Jeff Berwick Exposes The Federal Reserve and Makes Fox News Host Look Like A Fool

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34 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick Exposes The Federal Reserve and Makes Fox News Host Look Like A Fool

    1. how about his call on BTC at $3 now 1180? taking you over 10000% or his call on ETC at 2$ now 48 dollars taking you over 2000% or his call on XMR at 4$ now 20 dollars taking you 500% ? dont be complete fool

    2. Yeah but you have to admit he did make that his central theme for a few years. But in terms if cryptos, such fortune we have seen. I honestly never went to Berwick for cryptos more hobby. I didn’t do PIVX but looking back maybe i shod have if i had more money. Are you gonna hold longer? You think we’re going higher?

    1. Timothy Otten Yeah you don’t want someone to like themselves that would be so wrong wouldn’t it. That would be just too damn selfish to think you did a cool thing without your approval.

  1. It doesn’t matter who owns it, what matters is that it operates under the charter and special privileges that the (federal) government granted it, thus making it effectively a government agency; we also know generally what it does: it facilitates money printing and debt creation for the state, thus corroborating the idea that it is just a special camouflaged form of government agency.

    1. trust? i didn’t say trust. I said it hardly matters. And well, everyone, every time expresses trust in it by accepting us dollars or voting in us elections or something. Yeah, i accept us dollars, and therefore i DO TRUST that it fed won’t destroy the value of the dollar all of a sudden and right away. Is there something wrong with that?

    2. Well trusting in a piece of paper that has no real value isn’t a very smart thing to do and especially since the system in which it supports is responsible for enslaving humanity more and more towards a one world totalitarian government and which is constantly creating bullshit wars by manipulating the masses and controlling their minds. That paper is blood money and is the root of all evil.

  2. We the people could own the federal reserve with little effort!!! Simply everyone just stop using the bullshit rice paper they print as money! Then we the people collectively can convert to a system that works for us the people!!!

  3. Great vid!
    Yet I am a bit lost on the whole idea of a crypto currency..
    The establishment wants to eliminate a digital currency is what they want.
    How are we gaining freedom by abolishing something tangible..its as awkward as
    buying a digit book..makes no sense to me..
    Someone, anyone please explain the logic of a crypto currency and how this will hurt
    the establishment. The abolishment of the federal reserve is not a good enough excuse..
    as they will have to dismantle that system anyhow once they promote a cashless society.
    that is their next jedi mind trick over the masses in my opinion

    1. Jxxish bankers used to make big bucks because people borrow to consume. And high inflation makes your former borrowing number small so people can keep borrow MORE ! But now people don’t borrow & prefer save money because they ain’t get money …. even ALL CENTRAL BANKERS AROUND THE WORLD COMBINED can not print more to boost inflation higher….That’s a major problem for bankers – they can not earn as much money easily as before . So very soon after they eliminate cash , they can as well earn that 20% interest from you even though you save but not borrow to spend – by CHARGING you NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE since you can no longer stack REAL CASH. That’s the real intention despite of controlling your whole personal life.

      And imagine a day when 20% negative interest rate is charged , how high can asset bubbles rock ? Asset bubbles will further gain them more money — on the book . Now with 0% interest rate , apartment in NY costs you 10 million already . With -20% interest rate , the same apartment can worth 1000 million and there will be extra few 0s in their property value -truly gold drops from the sky ! Inflation will go high , and this will make US’ 20 trillion national debts nothing ! So America can borrow more so all these ELITES can earn money as easy as before -just ask FED to print more and buy their products . The only problem is ….normal people’s salary stays the same and their lives just keep deteriorating . But politics is never about normal people , it’s all about the ELITES. Just see how fast Trump turns around within only 60 days , you know how strong the power these ELITES have.

      It’s about gaining freedom ( for them )of doing whatever they want when the whole world is totally , absolutely under control .
      And …they don’t need to dismantle the whole system to promote a cashless society . After all , Sweden & few North Europe countries are already approaching as cashless societies .
      Crypto curreny doesn’t hurt the establishment , as long as THEY are controlling the crypto currency . That’s why MANY bitcoin market places were shut down and some CEOs of bitcoin related companies commit suicide ( or killed ? ) in the last few years .

    2. stangeriam THEY CAN’T PRINT MONEY. THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT LEGITIMATELY AND HAVE NO WAY OF CONTROLLING IT ANYMORE. It is dangerous though if what they say about the great depression is true.

  4. lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Yes, put that reporter host on the spotlight….that sarcastic way to quote you was so patheric. made him look even worst lier and synical.
    Good for you for saying that nowbody knows who owns central bank. lol

  5. what kind of question was that??? it is well known that the Federal Reserve is an independent organisation set up by an Act of Parliament to manage the monetary policy of the US. The objectives of the Fed are stated in that Act.

  6. I got in a big argument with a good friend of mine recently. He is a Bernie Sanders supporter and wants everyone to be taxed heavily, as long as it is allocated properly(which we both agreed that it’s spent on wars and not on the people.) He got all pissed because he didn’t understand the cryptos. I tried to explain the process of mining and he says “so the feds could spend a ton of money and buy these miners and it’s just like owning a printing press for money?” Well kind of buddy, but the difference is that we all have an equal opportunity to join this. Then he was just hung up on the fact that we often sell our cryptos for fiat….. I understand why his through process goes this way, after all I have used this example when comparing alts to BTC. BTC is king atm, and to be fair, there is not many cryptos that we can convert to fiat in America. He believed there was no security because it’s a virtual currency… “So if the internet goes down you lose all your money?” He said… And I explained that if the internet goes down, he’s also going to lose all his USD…. because that would mean the world is ending and WW3 is happening. It’s crazy how people resist and actually hate what they don’t understand.

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