State Medical Care Coming to the USA, People Flee to Mexico: Jeff Berwick on Double Down

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On today's episode of Double Down, hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by Jeff Berwick of Anarchapulco to discuss the economic freedoms in Mexico.

As Donald Trump vows to build a wall with Mexico, Double Down asks whether or not that wall will be used to keep Americans from leaving for it is in Mexico where entrepreneurial things are happening these days and more ordinary freedoms are available. Already 6,000 "dental refugees" head across the border from America to Mexico every day in order to get the dental care they are unable to receive in their home country due to exorbitant prices, so what future in a closed off USA?
Double Down talks to Jeff Berwick, festival organizer of Anarchapulco and publisher of, about the everyday freedoms available in Mexico.

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43 thoughts on “State Medical Care Coming to the USA, People Flee to Mexico: Jeff Berwick on Double Down

  1. I can say this is very true I live in San Antonio Texas go to Nuevo Laredo all the time and my dentist is in Nuevo Progreso had a crown, all my mercury metal removed and other work $500 bucks. I also would rather go to the Doctor in Mexico than the land of not so free pill pushers. Mexico ROCKS man I love it there. I will go back to Neuvo Laredo this week again. PISS ON THE Land of not so free……. Mexico here I come BABY!!!

    1. I had the mercury removed from past work as well…I never had any detox symptoms….My dentist used plastic / rubber dental dams and immediate suction to protect me as much as possible….

    2. I wish Hal Huggins shad been in Villa Cuna when I went there, A “dentist” named Jose Luis Valdez sat me in his chair and drilled all my loser incisor into the pulp. He made a big fricking mess. Now I am ashamed to say I was so brave to venture into Mexico for a “dentista”. Cuidado donde irse! The worst I have had to look out for in the USA is when you go to a really “top-tier” dentist, they prescribe a lot of meds you do not need and they are pricey. They would tell you (if they weren’t little girley men) that they are required to do that to be in compliance with the “standard of care.” We should all be very afraid. Look at the pics of what the Bolsheviks did to the farmers and others in the Ukraine in 1917. I think those are the people running this show

    1. Apparently we are to believe that children are afraid to play outside when in fact they have no desire to go outside because of their techno toys which are a major distraction.

  2. these things are horrible.
    American health care industry literally sucks blood out of people.

    come to India
    … u’ll get a high quality 1.5 or 3 Tesla MRI for $110 on the spot, no prescription required, best GE / SIEMENS machines.

    1. Jake Hooper …. Read again n try to comprehend…. I am saying we do not need any Govt. to control us financially. …world citizens should & surely can work together on taking away money control from them.
      That’s why I am in cryptosphere ….. not to make a quick buck like many morons on exchanges like coinbase

    2. World citizen implies a world government. A citizen is a member of a nation. You really think the masses won’t institute such a government after calling themselves world citizens? I wouldn’t even use the term. Try just ‘people’ instead.

    3. Jake Hooper well one meaning in dictionary says “citizen= a resident r a denizen”. So we are all citizens of the planet regardless of a Govt. existing or not.

      And I don’t think we have to suffer…. its all in our thoughts. …. thoughts become things. Today we all r connected via the web…. thats a power and we can start rejection of fiat currencies on a massive scale. That alone will take away control fromm these crooks called govt. / National banks.

      History has shown 100s of times ….. when the masses agitate….. any Govt./ king/ monarch / entire empires fall.


  3. Great talk Jeff. Being a US ex-pat in Australia, I can say that things are similar over here (to the US) … hopefully I’ll be able to move Mexico way someday soon.

  4. “young kids playing, you dont see this in the us anymore”?
    just wtf and all the hype for this scam artist.
    the reason crypto will take way longer to globally establish is, because of scam artists like jeff berwick. once everyone understands he (and so many others) ist just a scam artist, ppl will lose some trust in crypto 🙁

    1. A Star: I STRONGLY disagree with you. Part of my family are Mexicans and live in Mexico, we have been going there for years, I have a number of friends and relatives that are physicians and/or in the medical and dental field there (so I DO know what the hell I am talking about). The Seguro Social is definitely the cheap option for medical services, and many times as not as good as paying for better medical services (that’s a given), but NOTHING as bad as you describe it! And I have know and known of a lot quack physicians, shoddy hospitals, and lousy dentists in the good ol’ USA that have killed people or ruined their teeth, after milking their insurance dry! If you really worked as a medical intern in Mexico, my guess is that you work in the medical field now in the States, and have a vested interest in protecting your “cash cow”!

  5. My mom is from MX and we would visit every summer growing up. I would play outside with my cousins day and night. It was great! Love to hear all the nice things you guys had to say. There’s no perfect utopia so every place has their problems, perhaps some listeners missed the point that there are good things about MX that people don’t really hear about.

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