Monetizing Expertise Using Cryptocurrency with Experty

Earn 10-30% pm Safely Trading Forex On Autopilot

Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

20% of profits paid at the beginning of every month


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£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Jeff interviews CEO Founder Kamil Przeorski and Communications Manager Blaise Mathai of Topics include: access to expert advice using a crypto enabled phone app, expert sets their rate and accessibility, big demand for this product, product close to market, global access and empowerment, expert sets the rate, smart contract enabled, upcoming ICO and it's structure, long term company vision, proof of caring and bonus distribution, tapping into an in demand crypto knowledge base, difficult to find talent now, a big and growing community, a very big potential, Anarchapulco 2018

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28 thoughts on “Monetizing Expertise Using Cryptocurrency with Experty

  1. Let us say gold bugs use half of their gold to buy cryptos. Then all earnings are used to re-buy gold. Earnings on kryptos are so out of wack that you would be pretty soon taking control of precious metals price. IT IS HAPPENING NOW. No risk indeed on this modus operandy.
    Lets see how funny “they” think kryptos are and how worthless gold and silver are as well.

    1. Hi Hector! Try thinking in non-binary terms. My research would suggest that crypto currencies and precious metals are not directly linked and they do not ‘provoke’ a mutual exclusivity. In fact my research also suggests they are BOTH likely to trend upwards into the ‘foreseeable future..’ LOL I have to laff when I use such a self-conflicting term!

    2. hector gutierrez I’ve sold 1 monster box around 9k worth of silver and just recently bought 2 monster boxes with the original monster box I sold still in the bitcoin/crypto market earning more future silver.

  2. Virtual currency technology is growing. Hope
    Some countries know how to use blockchain technology such as Vezuzela. I’m learning about DeepOnion and its technology.

  3. Sounds interesting , I have an expertise on call service in INDIA is there a api like facility that I can integrate experty into my service and on to my cross platform app? When can we evaluate it?

  4. This product can connect the voice of those who are expert in their own field and those who are in need of their service or expertise. Great way to ask the things to be needed by those who wanted to invest in this venture. I can see that DeepOnion is offering great things in the crypto space hope you can check it as well.

  5. 我自己算是一个业余的区块链研究以及开发人员,目前世界上可以说是比特币和以太坊的天下,但是比特币固守他自己的原则,不做存证,而且每秒全球交易数才7笔,远远满足不了需求;以太坊一直在做电子合约,但是最近的cryptokittes 已经让以太坊的网络拥堵不堪,深洋葱是唯一一个站出来说我们是做存证的,并且真的做了,期待后续的发展。在中国,除了一些代币之外,大家也在商量想做一条存证链,但一直都没有真正着手去做

  6. Sound very good The Dollar Vigilante!!! Good video 😉
    I really have the best hope for the DeepOnion coin as it has all the power to be a top Privacy Coin in 2018 and get ranked in top 10 Market Cap coin. It’s a %100 Anonymous coin as they are using TOR network to do all transactions, so your IP is always staying hidden and unseen by any one else.

  7. Hey Vigilante, love the video once again. You should check out and do a video on DeepOnion!

    When i bought it two weeks ago the price was 0.80 cents and now is increased more than 500%.
    It’s a very steady growth as more and more people found about it.

    I mean whats not to like it – anonymous coin using Tor network and have very unique features that separates it from the rest of the anonymous coins.
    Features like DeepVault for example, and there are more things to come form the developers. DeepSend and VoteCentral looks like will be another great addition to the value of the coin.

    Also they have a online merchandise shop, which if you take a look, is made very professional.

    I’m very excited about it because its very undervalued at the moment, but dont listen to me. Go and take a look at it yourself and you will see that is backed by great tech and big community followers.

    Last but not least, every week they airdrop coins based on your holdings, or based on your community participation.

  8. You are making great videos and help crypto world to rise, please take a good look into DeepOnion. its one the most promising cryptocurrency today. Its fast-growing community was very amazing plus this awesome rewards.

  9. Great video. Love your videos. Have you heard anything about DeepOnion? This is an anonymous coin.I advise you to get acquainted, because the price already exceeds $ 3.5 ))))

  10. Good video like always you have Vigilante. This sounds very good 😉
    I thin that you should take a look on the DeepOnion cryptocurrency it’s very good coin if you want to get the best privacy and anonymity. DeepOnion transactions are very fast and with low fees. The coin is on the upwards trend for last months and now has reached almost $4 per DeepOnion !

  11. Good video i’m daily watcher of your videos 😀 I think that one of the best Cryptocurrencys right now is DeepOnion as it’s a total Privacy Coin and Anonymous. It would be awesome if you could make a video about it also 😉
    They have a very active team of developers and also a big community with more then 6000+ members and it’s growing very fast!

  12. Very interesting video Jeff i like how you talk about the Demand of this product!
    I have also found out about the DeepOnion coin it’s a coin with a large community that is backing it up and also with active devs team. Roadmap of DeepOnion is very good and all the tasks are being done in time so it’s a good sign that it will succeed in long term 😉

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