John McCain’s New World Order Is Under “Enormous Strain”

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32 thoughts on “John McCain’s New World Order Is Under “Enormous Strain”

  1. The “New World Order” is a conspiracy of states whose objective it is to enslave their populations. John McCain, the instigator of FATCA and co-founder of Daesh/ISIS is without a doubt the most bloodthirsty criminal individual of the past half century, and along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is responsible for the death of several hundred thousand innocent people in Syria and Libya. Thank you for helping expose this monster.

  2. We’re not out of the woods yet. These guys will not give up and they even more determined that ever…. Out of desperation, they gonna have to pull some serious False Flags in the next few years to be able to move forward.

    1. I don’t think you guys understand who or what the globalists are. They own and control our govt, economy, politicians, major corporations, military, and religion. Even as we speak, they are moving chess pieces in our society to position themselves to be on top of the food chain including wiping out 2/3 of the human population if necessary.

      They don’t think like an average human. If anything else, they’re more like demons. They view human lives like we view cattle. They believe that they have the divine right to rule the world.

    2. Yeah they are fucking psycho reptilians. What you say were possible a few years ago but not anymore. They may cause chaos, a few false flags and collapse the monetary scam they call FIAT but their remaining infulence will go with that as well. The masses are waking up big time because of the very high frequency particles that are bombarding us from space, which alters everything, like the sun (which plays a major part in human consciuosness) and the earth’s frequency known as the Schumann resonance. There are inside conflicts within cabal factions, which is great for us. Not only that but whistleblowers are coming out of every corner more and more. The biggest changes are ahead of us in the close future, watch for it!

    3. +Muldeeer
      If they collapse the monetary system, billions of people will die. If they tell our politicians to keep provoking n.Korea, iran, and Russia into a war, WW3 will begin and billions of people will die. If they tell our scientists to release their most deadly plague, billions of people will die…..etc etc..

      What good will waking up do if they’re all gonna die?

    4. No they won’t, see people (alliances) are working AGAINST the elite. These people will ensure a new gold backed monetary system will be in place asap when the collapse happens, it won’t be like the last ones (thank the internet). You cannot provoke Russia into a war, Putin is a master tactician, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. Don’t let fear take you over, you cannot help anyone from that “position”.

  3. What is sad are all the military men and women who have been destroyed mentally and physically because of the elitists manipulating wars to insure they stay in power.

    1. Don’t feel to sad for the military, they will be guarding you one day when the USG puts us into there. POW camps. The military & police are the enforcement arm of the goverment, and well paid I might add.

    2. yeah military and pigs are the biggest scumbags of them all
      politicans tell them what to do and they dont care who they kill
      or why as long as they get paid and can have a hamburger

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