Live from Botswana with Alakanani from Satoshi Centre

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Donate to Satoshi Centre: 1JQYtfn54M2hYsHqeFmSZfUNfyrJFTT5oJ

We are joined by Satoshi Centre founder Alakanani Itireleng from Satoshi Centre.

To learn more about the project visit their social media:


4 thoughts on “Live from Botswana with Alakanani from Satoshi Centre

  1. If we could get Bitcoin working on Packet Radio, you will have no ISP to pay monthly.
    Just the initial cost of the Radio and the TNC interface to your Raspberry Pi. The only on going cost would be electric. Sola panel and car battery could keep you broardcasting 24/7. Then access to the Bitcoin network would be free. I am curently trying to set up a Packet Radio Bitcoin Node in Cornwall, UK that should reach Europe and North America using 27Mhz SSB. But things ae slow as money is little.

  2. On the reasons to run a full node, it is the best way to have full security and privacy in receiving Bitcoin and helps to enforce that miners are following the rules. For community use, I would recommend the addrindex patched version so that anyone can check whatever address they want without having to rescan or lose privacy by checking a block explorer.

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