Taxation Is Theft and How To Become a Prior Taxpayer (PT) With Jeff Berwick on Reluctant Prepper

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Jeff is interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser for Reluctant Preppers. Topics include: where taxes came from, why taxes are unjust, and how you can opt-out! Also Jeff takes on viewer questions on the Internet Kill Switch, Fake News, Wikileaks, And whether Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are starting a domino-collapse of banking and governments to restore liberty.

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74 thoughts on “Taxation Is Theft and How To Become a Prior Taxpayer (PT) With Jeff Berwick on Reluctant Prepper

    1. yeah, the computer-generated letters you get from the agency are never signed by anyone. They do it that way so that whoever sent the letter is not held accountable.

  1. I live in a tourist town and know a retired gentleman, we were having coffee at the local coffee house, he said he wanted to buy an older modest home on a larger lot pay a million dollars and be done with it. I pointed out his Property TAX would be around $1,000 per month, he hadn’t thought abought that. If you throw in property insurance, sewer tax, mandatory garbage collection, etc. the monthly cost would be very high even if the house were paid in full. So we really don’t own anything…

    1. You only have constructive use of things. Check your property deed to see you are a tenant, not allodial title holder, only “fee simple”. Really sad situation….. the government (which means mind control) is your enemy. If you do any research you will find, things you were taught , in reality , are the opposite

    2. Not while we live on the terms we were born to. The community that set this up live, this internationalist city state, classically educated (rather than the prussian system we get, there are two of their schools that I know for sure about in the UK St Pauls also, Merchants and Taylors, both started in the city of london corporation), look long and short everything is seperate and inverted and separate slavery for us is freedom for them, they have their own primary (=most important?) education system.
      What is different about them, there is only so much about the system in total that can function on whose family you are from, or perhaps it is at what level of ‘inside’ esoteric-ness you are to it?

    3. government latin gubernat = control (random anecdote, rosetta stone latin tutorials have that word as one of the earlier words you learn). ment is either mentis = mind, in which we find government = ‘mind control’. Or old french which works out most rhetorically, as ‘product of’. Mostly because if you read also, John Milton (Sir Walter Raleigh) 1689 “Secrets of Government Laid Bare”, you will soon realise that governments are not the source of the control but the result of it, the product of control, of a ruler/s.
      However, over all, I suspect it is both simultaneous. Should it be not, then I shall foreswear to it regardless, for it tickles me to entertain it.
      That and even ‘evolved’, perhaps a little dissolved to English plain, google finds “The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.”, which implies that administration or touch to more archaically also in governing, that it this control is on behalf of something or someone else.

    4. +Chuck Beef oh well hope they don’t catch my Grandma she will not get rid of her cistern for water she will not drink facet water.. And her age is 98 n she still get’s her grandchildren to make her garden n she cut’s the veggie’s n eat’s them.. She only buy very little condiment’s from the store.. GO MY GRANDMA!!

  2. Taxes are theft no doubt , a scam indeed , the only hope we have is BITCOIN , to break free from the tyranny and corruption , things are a changing mark my word.

  3. American’s middle class actually NEVER own anything. The 2 largest purchases most people make are their house and their car. Let me tell you why you never own your house. Don’t pay property tax; see what happens to that house you say you own. Drive a car that is paid off and don’t pay car registration and see what happens to that car you say you own. can’t drive it. Taxes make sure you never own anything. IF you own something; you can do what you want with it. IF you own your refridgerator its yours for life….no extra tax or registration.

    People say….what about police. Police don’t even fight crime anymore. A headlight out on your car is not a crime, a license plate light off on your car is not a crime. Have a marijuana seed in your ashtray is not a crime…..they don’t fight crime. IN fact, most people don’t know that marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug and heroin is schedule 2, so the government thinks that marijuana is more dangerous that heroin. so they are inventing crimes to justify their existencef. There are over 400,000 untested rape kits in the USA right now….if the cops were fighting crime; why would they want all of these rapist walking the street… know why? testing rape kits doesn’t generate revenue!!!

    It’s a total SCAM!!!

    1. The police are racketeers for the counties and states. Yes these guys do good things and take the trash off the streets (so we can in turn pay for their meals) but overall they are only there to write us off to pay fines for petty “crimes” to justify their funding and to be granted commission for meeting their quota. If youre not creating a product. You are not working, youre leeching off the humble. Extortion. Racketeering. Treason. Murder. What else can the government get away with?!

    2. This is absolutely correct. Not to mention smog-extortion, which is why I switched to a hybrid (now they are requiring smog for hybrids, moving the goalpost) so I sold that and got a older diesel. Smog-exempt. If you don’t ‘register’ your car every year they will start ticketing it. Which is exactly what they got me for last week even though I paid registration, I didn’t get the stickers so its for ‘not displaying registration’. How can I if I don’t have the stickers? Its a FKN racket to financially ruin us, and give our labor to the illegals & idle poor

  4. I keep showing and telling people TAXES are not needed. It is a method of control. The US Treasury can print all the dollars it needs with no interest for the common people. And if they print way to much that inflation happens that that is the tax and you vote those people out.

