff and Gus on the investment strategies. A friend and I diversify into the Debt side of Real Estate and also gold and silver bullion as well as cryptos. The debt side of RE has been very beneficial because we invest into performing 1st and 2nds. As with Cryptos there is always risk but once educated in RE it is a good part of diversification and definitely get gold and silver. It is so low right now and once the Market and bonds collapse Gold and silver will go up.

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