Jeff Berwick: It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

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Jeff didn’t expect his bitcoin price target to more than double this year nor did he expect alt-coins to do so well. The space is volatile, and crashes are to be expected, but overall he is still quite bullish.

It’s tough to tell where we are at but very few people seem to own any bitcoin. Some individuals seem to be piling in, but when you look at valuations, they are still low quite at around 220 billion dollars. This is far less than the valuations for Facebook or Apple.

Just like most gold bugs he also wants to get rid of central banks and fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies are exciting as they have the potential to help facilitate that change. If we can turn things around the world will be a much better place.

Jeff has always recommended that people have much of their money in gold and silver. It’s still an excellent hedge. He is becoming more interested in investing some crypto profits into gold stocks. They discuss how Mexican Gold Corp. is an exciting junior company and how they have recommended it recently.

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36 thoughts on “Jeff Berwick: It’s Time to Rotate Crypto Gains Into Forgotten Gold Stocks

  1. First viewer lol, Jeff with your knowledge bro, you should have 1 billion subscribers, it’s a pity that most people are too dumbed down and well conditioned by the Television and there government.

    1. streetstylz the difference is that gold and silver physically exist(safer) and also have practical value in industry. The only benefit of crypto is relative ease of transfer.

  2. Gold isn’t very safe. First if you have gold papers they can be disvaluated very easy. Second, if you have gold… where to store it? In your bungalow? Again, its very easy to loose it, to steal it. You want to give your gold in to a bank locker? If the bank gets bankrupted the gold is lost again.

  3. Haha good interview, I always enjoy the the frankness of your tone Jeff. The conversations stay nimble and don’t get bogged down in minutia and it’s entertaining. Keep backing things with facts, and you have a winning formula.

  4. People have been trained to think all things binary, it’s a trick! Precious metals and Bitcoin could run up together simultaneously for years to come. There is no mutually-exclusive dynamic going here…Sheesh!

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