Jeff Berwick Exposes The Fed & The Entire Matrix Control System on The American Intelligence Report

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Jeff is interviewed on The American Intelligence Report, topics include: fiat currency and the Freemasons, the Federal Reserve and the end of the gold standard, the real causes for the US civil war, bypassing the current economic system entirely, gold silver and bitcoin, privacy and crytocurrencies, altcoins, Litecoin, changes to the bitcoin software, Dash and anonymity, Ethereum, the TDV newsletter's great track record

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34 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick Exposes The Fed & The Entire Matrix Control System on The American Intelligence Report

    1. Oh, they will. Watch the movie “The Fifth Wave” and “Escape from LA”. Both movies have lots of predictive programming, and show their intent to take down the power grid worldwide. And they have the technology to do so.

    2. One EMP nuke would take out 90% of America . We have 10,000 such bombs. Never say something CANNOT be done, like 9/11 couldn’t be kept confidential…HA! They don’t care!

  1. GOD YOU SOUND JUST LIKE ME!! I have been saying all of this stuff since the late 90’s!! WOW !! Soooo happy to hear there are others out there who know everything that is REALLY GOING ON!

  2. Jeff, I admire you. Speaking out against Zionism and standing up to corrupted governments. Just bought a Basic Yearly Subscription. ORDER NUMBER: 31533. Keep up the good fight.

  3. Jeff, I’m humbled by the way you deliver, Iv seen you over the years go faster and faster in interviews as your knowledge grows, just to get it all in LOL
    You certainly packed that full of info for people to go out and research themselves, awesome mate 🙂

  4. Jeff has approached “the” most important problem for humanity to deal with. The private printing of fiat currency led to World War one and World War two. This is priceless information for everyone to know. So many of us have lost family members through these privately instigated wars. There is huge untapped people power in that realization of who caused these millions of deaths in war.

  5. you are all brainwashed. bitcoin is more centralized than the bank system, because it depends on internet. in every country you have less internet providers than banks. bitcoin is the precursor of cashless dream of nwo

  6. If there is nobody in charge of Bitcoin , then WHO designed and set up these new wonderful invisible systems of zeros and ones? The Central Bank and the Federal Reserve are still behind all this … anticipating the current money system collapse. This will allow them to move money worldwide without a trace and you to lose yours without a trace too!

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