On The Record #5 – PIVX (w/ Presstab – Dev)

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In this 5th Ep of On The Record we talk to Presstab who is a Developers for the new "sweeping the Gblob" crypto – PIVX. Here are some relevant links for the discussion:

Host: Tone Vays
@ToneVays Website:
Donations: 1MtTWzLwMqDVrvU8UaiWv4DSmeQRfVgBno

Guest: Presstab (PIVX Core Dev)


51 thoughts on “On The Record #5 – PIVX (w/ Presstab – Dev)

    1. I disagree, Tone doesnt have the technical chops to grill Presstab properly.
       Tones Bitcoin maxaimalism kinda rules him out as biased, everything and everyone is a scam with him right?

      And with only one hour’s worth of research Tones talkin a bit much on Pivx.

      Still good interview though

  1. Tone you said Dash’s Algo didn’t work and then erroneously pointed to the instamine. The instamine happened because of retargetting time and a sudden increase in hasing power. The Dash algo (x11) is good.

    1. +Tone Vays​​ ​& +Ashraff secp256k1​​​ if u think the Fed will target exchanges for securities fraud and only go after ethereum or alt coins and only ok the trading of BTC ur delusional they’ll shut down Bitcoin as well, so are you stupid? If the fed goes after crypto all coins will get fucked with.

    2. Air Mane – please elaborate …this is funny!
      “Shut down bitcoin”, please elaborate on this specifically.

      BTW – your statement is directed to me and Tone. I WANT TO BE VERY CLEAR, I IM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH TONE – I simply agree strongly with his views …just for the record!

    3. +Ashraff secp256k1​ lol u maximalist really are some brainwashed trolls. Hopefully the fed doesn’t go after crypto hard (specially since BTC has no privacy), but it’s a really bad possibility.

  2. I stopped listening after 20 minutes. The poor guy cannot convincingly answer any question. Has anybody used PIVX? Does this coin actually work? Is it private and instant?

    That said, I do believe there is a problem with POW: with ever improving mining equipment, the miners will have to replace their expensive mining gear continuously, possibly turning it into an unprofitable business model. POS would solve that and, in addition, decrease the confirmation time to levels that enable everyday retail usage.

    1. I want responding to you I was responding to Swapster .com.
      My bad I should have mentioned him before writing my questions. The lay out in the comments section can sometimes be confusing

    2. @press tab: Thank you for reacting to my comments. That is very kind of you. First of all, I’m not out to get you. I think Tone was. I want you to do well and I want PIVX to do well. I have been a developer for more than 20 years, so I am aware that most do not excel in the communication department. That said, I was disappointed with your answers. But I will listen to the show again this evening. Maybe I overheard or misinterpreted your words. Good luck and the best for you and PIVX!

  3. The developer seemed honest and competent to me. The interview seemed to have an agenda. Who know where this coin will end up but at least the developer seemed good.

    1. Maybe, but I could not help have some empathy for the contract developer that probably just tries to do a good days work regardless of how much of a scam the entity that he works on is. He may not even realize if it is a scam or not.

    2. Everything is a scam to you Tone. You know how to read charts, but that’s about where it stops. Leave the crypto space to people that know and understand. You’re like a broken record. You did 1 hour of due diligence and it showed.

    1. yah he’s Scamming us all, Tone is the self-professed ” freelance scammer”. Look , Tone simply asked some questions…. and the answers were so incoherently stupid… that’s TONES fault???

    1. @carlos sanchez, I hang out on the Polo troll chat and it there was massive trolling asking for PVIX to be listed there.
      I’m not anti- PVIX, on the contrary I believe it is a great project and I believe it should be listed there.

    2. There was little meat to the above interview. I think it painted pvix in a bad light without bringing forward information concerning adoption. I don’t hold pvix, but can see it fills a need. Several projects are trying to fill this sort of need. You must have got in pretty cheep? If you do not have a lot of money riding on this, I say hold. Have you read the purple/ white paper?
      I don’t think that this is a scam. It is just one more project waiting to see who adopts it.

      One of the devs is in Fermat Slack. http://www.fermat.org/ Twitter: @Fermat_NL

  4. By the way, I’ve heard of a crypto currency that was started by an anonymous dev who won’t even do an interview, and to top it off he disappeared!! Could you please look into it, as this screams scam on steroids. This one really takes the cake Tone. I think his name was Satoshi Nakamoto or something….

  5. The guy conducting the interview is awful. Constantly interrupting, going off tangent and not able to stick to the point he’s trying to make. Trying to clarify the points that have already been made. Asking questions that are completely irrelevant to the development and future of the coin. It was a struggle to try and make it through the interview. I would have turned it off half way through the interview if I wasn’t really interested in the PIVX currency.

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