Silver & Gold Price Drop, Insiders Watched It Unfold – Mike Maloney

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Learn more about Mike’s Insider Program here: Mike Maloney gives an update from Silver Summit 2016.

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52 thoughts on “Silver & Gold Price Drop, Insiders Watched It Unfold – Mike Maloney

    1. Cooking Lessons for Dad it all depends on how they access the system, just
      put that tape on, it’s damn easy and cheap, and it works , by the way, in
      that picture Mark had the microphone taped too.

    1. @Zyzer… What a tremendous gift that would be. However, you most likely
      wouldn’t be able to find any to buy at those spot prices… the premiums
      (especially on Ag) would be sky high.

  1. Indians are going for bitcoin after the cashless surprise their government
    pulled. Chinese are already using it to evade capital controls. Bitcoin is
    limited supply, get one now, you will be sorry in the future if you didn’t.

  2. Mike, please make more cryptocurrency videos, they are the digital gold and
    silver. Things are changing fast toward open source decentralized systems.
    We can get free from central powers and be our own bank.

  3. Hi Mike, how could followers from outside US be part of the insider’s
    programme? Could u arrange for a subscription? Or do u ship to Europe so
    that I could get into your insider circle? Thanks.

    1. They ship here to New Zealand so I’m sure they ship to Europe .You would
      need to buy 500 oz of silver or 10 oz of gold before you can qualify for
      the insider program though . Overseas orders have a 100 oz minimum order as
      well .

  4. The charts are completely manipulated. They manipulate the price to make
    whatever chart patern they want. Love your videos and I’m very shocked that
    you don’t recognize this.

    1. yes i am on the same boat too. i saw head and shoulders pattern. and i
      agree, the technical are out the window. makes no sense for this guy to say
      such a thing. I do hedge though and wondering why these folks are not
      telling people to hedge buying PUTs or inverse metal stocks. I am just
      dumbfounded by their expertise.

    1. +safewaycart it’s a volatile market prices are going to fluctuate but it
      makes no difference what you have lost now because you will gain it all
      back and much more when the collapse happens, as long as you don’t sell yet

    2. Think long term. The value of the dollar always falls over the long run.
      The value of anything measured in dollars goes up in the long run. Houses,
      gold, silver, etc. Think in terms of number of ounces you own, not the
      current price fluctuations. Also, if you invest the same amount again, you
      will cut your losses in half by dollar cost averaging.

  5. Hi, I really hope u can record and post ur presentation during the summit,
    cuz even i knew about the event im not able to be there
    hope u can post all the relevant presentations.

    thx and thumbs up

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