Our Global Taxation Nightmare – Mike Maloney

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Join Mike Maloney as he shows how a 'taxation nightmare' is evolving at a rapid pace around the world. Three recent examples of government meddling are provided, and anyone who has studied monetary history will know that this does not end well. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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51 thoughts on “Our Global Taxation Nightmare – Mike Maloney

  1. Trying to text the people it’s kind of scary because you’re mimicking the Roman Empire the Roman Empire started crumbling because of this High inflation and taxes keep going up America’s mimicking the Roman Empire trying to find new ways of bringing more money in not going to work

    1. +GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) I love the way you do your videos because you are right the stock market went down yesterday at again I think these are telltale signs I don’t think is going to happen right away it takes time for it to Metro but people do have time to be ready for the more you sit around the mall at Freddy people are going to be I suggest you make a video on that you can do better than me do a video on the comparison between the Roman Empire and America cuz I believe America is the Roman Empire of the 21st Century keep on rockin those videos my friend keep on wanting the masses

    2. +Ally Soobratty And always for the same reason- Instinct #1, self preservation. Politicians will market for votes by promising free something which replaces self-responsibility and is very attractive to voters. It won’t change until human DNA changes.

    1. So true, Even tariffs *instead* of income tax worked wonderfully for a good hundred+ years after Americas founding. If the government was small like back then.

    2. Ben Mitchell what a stupid suggestion!
      Why don’t you do it first since you’re the one who suggested it.
      Also, if you’re suggesting Somalia is free from government, that would be ignorance on your part, warlords with ak47s are the regional governments there.

    1. Actually it’s facist because business has taken over government. It’s just being sold to you as socialism.
      Socialism is actually workers controlling the means of production.
      Corporations don’t pay enough taxes so where does the government get taxes from?
      The people.
      Sold to you as ‘socialism’.
      Actually a symptom of ‘capitalism’.
      It’s call propaganda.

    2. +MrB1923 I think it’s the “chicken-egg” problem. It depends which end you take it from. It can be argued that big corporations are created by governments meddling into the economy and by the existence of the fiat currency which is statist and centralistic phenomena (attributes that are historically associated with socialism). If you don’t have an economy based on hard money (free-market based interest rates) it cannot call itself capitalistic because ordinary people cannot accumulate capital, i.e. means of production.

  2. That is all the political morons ever know to do…raise taxes. LOL, they call it “revenue” as if they actually produce an in demand product or service. Politicians…self serving and self preserving. These types would make a common thief blush.

    1. Good point regarding the ‘revenue’ well said! Their greedy assumptions never materialize as peoples habits or attitudes change to avoid the new taxation thief.

    1. so you are arguing we do not have enough government !?!? We need more in your opinion, dont be lazy tell us what you think, and support it with evidence – WTF!?!?

  3. Hi Mike, In New Zealand they are bringing in a ‘ringfencing tax’ for investors who own properties meaning that they cant offset any property investment losses against other income they have earned. The NZ government says that it will get an extra $325m through this new tax, but they wont in reality due to peoples change in behviour ie work less, sell their investments etc. Greedy governments act at the end of market cycles and this is my indicator that the New Zealand housing market has reached a top!

    1. JD Cohen
      How much tax is ok and for what purposes? What are the limits? Are there no limits? No one WILLINGLY gives up their earnings, it is taken from them. If taxes were made optional tomorrow most people would stop immediately.

    2. Tibor Z
      PEOPLE are civilization, taxation is enslavement of those people. Taxation is harnessing the labor of those people. Taxation funds a government which produces nothing on its own, it only spends resources – it doesn’t produce them. Taxation is how the parasite survives.

      According to you cancer is no different from the functional organ it attacks.

    3. Tibor Z
      Cute label, as you add zero to the conversation – because you know I’m right. Run along now and voluntarily increase your income tax, since you’re a good upstanding citizen and the government spends your money so well.

  4. The Spanish government introduced a tax for households collecting sunshine, so this is only going to get worse.
    Fewer people entering the labour force as the baby boomers begin to retire, shrinking western birth rates.
    Millennials working zero hour contracts in the Gig economy. That is leaving a big black hole of lost revenue and ever increasing government debt and more people living on welfare.
    The system can only last for so long before it implodes, taking everyone with it.

    1. Good point, D Smith, Taxation is a modern day slavery trading tool  of oppression on the working people. By keeping people in debt through taxation will maintain the slavery trade going well into the 21first century.

    2. In Ontario, Canada, less than 4% of the gas tax goes to actual roads, it all goes into general revenue to be redistributed to the sheeple… yesterday I was driving back from Ottawa, the Capital of Canada and I was blown away by the rust on the highway infrastructure, I’m talking rusted holes in steel, not surface rust, years of neglect while they jam it to us on Gas Taxes

    3. In some cases the city has sold the parking rights and has no control over parking fees anymore. It’s just a business. Toll roads is another problem.

  5. I wish that one day, people just realize the logical fallacy: a taxfunded government that grows bigger and stronger, ruling them and employing more and more people with taxpayers money.
    • People, while being essentially the share holders of the government, since they fund it, have no say on its decisions.
    • While they can have a say on who is the CEO, they can’t decide anything about the actual policy of the State. The president (or prime minister) decide on their own, rarely consulting the people.
    • Representatives are there because of money, nepotism and communication skills. *Not* because of their ability to run things with competence (no merit based candidature).
    • Often times, the new governments suggest ‘economic solutions’ to get more money in our pocket by… removing money from our pocket…
    In other words, modern governments have been, and will always be, a giant hoax, so long as they are unaccountable and their way of life is not impacted by how bad they run our countries.
    When an employee screws up bad enough, or for the Nth time he can loose his job. Them? No worries. Most of the time nothing happens, and when it does, it’s not that bad, since they get a new job in no time, better paid. Bureaucracy is no Meritocracy.

  6. Mike, I’ve never heard you say this (or anyone else) but of all the crazy taxes on everything, people don’t realize where they pay the MOST taxes!

    Every product that we buy – most of what we are paying for is a long string of added up taxes!

    i.e. When a typical tax slave takes whats left of their paycheck to go buy a car. We must start from the very beginning – An iron ore mine has many, many, business taxes plus operational taxes on electricity etc, plus matching employee taxes etc. (a lot!) They add that tax burden to every ton of ore they sell.
    Then there is a trucking company, a steel refiner, another trucking company, a wholesaler, another trucking company, a retailer, another trucking company, a automobile manufacturer, another trucking company, an auto retailer, and EVERY ONE of those companies add their tax burden to the product. In the end most of what we slaves are paying for, is a long string of added up taxes!!!
    From my math, I figure the average person pays about 75% of all the money they work for, in taxes… (extortion)

  7. This is nothing. Wait for the taxes that will come, when things going really nasty. In Germany we had a forced mortgage on real estate after WW2. You had to pay back a credit, you never took before. Funny isn’t it? They become very creative when it comes to rob you.

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