ICO Watch – Moving Manufacturing Onto The Blockchain With SyncFab

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Jeff interviews Jeremy Goodwin and Andy Tong of SyncFab, topics include: connecting hardware buyers with hardware manufacturers peer to peer using smart contracts, data driven smart city economic development initiatives, advanced manufacturing, greatly increasing production efficiency, blockchain enabled information sharing, already in version 2.0 platform , creating new income streams, worlds first manufacturing token currently in pre-sale phase, tokens have use case, public sale to be launched at Anarchapulco

SyncFab website:

ICO and Whitepaper:

TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit:

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47 thoughts on “ICO Watch – Moving Manufacturing Onto The Blockchain With SyncFab

    1. Leslie Warren governments have put this in public domain for a few reasons and given very little information about it, why ? so they can watch us and laugh and then take control of it. Your comment is bang on imagine if if everyone thought about what you said? They turning it into a circus like they do with everything that makes sense.

  1. I see no real value in these tokens.. i suspect the purpose of this endeavor is just to make them rich quick. If the web2.0 site is functional, why make us pay for your move to blockchain?

    1. Travis Li – Rufus A “Blockchain” is simply a database, or a record of accounts – it’s as old as money and there’s nothing revolutionary about it.

    2. Really? I agree this company does not necessarily need a blockchain and definitely does not need their own token but to say that there is nothing revolutionary about blockchain tech is pretty ignorant. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and NASDAQ are just putting so much effort and money into developing there own blockchain tech and they did not get to be the successful companies they are because they just throw there money around like fools. There are a lot of shitty blockchain companies out there that are doing nothing revolutionary with the tech but that says nothing about the tech its self.

  2. The hurdle on his business model, imho, is getting businesses to transact in something other than dollars. It is hard to conduct business in a volatile currency. How do you say to a manufacturer, “Hey, sell your stuff in a currency that might drop 10% the day after you accept a payment”. I don’t get this part of it.

    1. I think this is where you will have a token and gas (like Neo). When properly implemented, there will be stable tokens. As liquidity gows in the general market, these fluctuations will decrease. Remember these market moves are caused by less than 100 million people. 10x to 1 billion – Wouldnt this smooth the curves?

    1. Agenda 21 isnt going to fail mate. Mine as well ride the wave and get rich off it before it happens. There’s a point in time which you will realize fighting the system is pointless.

  3. That asian guy said “YOU KNOW” about 5 times. I hate it so much now. That whenever anyone says “YOU KNOW” to me. I say, “NO, I DON’T KNOW.”…. “EXPLAIN IT TO ME” and their brain just frazzles and they give me a confused look lol. STOP SAYING IT! MAKES YOU LOOK DUMB AS FRACK!

  4. vechain = solves the problem, counterfeiting
    walton = solves the problem counterfing, with logistics
    ethos = solves the problem converting fiat to crypto and secure crypto wallet
    this ico is junk

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