Self Ownership in the Age of Authoritarianism: Jeff Berwick on Open Your Mind Radio Ireland

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Jeff is interviewed by Alan James and Steven George for Open Your Mind Radio Ireland, topics include: Jeff's intriguing upcoming travel plans, the financial system and cryptocurrencies, interest rate madness, socialism and central banking, getting rid of governments, self ownership, we don't have capitalism, control of the internet, increasing authoritarianism, the Shemitah, jubilee and market cycles, the dumbing down and drugging of the US population, EBT cards, preparing for a major crash, hyperinflation, diet and growing your own food, self sufficiency, self improvement

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45 thoughts on “Self Ownership in the Age of Authoritarianism: Jeff Berwick on Open Your Mind Radio Ireland

    1. C J Titan
      You use “capitalism” and “owner” in peculiar ways. I only meant that the access center will have a staff and the staff will be implementing some kind of policy, won’t it?

      You’re thinking of “Resale value” as something that only exists in terms of dollars. People will continue to trade even without money – they will barter. Something will emerge as a form of currency because trade is useful.

      Respect for the staff of the access center and the policy will be required for the system you envision to operate well, right? That kind of respect is what “capitalism” means to me. Whatever there is that someone or some group operates is called “capital” and the respect shown to them by those who benefit from their operations is respect for what I call “property rights”. The recognition of this “capital” as under the control of and subject to the policy (or “whims” if you like) of someone or some group is called “capitalism.” That recognition and respect is why people bother to take care of things in ways that benefit others. The someone or the group is called the “owner.” I know these words probably mean different things to you, and that’s ok. I’m just explaining how those who call themselves “free-market capitalists” (such as I) use them. Does it help?

    2. CHOSE
      Yes, In theory, most jobs will have robots and AI replacing humans.

      Trading certain items, but not the basics to live.

      Why would people disrespect the volunteers that work the access center?
      Most crime is a result of the society people live in.
      I’m sure there will still be assholes, but in time, their numbers will be very few.

      I don’t see thee connection between capital and respect.

      If I check out a book from the library. I treat it as if it was my own, not because of capitalism or a fine could be imposed, but because that’s just how I am.

      In this system, people will most likely have 3D printers in their home, so a lot of things will be replicated.
      Markets will and should be a thing of the past, they are worthless.
      All one has to do is look at Wall Street.
      They produce nothing yet make more money than just about anyone.

    3. CHOSE
      You are thinking in a different value system than I.
      The economics of the future will be somewhat different, the acquisition of wealth will no longer be the driving force of our lives. We will work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.
      Not everyone needs a carrot dangling in from of them to accomplish a task

    4. C J Titan
      The book from the library would be called “capital”. Someone had to design the robot that would have created that book, and we can pretend that the book explains how that robot works, and that you checked it out in order to improve the efficiency of the book-making robot. whatever motivation you have for that is called “profit” and your profit causes you to benefit society. That is capitalism without the money. I agree about there being assholes and that most people would show the respect necessary for that to work well. I think your disdain for money is misplaced (let’s disdain coercion instead) and your disdain for ownership is dangerous because it would become disdain for the staff that runs the library or the access center. Think of ownership as the responsibility to ensure that a thing is put to the best use you (as the owner) have for it.

    5. C J Titan
      I just rediscovered a bug in Youtube’s code. When I reply from my phone, it says the posting of the reply fails, so I try again and get multiple copies of my reply. So I deleted them – but you had already replied. Anyway…

      There are and probably always will be plenty of potential in the human race that dangling carrots will continue to promote the realization of ongoing progress. Discarding such a beautiful mechanism would be a horrible loss.

      As for myself, I have certainly reached and passed through the point in my life where I’d be satisfied sitting back and surviving until I’m dead. What drives me to spend time and resources “tinkering” is the awesome potential I see, and the rewards I can get by helping to realize that potential. Curing diseases, recovering from natural (and man-made, whether accidental or intentional) disasters, and exploring the universe are things I’m interested in, that there are billions of tiny endeavors that have to be explored for those things to come into their fullness. Capitalism is the only peaceful means through which *I* will be motivated to take on some of those endeavors.

  1. Should have heard Luke talking down the black market for weed in Uruguay. He should get a swirly @ Anarchopulco! Make sure Luke is smoking Government weed from now on.

    1. Crypto currency can’t be bought all at once by just one entity, like a bank. Firstly because the price will rise immensely if one entity tries to buy all. If this happens, people will either hold or buy because of the rise in price. Also not all coins are even in use, lots still have to be mined. If ‘big guys or banks’ start buying up most believers in the protocol will change to another (alt)coin. With as a result that banks have to start over again. This could happen hundreds or even thousands of times, since there are that many coins. We’ve heard stories of it being in hands of the banks, CIA, NSA and so on, but it’s completely open source. Sorry, but the banks running crypto is complete bullshit. If people feel threatened, they change coin. Any coin. The people, the techs, the backers and the lovers are mostly people who want to break away from the banks. So even if a few of those would let themselves be led by money (but why should they?), then still there would be many more that aren’t.

    2. you guys think that pwoerfull people willl just let their grip on power slip away, if Europe or Isreal or Russia or the USA decided to buy all bitcoins, bye bye decentralization bye bye dreamers, + we need fiat money to give a value to Bitcoin 😀 wake up guys no dollar/euro no value

    3. i am a huge supporter of the blockchain tehnology, my point (mainly) is that when the big money (institutional investors) come in play, the chains like we know now will not be so decentralized as (you think) it is now. What will stop the European Union or others from making their own blockchain and Rewarding citizens with a Basic Income for connecting your Computer to their network (blockchain).

  2. Jeff you are right! I moved to a small village in Switzerland 12 years ago to escape the Fascist government of the United States. I’ve never regretted it and I have no desire to return to the USA. Life is great in Switzerland! – An American listener in Switzerland

    1. EdwardHuitt

      Left the UK (Londonistan) and moved to deep French countryside 14 yrs ago. Some land, stocks of food, few neighbours, guns, security….all good.

    2. My uncle and aunt live in France (have been for the last 17 years) and loving it there. They live in the countryside of Normandy. We have trouble finding them lol, so not many others will. France won’t be an option for parents with kids who don’t want to vaccinate as it’ll be mandatory next year.

  3. To answer that womans question, “how does anarchy help disabled people”, the answer is simple. When government doesn’t take away her children to wars or take away the family’s wealth through corporate 401k policies or taxes, then she will have plenty of rich children who have been able to thrive in the anarchy environment and can take care of her way better than any government plan could.

    1. What do you mean holograms? Odd to see a woman watching Jeff, I look at his comments and it’s a complete sausage party. Or maybe, is it possible… an intelligent woman?

  4. Most people are so dumb they think capitalists wear suits and communists are hippies living in acapulco. The reality is that the world’s biggest communists and socialists are the richest people in the world wearing the most expensive suits. They control the central banks, all the commercial banks, and they control governments. Educate yourself on the financial system and invest in cryotocurrencies.

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