Something Wicked This Way Comes: Economic Meltdown

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Mike Maloney covers all the trouble brewing in the global economy in this 11-minute video – including data he promised to show you last week. The Australian real estate bubble, Putin's warning for the US dollar, and more on the financialization of government. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike's bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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79 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes: Economic Meltdown

  1. 5:50 – it was stable till Saddam Hussein started selling oil for euros (instead of dollars). Remember what happened to him? Muammar Gaddafi wanted to have a gold backed currency in Libya. Remember what happened to him? Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

    1. Bakrain Many see the pattern but the rich have become so powerful that our understanding and actions mean nothing. It takes too many of us to take down these billionaires. That is why it was important to take the US apart. It is the only population that can challenge and destroy any billionaire. First destroy the education system so the next generation cannot think their way out, then destroy their mfg base, then get everyone in debt beyond their ability to pay down (debt slaves), Then divide the people with race and gender issues. Then get them all hooked on drugs whether it be big pharma, street, or alcohol. All of these things are already done. Good by America…….

    2. +Joel Farmer America oh America, it seemingly portrays as the Sheep in wolves clothing,the actions of the Masonic elite has started to manifest in droves. Too many leaders in occult worship- too many sold out by devils ploy. Like many movie actors and musicians now want out of the Illuminati dark system and end up Dead. Like many whistleblowers end up “muzzled”. These dark forces mock at humans, make them do the most ridiculous of poses like covering their Mouth! Yes too many of them- symbology is indeed Satans tool. AND we have many of them covering ONE eye, a symbol of who controls; its Osiris, the demons these occultist conjure.

  2. ‘With the pricking of these thumbs’
    ‘Something wicked this way comes’
    Was originally written by Shakespeare ‘Macbeth’.
    Very descriptive of the current situation.

  3. US dollar will eventually fall, it will have domino effect worldwide, no nation is safe. The downfall of USA will bring down the rest of the world with her.

    I am more fearful of what will follow aftermath of US dollar collapse, a global war.

    1. cool, then we will have what we should all have. Bitcoin or something like nano that has no charges and is almost instant.Just a thought and a secret prayer.

    2. It really depends on how the transition goes and which government takes over. In most cases, if China takes over with their gold and silver reserves, Americans and Europeans will be completely eliminated off the face of the planet. If russians take over, we might see the biggest economic resurgence in history. If America keeps their strangle hold, we would be pushed dirrectly into a militaristic culture. If the NWO takes over, then all of humanity will be shackled like pigs, and you’ll see the largest single die off since the last mass extinction as the bottom 90% will be worked until death in a few years.

    1. +Jaime Alonzo It is possible. I am Vegan. Just have practice of eating just one meal a day and meditation. Do not have any bodily or mind work which allows to survive very easily on low to no calories. As far as water is considered then have own bore in own plot with high quality and low maintenance filters. And own solar electricity.

    2. +Rohit Pawar with God,all things are possible! People seem more worried about the container(the flesh,the body) than whats inside(the soul). The gospel according to john:chapter three.jesus explains it to necademus.

  4. So, all this so-called growth is simply “fake” and it will not end well.
    Corporations are buying their own stock! How stupid! Cannibalism! Tom-Foolery!

    1. yup, watch the history of money series on this channel.
      I’m dumping as much fiat currency I can (renovating my house, Gold, Crypto, mining hardware, Gonna start doing Nodes and crypto lending platforms aswel. I already got some of my crypto in a funding wallet on BitFinex (lends out to margin traders, charges by the hour)) while still keeping enough to pay for my day-to-day expenses & bills.
      Also got it in the back of my mind I might some day have to stockpile water too. It’s just not very practical and needs very specific way of handling if you don’t want it to go bad.

    2. Worse, they are getting huge bonuses because the removal of stock from the market increased the price and that is what their compensation is based on. Then add the fact that all those low interest loans were not used to capitalize their companies with equipment and labor stifling their ability to innovate and compete.