  5. I woke up 6 years ago, My children steps ahead and are more awake than I was at 40. Hard assets, no debts, use the easily obtained fiat to buy income producing items. Thank goodness the sheep are still asleep.

    1. Precisely! I feel like these greedy politicians will not get away with what they are doing to the average person for much longer because I am a firm believer in Karma! No bad or good deed goes undone. The planet like the market is going through a self-correction process, and those who continue to monetize on someone else’s vulnerabilities will definitely get what is coming to them.

  6. We are all starting to realise that we have all been conned and lied to for generations, we are waking up and what is becoming known cannot be un-learned, it can only become exposed for what it is, a lie.

    1. ZoneTwelve Well said! Although in American’s defense we have been poisoned in every way possible. Immunization shots filled with mercury poisoning and GMO and Fluoride in water the same poison they give the Jews in Nazi camps to keep them docile in the camps and let’s not forget the poison they are spraying in our sky’s is causing mass deaths reported world wide. Barium mercury microwave towers military uses to control protestors now up in every neighborhood causing radioactive radiation on the public causing anyone in 2 miles distances causing cancer in the people who are near these towers!
      Patents and public demonstrations prove their real and using them against the people. Depopulation is real.

    1. Your “friendly” crypto CPAs are the worst. Acting like they want to help and educate, when the reality is they are merely sales people for the IRS. Ben Franklin was wrong.

    2. +Lei P I agree with you. There is a need for public services and a need for taxes. Our current system is insane and de facto slavery though. We need a Tobin tax ( .1 percent on all trades of financial instruments). It would pay for everything and eliminate the need for income tax, property tax and other types of oppressive taxes.

  7. So true. Governments are nothing but disgusting criminal parasites. If they don’t stop stealing (taxation) voluntarily, then they should simply be killed so that humanity can move forward.

  8. The problem with “standing up like a man and declaring your independence against government and taxes” as Jeff said…would be the fact that the other slaves of government will be deployed to attack you. I wish Jeff would have given better advice on how to protect yourself from the zombie government slaves like the people that work for the IRS, FBI, CIA, and other agencies. If you check the box on your w4 stating I do not expect to owe any taxes this year or the next…the IRS will trick your employer and or local law enforcement into attacking you and punishing you. Also if you own your own business following..Jeff’s advice will trigger the government henchmen against you as well, and most likely you will lose even more freedom. We are mentally enslaved and also enslaved by our own neighbors. If you have children you are entrenched even further into the system.

    1. Meme Kingpin If u are a low enough iq to require an employer what would u expect. U are already dot King on thirds. Imposdible to exit that matrix. Self employed and someone sends a 1099 trash it fo not live in sny city or municipalities. These are in the matrix. Buy used things not new when posdible

  9. This is straight out of the biblical book of Exodus. When God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to “let my people go” Pharaoh replied with the same strategy that the so called elite use today. He basically said, “You people (slaves) are to idle. You have to much time to listen to these messages of liberation and freedom. (Messages coming from God through his spokesman Moses) Your work load will be increased so that you won’t have time to listen to and believe these dangerous messages of liberty. Pharaoh said it twice. You are far to idle he said. A slaves thoughts and desires for freedom, especially coming via messengers from the legitimate Lord and ruler (Our creator and saviour Jesus Christ) is the greatest danger to the illegitimate lords and rulers. That’s why their greatest hatred is toward legitimate Jews and Christians. There is a lot of legitimates and illegitimates in this world. Believe the good news of the Gospel. The elite of this word hate the legitimate Supreme ruler and creator with a vengeance, and prefer the counterfeit. That’s why they are Satanists or Luciferian. They are at war with both man and God. At the appointed time, the Coming legitimate King Jesus and his kingdom will swallow the illegitimate kingdoms of this world up, like Moses walking stick that turned into a snake and swallowed up Pharaoh’s serpents. It will be accomplished when Jesus comes to complete the agonising work he did on the cross. He willingly took the sins of the world upon himself and paid the price for all who will believe. This act of indescribable love was what showed him to be the one and only legitimate lover and genuine saviour of mankind (his own creation) and his resurrection from the grave eye witnessed by hundreds, showed him to be truely Lord, the Son of God.

    1. Leon convince someone there was once a talking snake and you can convince them of anything. The government slave owners love religion because religious beliefs controls the masses and makes their job easier.

    2. No Magic Needed, if you study the Bible you’ll see a lot of stuff that is about freedom and even specifically the evil of the state through metaphor (something the Bible does a lot)

    3. mzavros also, the Bible itself is NOT religion. Yes, the powers that be created Many religions…but believing what is written in the Bible does not constitute religion.

  10. I’m 56 years old today – hurrah!!! I’ve been a teacher for 25 years – working in government indoctrination camps and have served in Her Majesty’s army as a Paratrooper. I am very proud of both these facts. I JUST WISH that I had understood better what you are saying here better before. I now encourage my own children to rethink what we have been conditioned to believe. PS I am now in the process of planning to open a ‘free’ school to help young people to get out of the Matrix and think for themselves so that they can make their own decisions and be more conscious. Thank you for this interview.

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