Humanity Has The Chance To Free Itself Right Now – Jeff Berwick on Blockchain Blueprint

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Humanity Has The Chance To Free Itself Right Now – Jeff Berwick on Blockchain Blueprint

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Topics include: fiat currency always ends in hyperinflation, debt inflation, taxation is theft, cryptocurrencies present a way out of the current system, the threat of global tyranny, indoctrination and propaganda, self education and spreading the word

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57 thoughts on “Humanity Has The Chance To Free Itself Right Now – Jeff Berwick on Blockchain Blueprint

  1. Wouldn’t it be great to consider talking about how blockchain also has the potential to completely enslave humanity? I know that’s why I got out of it. At least with tangible currency, I have the ability to keep my purchases discreet. I don’t like having to worry that everything I do is on open source ledgers. If you could address that in a non condescending way for me, I may reconsider. As of now, I’m reluctant to hop on board with crypto. Just seems the last bubble was proof that it’s way too easy to manipulate the market. Some billionaire can just build it up and crash it on a whim. Not my cup of tea really.

    1. Liberation by crypto will be exchanged for privacy. Yes, its for control. Eventually maximize tax yield by tracking all $trxactions. Cant stop it. Train has left the station. Central banks or royalty to overpower all crypto value with their extreme wealth and gobble up the entire system. Killz cash. Dangers of cashless society. NO FEAR !!! Pay your taxes til you bleed to death !

    2. they will be implementing privacy into quite a few of the cryptos most recently I heard that zksnarks will be implemented from Zcash into also Ethereum, and also Bitcoin.

  2. Listen…..salute to Jeff Berwick. I’m long on cryptocurrency and we’ll see whether or not this so called AI will enslave humanity. Trying something different is surely better than what we have presently.

    1. So far AI looks like programming to me. Any machine that can be built can be reverse engineered to find its flaws. Everything is designed to cause fear and confusion so we stay busy trying to figure out what to do, while more of our rights are destroyed.

    1. Dero is better than Monero. Dero is first dAPP/Smart Contract platform built on Cryptonote ( monero’s platform). Dero also integrates DAG network consensus.

      With RootStock & their latest merger/Aquisition, Bitcoin can have ZKsnarks compatibility in the future to ensure private transactions.

      Komodo/Pirate Chain (both are resistant to 51% attacks) & Monero/Dero are the most private cryptos projects out.

      close second place IMO are Horizen, DASH, & PIVX. whenever a crypto project gives option for non-private transactions, means hackers if they try hard enough can exploit that ‘optional’ feature to their liking. When a crypto is private by default standard, it can not be hacked to trace back transactions.

      if your really into privacy, research Substratum crypto project. their doing some amazing things. first internet application to completely mask internet activity and get through china, & iran’s firewall.

      Internet 3.0 projects are a tie between SkyCoin & MaidSafeCoin. I think SkyCoin is the best for right now. they are a behemoth of a platform. hardcore research is required to even slightly grasp what they are accomplishing.

    2. +Tyler Jordan Well said. I’m in it and agree. Safe Network is older than BTC and it’s what will secure the internet from monopolistic and centralized control, i.e. Google, FB, Twitter etc. Its the logical evolution of internet freedom, in my humble opinion.

    1. this is actually a really good point. anything can be used for good or evil.

      I think that the main takeaway from any of these types of videos is the need for as many of us as possible to wake up and start thinking rationally for ourselves about our lives, livelihood and our place in the world. being fully honest, respecting and cooperating with each other will also go a loooooooong way toward freeing ourselves and creating a more harmonious, liberated and safe world for all.

    2. Yeah well, why is a good question then. Why not? Check comment below for a tether of meaning of what that may mean, for anyone wanting to think critically. Cheers

    1. +magnus4g63 That could be said for the dollar as well. It’s all just another fiat. I don’t get how it will be different at all. How is bitcoin “neiutral”? And if so, isn’t that a potentially temporary designation, considering that those who control one could easily control. . . whatever was working.

    2. +Rabbit Hole Bitcoin is not fiat, it is mathematically limited.
      Bitcoin is an application of the blockchain technology, as long as it is anonymous it will be a weapon of freedom, a blockchain crypto that is controlled by government (not private/anonymous) is the ultimate tool of oppression due to the very easy accounting of all financial, and possibly other, activity.
      Blockchain is just a piece of tech, and like all things evil people can use it and good people can use it.
      The dollar is a different technology in its current form tailored to fit evil use, it is digital but not blockchain (yet).

