Say Hello To The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

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47 thoughts on “Say Hello To The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

    1. Lord fec13, well it’s been over 9 years since 2007 and nothing has
      happened, so I don’t know if it’s predictable anymore. the bankers seem to
      be getting more sneaky about it.

    1. he’s right about the fact that Trump’s not closing the fed, but other stuff
      I don’t know. I mean Trumps not perfect but I’m sure he’ll fix things
      better then any republican has since Regan. is that good enough? well no
      not really we need to abolish the federal government completely but atleast
      for now we’ll be a little better off.

    2. terry arcona
      it may take more than 2 days to fix decades worth of fucking the country
      up..its funny we are all supposed to be patient with his predictions but he
      cant wait til monday to put this crap out. sorry the world didnt fail fast
      enough for ya Jeff smoke another cig maybe your world will end sooner than
      the rest. btw what makes bitcoin different than any other fiat currency?
      nothing backs it and the banks get robbed by those in charge so whats
      different again. new bank same as the old bank it seems jeff. you just own
      alot of new bank stock and are a salesman trying to manipulate the market.
      hot air empty predictions. you are the cnn or fake news of yet anotber
      digital yet fiat currency.

  1. all this YouTube channels saying every year the same thing I rather read my
    Bible seems to be correct since day one there is nothing we can do TBH gold
    or silver won’t save you!

    1. That’s right, never once did God tell us to abandon fiat currency and seek
      out gold, silver, or bitcoin.
      BTW, we’re nearing the end of this thing. =)
      Definitely keep reading. I’ve recently been reading a book a day. It’s very
      good to read every book from beginning to end.
      For the longer books (like Matthew), I recommend using audio books and just
      follow along in the text.
      Youtube has every audiobook of the KJV online for free, which is really
      It’s quite nice having so many ways to access the Bible in the 21st century.

  2. You idiot. How much do you think he should have accomplished by now? Today
    is Monday he was inaugurated on Friday three days ago. He’s had one full
    day in office. Already judging his performance like so much media is
    ludicrous. Also Trump has his hands full right now. He can’t fight all
    these battles in his first week.

  3. Jeff, I don’t think you have been following the story behind the story.
    Trump will live up to his promises, and America will rebuild it’s industry,
    he has already done amazing things to bring back jobs but there is way more
    going on behind the scenes. Trump is playing a very delicate game of
    diplomacy, I regard him as a complete genius in the way he is treating
    people. You really need to wait until the first 100 days before you start
    to poo poo him.

    I am an anarcho-capitalist, and it was the great Murray Rothbard who said
    that we should seek freedom through all available avenues.

    If you disagree with Trump on certain issues, you need to point them out to
    people, but to blatantly claim that he is like all other politicians is
    misrepresenting him and does nothing to promote your ideas, which I hold
    with great respect.

    1. Agreed
      Just one other point that concerned me …Ron Paul never got the media
      coverage like Trump I know Trump knows how to make headlines but still this
      concerned me.. my thoughts were that Hillary was too ‘dirty’ in the minds
      of the public so they chose someone who could passify the voters anger
      about the globalist agenda

    1. Helicopter money is already in many things, like a free iphone with your
      subscription, free money to sign up with a bank… But it’s going to get
      worse for sure, so be sure to get the right deals at the right time. Detach
      from the grid as good as you can.

  4. It’s not so much that it’s the same as the old boss – but that the national
    debt is so high it’s impossible to turn the titanic around in time to avoid
    the disaster

    1. ThisIsTurok1 – at JFK tried to reign into the FED mandate and wanted to
      reduce the power of the CIA. What is basically the strong arm of the
      bankers. Why would they have killed him if he was a puppet too.

    2. Cite it with REAL SOURCES, not your fictional conspiracy theories.
      After you fail to prove your B.S, you need to apologize to me and everyone
      on Youtube for spreading lies.

  5. You can’t just shutdown the Federal Reserve. That sort of talk is
    meaningless and only highlights ignorance.
    What’s your plan Jeff? Replace fiat currency with a digital currency and an
    RFID chip?
    Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, moreso than any fiat currency.

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