On The Record #2 – FutureNet (w/ CEO’s Stephan Morgenstern)

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In this 2nd Episode of On The Record we will talk to Stephan Morgenstern, the CEO of FutureNet which is building itself to be the uncensored social media platform that pays it's users. (Unlike the evil of companies like FaceBook)

Some Video's to familiarize yourself with the proposition:

Guest: Stephan Morgenstern
Partial Guest: Ryan Conley
Cameo: Alka

Host: Tone Vays
@ToneVays Website:
Donations: 142B17MBGQ3nrKznbcYUBK2Rwq7Z7HWxF3


41 thoughts on “On The Record #2 – FutureNet (w/ CEO’s Stephan Morgenstern)

  1. $1685?! 80% of which gets paid to other members? What’s the actual product being sold here? Doesn’t there need to be a quantifiable product to make this kind of scheme legal? “Jurisdictions that retain a legal distinction between MLM businesses and illegal pyramid schemes retain said distinction on a key distinguishing feature: namely, that MLMs rely on the sales of actual products.” The USP which sets it apart from other social media platforms seems to be the fact that “people can make money from it”? I can’t see any real product there. If the platform is the product, is there any advantage that is actually worth $1685 over other platforms like uncensored, open source social media platforms like Diaspora, which are totally funded by user donations to pod owners?

    1. There are virtual digital products that are bought at each level $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, and $1000 level. For example one matrix gives you a blogging platform, another gives you online storage, another is a landing page system, another is an auto-responder system, viral video platform, etc. These are all legit products that are all branded to your FN business and what other company you wish to market with it. We will also be selling our mining packages as well. The scalability with FN is gigantic and that is why we have now over 1M users. Even a free member earns free Bitcoin for using our encrypted social media messenger. Meanwhile Telegram or Facebook never paid anyone a lucky penny!

    2. Thank you Spiritus. Let us wish the entire crypto industry the best no doubt. Social media will play a huge roll in it getting out to the world and FN does a great job accomplishing just that. 🙂

    3. Spiritus, never trust a man with a Vitalik logo on his finger. Just imagine what he sees while with his wife. For a moment its a diamond- then its a pyramid – then a diamond – then a pyramid … and so on .. you get my point.
      Then you realize that all this was nothing but a distraction …. and your BTC wallet is empty.

    1. I always say “IF not this then what.” All roads lead to #Bitcoin and all roads lead to incentivized social media. I admit I was with OneCoin and I left them the day I got back from Dubai after I did my home work. I may have been part of that, but it all has been a learning process to fully understand what has long term potential and what is REAL. I don’t see that as making me a “scammer.” My dedication moving forward with this company will do more good than anything negative from someone joining me in a fake coin company in the past. Cheers, http://www.BitcoinBenz.com

    2. Tone reported and did not endorse this at all. He will keep his viewers in the know though months down the road as we succeed or fail. I feel confident we will succeed. 🙂

    3. I respect you for being honest. I’ll be honest now, if you fell for ONE COIN. You’re clearly not qualified to give financial / crypto advice to anyone.

  2. @45:30 when Tone asks for info on the ‘coin creators’ to get further info on POW vs. POS coin/blockchain, this guy says proprietary/internal info & “these guys are good” (referring to the coin creators).

    Tone, TBH this was painful to listen to for any of us (@ least myself) who’ve followed you the past year+ as how you gave this guy your patient time of day after getting stonewalled on the POW vs. POS question even though this guy didn’t understand it. Perhaps in future interviews you can pre-screen the ‘shillers’ (& I use the term loosely here) to save everyone time & keep your reputation solid as far as consistency with your economic ideology that you espouse.

    I did like your disclaimer @ the end that you’re not a fan of MLM as it doesn’t end well & not completely sustainable very long term.

    1. With 1M users, this project needs to be taken a serious look at within the crypto community. FutureNet has always been open for outside knowledge and advice to make sure we always do things right. One year from now, World Crypto Network will be known as the crypto channel on YT that had the interview w/ Stephan before anyone else. I do applaud him for that. 🙂

    2. I second your comment, with all respect to Tone !
      But we do have to take into consideration that Tones work is not that easy. Thats where we come in !

    3. Exactly Ashraff secp256k1. We as a community here must hold Tone accountable for consistency of his message to us. When that falls apart, he loses all credibility in my eyes & his reputation will begin to fall apart.

    4. look bro, I wouldn’t go that far. Better yet, “we as a community should be vocal against people like Ryan Coney and his scheme. Tone has done incredible work in the space , i see no need to brush him off like that. Actually I see it very disrespectful to diss Tone like that. Ryan and futurenet is the problem not Tone

    1. Kind of funny cuz I’m referring to the dumb IDEA of an ETH tattoo, and you are referring / TALKING about me.
      Look Ryan , I have nothing against you personally. I’m sure your a nice guy (and that’s probably why Tone was easy on you guys). I’m against your MLM scheme mixed in with the crypto space. The reason for that being is Futurenet like ONE coin is giving a bad image to the bitcoin space, cuz it’s clearly a SCAM.
      Emphasis on recruitment of others over actual sales, encouraging if not
      requiring members to purchase and use the company’s products,
      exploitation of personal relationships as both sales and recruiting
      targets, complex and exaggerated compensation schemes, the company
      and/or leading distributors making major money off training events and
      materials, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion.
      This is well known public information… who you trying to kid ???

    1. Makes no sense to put our time into corporations. We need to bring attention to the decentralization of social media and FN made it happen!!! Why hate on that Don?

  3. MLM is a scam. i have been there, done it. if you are lucky you earn enough for a cup of coffee. For sure it is the quickest way i ever had in losing friends.

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