Jeff Berwick: Buy Gold and Bitcoin Before the Financial System Fails

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Jeff is interviewed on May 28, 2017, by Charlotte McLeod for the Investing News Network, topics include: cryptocurrencies, bitcoin up 80,000%, in a bubble? gold and gold stocks, financial collapse, SDR and one world government, interest rates, The Dollar Vigilante solutions.

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40 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick: Buy Gold and Bitcoin Before the Financial System Fails

  1. not sure how much of a transaction fee sending $1 million in BTC to China would cost, but it’s not free and it wouldn’t be done in 3 minutes.. Hopefully after BIP 148, the speed of BitCoin transactions will greatly increase..

    1. BTC STACKER The speed would be garbage with the normal fee but still basically free (when talking about millions of dollars worth of bitcoin). If you paid a little bit over the normal fee you would get faster transaction. The amount does not matter.

  2. I dont think Jeffs wife would appreciate the way this young lady is looking at him. You can tell shes pretty into the fact Jeffs a crypto expert given the latest market uptrend 😀 hehe

  3. Cryptos and silver. Silver has more potential than gold. Not that I’m against gold, but silver will be the star of the precious metals. Of that there is no doubt.

    1. I feel it too!!! Zerohedge is another great source for news… All things are pointing to it.. Jeff has a great channel here… No one can get everything correct all the time but Jeff has a pretty good track record at making the big calls… There are sooo many reasons for these fiat currency system/s to crash, whether it’s a black swan event or just a realization by the masses of the deep deep sh!t this global economy is in… Sooner or later IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

    2. price goes, much more will be mined. Buy silver mining stocks. Even if manipulated, if people are buying silver, its price or value relative to the dollar will rise. Manipulating a small market has consequences for the manipulators if they miscalculate their position.

    1. Worm Instool I can guarantee that if crypto “fails” you won’t be laughing. Paper central banker funny money economy is unsustainable without a global police state and cryptocurrency is the only viable alternative. Crypto cannot just crash…it is too popular and so much better than the so-called real the present and for the future.
      Basically crypto is the last chance we have until something better comes along.

  4. Gresham law, bitcoin will not be currency or money, NOT saying bitcoin is bad. Gresham law = bad drives out good. This means it is the gold standard and people will save it and spend others.

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