On The Record #4 – Veritaseum (w/ CEO Reggie Middleton)

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In this 4th Episode of On The Record we will talk to Reggie Middleton the CEO of Veritaseum. It is a platform that will allow for decentralized trading of any underlying asset.

Guest: Reggie Middleton


Topics will cover:

Host: Tone Vays
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26 thoughts on “On The Record #4 – Veritaseum (w/ CEO Reggie Middleton)

  1. Reggie and I started at age 23…… I wish him the best , I’m a bit concerned about the SEC but I’m sure he has good lawyers. Good luck Reggie.

  2. This dude Reggie is sharp.. No chinks in his armor…Hes gonna bring value to Ethereum with his marketing strengths. Eth is gona moon with all these ICO’s…lol

  3. Vote of confidence for Reggie’s venture! The proof is in the performance, not in the dotted i’s and crossed t’s before it has even begun. In other words: dreams get realized and are not born fully formed…

  4. Sharp dude, but dang Veritaseum.com be an ugly website! If you’re asking people it stake faith in your technical expertise there is no excuse for such an unusable website. I have no idea why, but for some reason the crypto and gold space seem to have ugly websites. Veritaseum takes it to another level, it literally hurts my head to use…Hire a webdev

    1. Just finished listening to whole thing… I know he’s a friend but the token looks like yet another ICO, some of that technobabble seems to be of the variety designed to confuse non-cryptocentric – all a bit scamy sounding

  5. As an average trader in this space, meaning I have traded stocks, IPOs, and simple options over the years. I don’t understand the concept. I hear it all, but I can’t logically pull it together. Maybe I’m dumb, but I have looked at 20 videos trying to put my hand around this, with no success. Greenspan told someone once, even if they had a Ph.d in math they would not understand credit default swaps. I just want to understand, since he has a patent.

  6. I love when he (The interviewer) says these concepts do not register to me. All I am thinking is do not worry friend step out of the way and let me get this money!

  7. Reggie has all the P2P buzzwords down, but listen to all the problems Tone raises in this interview. “What if Netflix charged you in their stock instead of $9.99”. being just one of many problems here. I also like Reggie and think he’s very sharp, but this thing is like quicksand. The more questions you ask, the more you get swallowed. Yikes!

  8. best one i’d dream to listen to ! Tone is The crypton crytical thinker and Reggie seems like a person who could be making something worth while using ethereum.

  9. 52:27 Very strange to me that they spell the company / token in a different way every time they mention it in the terms. Either they are incompetent in writing legal documents – or they are trying to make up some kind of legal loophole?

  10. 55:38 Such a cheap old trick “I’ll call you back”. No wonder he did not call back again with all the inconvenient mess that has been uncovered here. There are A LOT of questions about Veritaseum that need an answer! Tone is asking very intelligent and legit questions here! I hope we can get a follow-up…

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