  3. Let the entire illusional system crash!!! It would be the best Christmas present for us all!! We would all be fine! In fact we would flurish! Anyone cares to bring it all down within an hour…..STOP USING THE MONEY SYSTEM!!!! I agree with you……very easy to take this beast down…….Hard part is getting us all to do it at same time!

  4. So when world war three comes calling, see your previous videos, I don’t think that there will be a world wide web. In that case, what will happen to crypto-currency? How will people access it? I believe st that time anyone alive will be better off with gold and silver. Paper money will be only good for keeping you warm.

    1. The riskiest thing to a noob is the volatility. Imagine paying that local grocer in BTC and the next day, there is a hash war that drops the value by 20%. This actually happened to me and the person I got into it is pissed and will never touch it again.

  5. The problem is not physical or cyber money. The problem is USURY!! It doesnt matter what form the money is in, if we allow ourselves to be indebted for extended amounts of time, paying interest that costs far more than the purchased item, AND Especially, for a whole country to pay Interest on every dollar that is printed, & again every time its loaned out. . . Crypto may be a solution for the interest on printed money from a centralized source, but as long as our Government agrees to pay Interest on our National Debt, & on ‘loans’ from any bank to create/purchase weapons, security, etc, they will still use OUR taxes to pay for it. It is still a USURY system that will transfer wealth from the poor to the rich. INTEREST is what must be eliminated.

  6. WW III was the cold war. WW IV is already underway, it is, the silent war; an attack on the mind of humans, primarily non-kinetic, asymmetrical, biologic, psycho logic, pharmacologic, AI, kinetic/climate and space based (silent) energy weapons, disinformation government-education-media complex, migration invasions, globalist directed slavery via genocide/state and multi-proxy sponsored political armies for tyranny, fiat currency manipulation, suppression of independent energy generation technologies, global corporate oligopolies…. Our population is already being desensitized and conditioned to accepting these types of daily attacks until the coup de gra is executed. We will think its just another insidious increment of freedom and liberty surrendered until at last, we have none…2 + 2 = 5 (“1984”) “Who is John Galt?” (“Atlas Shruged”) “Groupthink” (“Brave New World”)

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  7. Revolutions can sometimes cause greater tyranny than the thing they replace though. The French Revolution and the Reign of Terror killed many thousands of innocent people and they ended up with an emperor called Napoleon. And the Russian and Chinese revolutions were infinitely worse than that, killing many millions of innocent people and becoming totalitarian states.

    1. Jews and rentiers are going to get horribly rekt.
      They said to the HOLDLERS that they are baghodlers.
      Well, who has safes full of millions of fiat dollars? only the fuckers that are corrupt enough to obtain these unreal amounts of paper wealth.
      if the Dollar goes, their entire political caste goes.
      Bye corporatocracy and (((special interest groups))).
      Hello freedom.

  8. the reason more people are not getting into bitcoin or block chain currency is because everyone is selling the information instead of simplifying it so its not such a mystery how to obtain and use not everyone can afford or has time for Anarcopulco

  9. Digital currencies (such as Bitcoin) is the path towards total, absolute, 100% slavery as never before seen in history. Jeff either cannot or will not admit to that fact. Buyer beware!

    1. To the above three: enjoy your “BitchCoin” … watch as the cashless agenda unfolds and then watch what happens when an all-digital system is established. If I could I’d be munching popcorn from the sidelines as you reap the consequences of your stupidity but, unfortunately, I will be in the same soup as you three. The difference is I will not contribute to that event — YOU and your stupidity will have.

  10. I have a solution to the 21 trillion-dollar national debt. Very simple. Fine China 21 trillion dollars for all the intellectual property theft, we owe them the money anyway. It’s a wash.

  11. The biggest risk right now is that central banks will use blockchain to create their own Crypto to completely do away with cash and have even greater control over people’s monies!

  12. Let me repeat what you stated that Henry Ford said, Jeff: “If people understood how the money system works, there would be a Revolution tomorrow”. Oh, how true it is. I highly encourage people to read the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. By: G. Edward Griffin Let the truth be known!

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