If the Markets Break This Level, Brace for Impact

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Could the Markets be about to break this key level by January 2019? What could this mean? We look at the facts.

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52 thoughts on “If the Markets Break This Level, Brace for Impact

    1. +Roy Siddharth I don’t entirely agree, imo when the big bankers want it to crash then it will crash. Lets keep in mind this is what they want, because for them it means buying up the largest companies on our planet for pennies. it is 1929 repeating itself, the “normal” person will lose EVERYTHING whilst bankers get the chance to buy up everything almost for free.

  1. But it ‘s very likely that the uptrend was because of the cooling down of the trade war right? Why is manipulation so likely according to you? Love your vids btw;)

    1. Thank you – yes trade war talks do have an impact. However, what is interesting is what happened on Monday, when price jumped above the 200 MA. That seemed like a bull trap. Cheers

    2. They say economy was growing and unemployment rate is very low. Then why arent they raising interest rates? If everyone is making money why wouldn’t everyone be able to handle it? Bc all of it is bs. Economy is not booming, debt crisis is real and raising interest rates will collapse mid and lower income families bc theyre not making money as media portrays. Thus stocket market doesnt reflect the true economic condition. Only recently its been showing signs due to overdue corrections. Fed is running out of printers to print out more money. Thats how theyve been raising stocket market. Check how much stock is held by the fed.

    1. +shaker I agree with all of your statements there. However, there are quite a few professional money managers and traders that think the USD will rise (in terms of the DXY) along with gold. I personally think we’ll get deflation first (strong USD and weaker precious metals), followed by hyperinflation which will cause precious metals and the quality cryptos that are left to skyrocket.

    2. +shaker I don’t think Venezuelan hyperinflation will happen unless the USD loses its Reserve Currency status and/or we lose WW3. I do think that if China fails to make the trade reforms that have been promised, there will be a push by many in the US government to make their UST holdings null and void. All of the scenarios mentioned above should be great for precious metals (and possibly crypto). Unfortunately, it will be terrible for the global economy.

    3. +Adam Sahr well, 2011 might not have worked out so well if you had bought at $1900. I agree that everyone should have some gold and silver in their portfolios as insurance. And it also depends on how “long” your time horizon is.

  2. Dear Alessio,
    What is your opinion on gold price in general and specifically on what would happen when the stock market will crash below that “critical point”?
    Much love. 🙂

    1. Thanks – will have to cover this in another video. But for gold, watch the US Dollar – because if the dollar keeps gathering more strength, this could send gold lower (Due to a usually inverse correlation). thanks

    2. Alessio Rastani, so if we assume that dollar crisis is about to come, it means that today is a good buying opportunity for gold, right?
      Waiting forward to your new video on gold 🙂

  3. Crazy how sentiment shifts… a week ago we were all doom and gloom and then fed lightens talks on interest rates and potential positive trade talk rumors. A few days later trade talks not confirmed, inverted yield curve scare and now were talking about breaking the October lows.

    1. It is crazy, but i’ve learned you gotta see the big picture and (if you want, trade the news) ignore the noise. One thing i’d try to do differently next time is not pull out of the market as early as I did this time. I was way too early and from this experience, I can see that things take time to break down.

    1. +AllEyezOnMe AA Hey hey hey — according to his channel he “retired” at age 21 — I always thought someone needed a job first before they could retire — LOL

    1. +Shane Love His BTC predictions have been nothing close to spot on. EVER. It’s the nature of the business though. Technical analysis can change on a dime. Unfortunately though, he only projects one side. To be a successful trader, you need to make both bearish and bullish predictions.

    2. All his videos he gets it wrong . I am yet to see him get something right . He says hes a contrarian but when every one else is dumping its time to dump . Common sense .

    3. Like most traders he gets it right about half of the times. What matters really is to have a good money management and remain flexible when things go unexpectedly

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