Janet Yellen Just Said The Most Ridiculous Thing We’ve Heard All Year!

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33 thoughts on “Janet Yellen Just Said The Most Ridiculous Thing We’ve Heard All Year!

  1. It’s all theatre! The Zionist cabal has a master plan. They’ll dump the dollar and crash the system when they come to that day marked on their calendar. Venezuela, Puerto Rico. Greece, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Britain, Illinois, California, it’s coming down everywhere. We’re standing in the shadow of an avalanche. KILL THE FED.

    1. mkmason2002 I don’t see the dollar crashing yet do you? How many years has it been??? Checked currency news lately? It holds up pretty strong against G20

  2. This Jew hasn’t said anything ridiculous. What she has done is attempt to deflect blame away from her and her fellow Jews when the collapse happens. It will likely work, especially among the left wing that will fall over themselves to blame Trump. That she has even said this may indicate the collapse is very soon.

  3. CNN, the congressman getting shot up, the Navy vessel getting hit….all diversions for the sheep to the coming collapse. Its scary how many people Ive talked to that are completely clueless about crypto, even silver stacking. Im talking smart people too, its bonkers how so many are brainwashed and blind, conservatives, liberals, blue collar, white collar…

    1. Because why trust anyone…lol why trust those who make money off fear mongering? because the enemy of your enemy is your friend…if your enemy is saying dont worry everythings fine and the enemy of your enemy is saying watch out shits about to hit the fan and shows underlying proof as to trends before crashes andi guess the fact the dollar is worth .04 per dollar..what happenswehn the value of the dollar is 0.00 then all money has no worth but anyways yeah i do believe people make money off of the fear mongering..but as well somebody said a good quote “the point of somebody watching if a big wave is gonna hit has the duty to alam those aboard the ship” so thats why its still good to listen and if they speak with fact statistics and what not then hell its more then those that you trust to give that info to you are doing

  4. Yellen, Bernanke, Greenspan, all zionist jew bankers. Check out the Protocols of the learned elders of zion, and you will find that it is a blueprint for jew domination of the world. This is all Biblical in nature. One of the hallmarks of judaism is lying and deception. thank you jew bankers for this mess!!!

    1. Another Anti Semitic Jew Hating Scum. There are plenty of NON Jewish Globalist Bankers, why do you blame all Jews because some of the bankers are allegedly Jews??? These are Jews who intermarry and are no longer Jews. They certainly don’t represent who Judaism is about.

    2. OK, you asked for it. First of all, calling somebody names just degrades YOU!!! I am aware of what is in the Talmud and Kaballah, which IS Judaism today. 90% of jews are not semitic, they are Khazars, so quit the anti semitic stuff!! Rothschild are Khazar jews and are the main force behind all this mess, so the cause is well known. They are following the Protocols of the learned elders of zion. Judaism is about hating Jesus Christ, looking down on Gentiles, and taking over the world through revolution- If you could ask Adam Weishaupt, I am sure that he would confirm this. So, don’t go with that jews are not the cause of this mess- they have caused this by design.

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