Mastercard CEO Calls Bitcoin “Junk” As BTC On Verge of Surpassing His Loan Shark Operation In Value

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40 thoughts on “Mastercard CEO Calls Bitcoin “Junk” As BTC On Verge of Surpassing His Loan Shark Operation In Value

  1. They are just playing a theater…If they really thought that Crypto is a threat by now a law would have closed all exchanges. I still believe Crypto is an invention of the FED and it has no interest in closing a digital fiat currency since the dollar might become all digital in the future..””If everybody starting collecting bottle caps, Businesses will have no choice but to trade with them or go out of business, thank you.””—exactly! I don’t believe in this idea but I started mining….

    1. My interpretation is that they tried a full on anti-crypto propaganda campaign, linking dark web, terror, drugs, guns to Crypto. If they banned exchanges that would have run the risk of funneling people to decentralised exchanges or maybe even people would just start using it in the local economy for goods and services. Crypto is not invented by the Fed, Btc is the antithesis of central banking.

    2. Aquavidify Bingo. They’ve ran coordinated media campaigns on how cryptocurrency is funding terror, Jamie Dimon and big banking cartels all speaking out at the same time. Unfortunately for them, their mass media propaganda act has been exposed for the lie that it is and no longer has the same effect it once had on society.

    3. I have no problem paying taxes, I have no problem with anybody viewing my transactions either but only if I can see government spending on the same blockchain. I want to see exactly how my taxes are being spent and I want to know that crypto is not being printed, diluting my hard earned money.
      The reason you are wrong about crypto (in my opinion) is that central banks and governments around the world will collapse the instant that quantitative easing ceases, because it is a giant pyramid scheme that has to keep expanding forever. In a fair system government should be about 5% of the economy but now we see it at a hugely bloated percentage, is it 60 or 70%?
      I will never use a government cryptocurrency unless I can study the code and verify that it is fair. Note: I currently have 70+% of my earnings stolen by the government and so I have decided enough is enough.

    4. BTC don’t give a damn, can’t be stopped now hahahah – And if they pull the plug on the internet we are all f#ked anyway so, yeah.. Get some before its too late eh

    1. Wow, if I click on your account it takes me to a different channel than Jeff Berwick’s DV account. Must have some unusual UTF8 codes in your handle. Nice try fraudster.

  2. I love your videos. However, this one had a racist overtones. I’m not happy with that one. I follow your other videos. You say you believe that 911 was an internal job. However, you call the Saudi government a terrorist funding one. You accept $US. You should make reference to the US government that killed millions of native Americans and enslaved the Africans.

    1. Roman Rat do they? Again your mumpy rat has taught you well. Go to your American school where they speak and teach ENGLISH. Go see a religious education teacher and ask them how many gods Christians have and how many gods Muslims have. Then you’ll see who worships rats. Go school yourself before you come talk to us intelligent people.

    2. Wow, this became a rational, intelligent discussion really fast. Altaf Patel, don’t take the bait, it’s common knowledge world-wide that India produces plenty of brainy people. Roman Rat, don’t stir him up, he’s obviously quite sensitive about it.

      Gary Winehouse I don’t know what a snowflake is, but I do know what is racist about mocking someone’s accent in the circumstances in the video. Let’s take your Canadian/American example. Imagine a Canadian is debating a point with a (US) American. Canadian says A is right, American says B is right. Then the American mocks the Canadian by saying something like ‘I don’t know what I’m talking abooot, eh?’ in an exaggerated accent. The crowd laughs.

      Distracting everyone with a cheap shot, the American wins the debate in the eyes of the crowd, no matter whether A or B was a more convincing argument. That’s the sort of situation I object to. Would you really be so happy if you were the Canadian trying to talk sense in such a situation?

      If the English accent is different because the speaker is Indian, then yes, an element of racism creeps in. I’m not here to say ‘don’t be racist’, you can work out for yourself whether that’s a good idea or not. I’m just saying you shouldn’t use someone’s different way of speaking English to undermine their arguments.

      Trav V, I have no outrage here. It’s simply that the OP said the the video had racist overtones. Gary literally asked ‘how is it racist?’ and I’m explaining why I think it is. Only a little bit, by the way, and that’s not even my personal complaint. Like I said, what I object to is using latent racism in an audience to bolster an argument.

      If you’re using a difference in accents to make a genuinely good joke, I’m all for it.

    3. I have no right to tell you what to do, so let me rephrase that. I RECOMMEND that you don’t waste your time insulting random strangers on the internet, just to stir them up. I also recommend that you spend some time thinking about why you do it.

      You are completely free to take my advice or ignore it as you see fit.

    4. Hi Roman Rat,
      My notifications shows you said something else to me, starting with ‘I’m sick of this narrative…’ or something. But it’s not showing up on the 22 comments here. I don’t know what happened, maybe it got deleted or something…?

      So, sorry, I couldn’t understand it because I couldn’t read it.

  3. As for the background music, the beats heard here are also in a song via the Beastie Boys (Paul’s Boutique album) which they probably sampled it from somewhere else before they used it too…well played TDV!

  4. I am a crypto enthusiast and am investing more and more, but Berwick, you are losing your grip!!
    1) Although I completely disagree with what Mr. Banga said, your choice of image was VERY inappropriate!
    2) The more witty you try to be in “explaining”, the more unhinged you start to sound and you will turn away alot of people who are on the fence – the same people we need to educate. You will not convert anyone. You are only succeeding in preaching to the choir
    3) You have one of the biggest platforms of crypto preachers…please do us all a favor and focus on educating the masses who know no better.

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