Janet Yellen Blames A Federal Reserve Induced Faltering Economy on… Wait For It… Drugs!

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41 thoughts on “Janet Yellen Blames A Federal Reserve Induced Faltering Economy on… Wait For It… Drugs!

    1. Angel Febus Yes he’s a brainwashed Jew hater, brainwashed by the Jesuit controlled disinformation shills on YouTube. Both Castro and Chavez were Jesuit trained and educated from youth.

    2. Maxwell Smart also since I stated “my aim was a discussion” and you replied my “aim is a pointless one” it stands to reason that your saying it is pointless to have a discussion with you?
      That is an odd position to take.

    3. you’re too fking ignorant to talk to. Hitler was Catholic working for the Vatican, he sang in the choir, how can you be so fking ignorant??? Stalin and Lenningrad both Jesuits, Heimlik Himmler Knights of Malta,, look it up dumb fuk, stop polluting your racist bullshit, nobody want to list to a freak like you.

    4. I correct you with facts, go look into the Titanic facts I gave you, your too ignorant to do that, just believe disinformation on youtube like a good dumb fuk

  1. The US Economy its cooked !! ;)) Europa and mostly the whole east will follow…
    Who will fall first?? Hard to know..
    But what’s sure is that the World economy will fall it’s a fact..
    The only solution it’s Cryptocurrencies.. take the only power away from them and they not only fall but you will make a huge amount of money and gain Freedom!!
    So it’s a Win Win..
    The Bankerst tried to scare people about the Crypto currencies knowing that they are a threat to their power… the sell off in currencies has been pushed by them..

  2. “…taxpayer funded backstop…” Apparently you are unaware of what Congress implemented on June 24th 1968? There are no taxpayers and there is no government spending, wasting or collecting tax dollars. Yes, the fed is very transparent in that they publish the truth, but few believe what they write – “And you recall, our system works only with credit.” KEEPING OUR MONEY HEALTHY, p6, FRB of NY. “Debt is credit”. TWO FACES OF DEBT, p2 FRB of Chicago. Just what do you think anyone uses as money to pay taxes? Why would the federal govt collect taxes when they can create money? “The federal government with the cooperation of the Federal Reserve has the inherent power to create money – almost any amount of it. This power makes technical bankruptcy out of the question.” THE NATIONAL DEBT, p6, FRB of Philadelphia.

    1. Her brain is going senile. But it’s ok. All the people in charge of our country have 1 foot in the grave. So when we hit a disaster where they have to respond. I’m sure the results will be hilarious… ):

  3. what alcoholism was blamed for bad economy in USSR????????????? people who didnt work actually could end up in jail in USSR… alcoholism was not socially excepted and there were no drugs…. is this information taken from merican movies…pease guys research before talking.

  4. Once again… I feel the need to enlighten you.. you still SUCK as knowing (and therefore telling) the full truth, you only know portions of it.

    Communism – economic system in which the workers collectively and democratically are involved in all decision making of their workplace. This is a decentralized economic system.

    Capitalism – economic system in which the capitalist only make all decisions in their business and workers are not involved. This is a fully centralized economic system.

    Your typical family business where the people that work in that business are the workers and owners, is an example of Communism. However the moment the owners hire someone else to work for them, that becomes Capitalism.

    American political system have 0% Communism in it. Centralization is in fact embedded in CAPITALISM and not Communism. You even say it yourself, that US government is controlled by most wealthy individuals… so ask yourself who are those people? Are they Communists or Capitalists.. and there is your answer. A Capitalist can never use Communist style system as it works against them. Fact that Capitalists control US government is complete opposite of your UNEDUCATED claim that somehow US is in Communist centralization… you really stink at this, you know that?

    There will always be some corruption in ANY system (political, economic, etc) and this is because there will always be some greedy corrupt fucks. In Communism and Socialism the system itself is against the corruption and for the people, while the Capitalist system actually promotes corruption – because people are encouraged to get rich, and in order to get rich in Capitalist system, one has to side with the capitalist themselves and play their game… or they will never get rich doing honest hard work, as the system is setup in such a way.

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