  5. I learned about MM from his excellent video “$20,000 Gold”. Very informative. However, I have been preparing for an “economic meltdown” since 2008 and I’m beginning to believe it’s just like the Iraqi currency that so many people have been waiting on for years to get rich. Towards the end of each year I keep hearing that next year is the big year for the meltdown. Remember, MM sells gold and silver. It benefits him and his company for people to hedge against inflation and a meltdown. I’m not sure anyone can predict when it’s going to happen. Just my 2¢ worth.

    1. The Case for $20,000/oz gold was one of my favourite. If you havent seen them you should try watching Hidden Secrets of Money Episodes 1-10 i cant even explain the amount ive learned from this guy. Just glad to be on this side.

    2. Gold and silver are also worth nothing – Gold will never see $20K , in fact it’s worth about $120 an oz. If the economy goes south so does gold and silver. We won’t have stagflation with this deflationary world economy. Economics is psycological.

    1. “I hereby Order Secretary(of the Treasury) Connelly to “temporarily” stop the convertibility of the dollar into gold.” —President Richard M. Nixon August 15, 1971

      “I am not a crook!” —President Richard M. Nixon

    1. mustlane The US is the only country that can keep China and Russia in check. Also the only population that can keep the billionaires in check as well. We are massively losing on both fronts. The dems and Rhino republicans over the last 40 years should be charged with treason for taking us down this path.

    2. mustlane…The Eurodollar aint’ lookin’ so hot these days either. Many European countries are carrying staggering or unsevicable debt with interest to the I.M.F. division of the world bank. Venezuela in hyperinflationary currency collapse…now Argentina is heading in the same direction. Thousands of Hondurans march northward towards Mexico/American border…Canada voted by the world bank as most at risk of a banking crisis due to huge debt. Housing markets tanking in Canada-Australia-New Zealand-Europe…Things are looking bad in more parts of the world right now than America.

    1. Also learn homesteading and hunting. Move away from major metropolitan areas and to place with a good water source. Invest in solar panels, wind generators, batteries and learn how to install and maintain them. Basically try to be as self sufficient as possible.

  6. Well, the “government” is spending money like a meth fueled teenager with a credit card. Maybe….just maybe spending on military and wars and 900 bases around the whole world is overextending our budget?? Duuuhhh.

    1. The world economy is hanging by a thread and will collapse when the psychopaths who rule over us have all their domino’s in a row and not before. Its going to be bad, the slaughter of the 66 million gentiles by the Judeo Bolsheviks in Russia will look like a Sunday picnic by comparison.
      Remember the Georgia guide stones, they are going to reduce the worlds population by 80% and the people most likely to be a threat to the psychopaths will be the first to go, if your white and educated you are first, get you affairs in order.

  7. The reason Australia escaped the Great recession is China took advantage of it to grow their economy by going into debt and with mass production of exports and over building of they’re infrastructure. China got the raw materials to do so by buying them from Australia. Consequently, Australia escaped the Great Recession, as did China, but at the cost of paying for it at some future date. That future date is getting closer and closer …

    1. China has been Australia’s knight in shinning armour, the party is over. Australia’s good fortune is about to run out as of few other commodity based countries.

    2. +7555tx 7555tx Exactly. Brazil, who also provided raw materials to China, has been in recession for some time now. Looks like Australia is next. But when the Chinese economy goes into recession, as it appears to be now, the world may suffer. Remember this, regardless of how bad the Chinese economy might be, it’s worse because the Chinese always lie about they’re numbers.

    1. It will send shock to the Australian economy that has never before seen. Australia has become dependent on the mining companies to maintain trade surpluses. Extraordinary growth in real estate was to replace mining. One should ask how much debt has these mining companies have with their banks. A country with so less debt compared to other countries in 2007 and now with the highest household debt in the world. One would say Australians have rocks in their “head” for being stupid by squandering their wealth with debt.

  8. Hey guys! Poor American in Indiana here. I’ve listened to Mike for years now and dedicated my life to helping people BEFORE the crash. If you don’t have self sufficiency, then don’t invest in silver just yet. Plan for your own infrastructure first, then when everything is settled. BUY BUY BUY!!!! We may have only a couple years (months?) Left!

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