Tearing Down Statues: How Everything Could and Is Going Wrong in the US Empire… And How To Fix It

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40 thoughts on “Tearing Down Statues: How Everything Could and Is Going Wrong in the US Empire… And How To Fix It

  1. The next generations will have no monuments to ask their teachers about,, in this march toward Marxism. Realist T.V. isn.t the answer either, just do what you can not to help them, no matter how small.

    1. Why dont you ask the people of Venezuela what they think of Socialism?, My relatives are from Sweden, and I’ve been there, its now full of crime, everything cost a fortune, and nobodys getting anything for free by the way, 60% plus income taxes

    2. Robert Mangano Why dont you do some fucking research for a change. You know nothing of Venezuela or Socialism. Whatever has happened there, you never followed it until probably the roits broke out over there. Its been going downhill for years because of coups and false flag terrorism financed and executed by other countries. Parties have always tried to ruin Venezuela’s economy and government, and not it seems to have worked. Venezuela was never allowed to be socialist. It tried, but it never was. What you have now is basically a third world country, thanks to the US.
      You dont know whats really happening, and I think youre just in the red scare paranoia phase.
      Do some fucking real research, because your “wah wah socialism” attitude is founded on ignorance and paranoia.

    1. Not smart enough to have seen anarchy is not going to happen. People will always be fiddling in other’s lives. The question is how do we best handle this reality?

  2. Dude, this is the best video I’ve seen from you… scratch that, it is the most relative video I’ve seen, full-stop!
    Do you mind if I share this video on my channel?
    I feel this is a message that needs to be spread, it really hit home for me!
    Thank you!!!

  3. NOT ONE CONSTRUCTIVE IDEA. NOT ONE POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE. Here’s one. Eliticide. Start with 8000 bankers, 5000 lefty journalists 10,000 marxist Uni professors. Regardless of race creed or colour or orientation.

    1. Steve Trueblue having raised awareness is Critically HELPFUL. It is also VERY USEFUL to know that I am not alone in my thoughts and ideas and motivation. It is constructive to know that I am not alone nor “crazy”.

    2. JOE Vandeleur
      “A program of mass extermination is “CONSTRUCTIVE”?
      *Like err…. removing weeds is constructive. Enabling a garden to prosper and feed people*. And Its NOT mass extermination. Its highly judicious selective removal of a small toxic element Something like lancing a boil. So that a a billion white people can escape genocide by the western elites. Are you OK with that? Its the same as putting a few people in jail to protect a society ….. It works !

    3. NO the elite are intent on genociding a billion white people. I am in favour of preserving them by eliminating the small number of perpetrators. So I am the exact opposite to them. Can you understand that? Or do you need smaller words?

    4. Steve Trueblue is a mass murderer waiting to happen. Where is the FBI when you need them? You call other people Elite simply because they have a different ideology than you, and then threaten mass murder on a very public forum and expect nothing to happen to you. Can you say “White Privilege”? You are an example of what’s wrong with the USA. How are leftist journalists elite when right wing ones aren’t? Your lopsided thinking is how a man got into office who will take away your health care. If the left were all “elites” then they they don’t need health care, yet have been fighting for you to have health care. They are fighting for your well being while you try your hardest to self destruct. I tell you what though. If you want to destroy yourself threatening mass murder in public is a great start. Moron.

    5. Akindeji Hill
      Sorry I am not even American. LOL. And I dont call people elites just because they disagree with me. You are just a feeble minded troll. And its quite OK for people to discuss regicide matricide patricide fratricide genocide. Even Trollocide. They are simply discussion subjects.

  4. why are you fighting within each other, its your congress that is bought, your media that lies and the banks that take away your money. Know who the real enemy of the people are

  5. Jeff can’t decide if they’re fascists or communists. He displays a limited knowledge of history or understanding of what those terms mean.

    The truth is real simple. We are sliding back into what has historically been the predominant form of govt throughout human history. That is ARISTOCRACY. And we did do things right at one point in time. That was the 1950s and 1960s from an economic perspective.

    Jeff bashes extremists, but is an extremist himself. Extremist is never the answer. It’s about finding the correct balance. That being said, Jeff is right about a lot of what he’s says, but his causes and solutions are a little off.

  6. Race is used as a diversion from the real issues – facism and communist social engineering since 1964. The far left doesn’t want the alt-right to speak, because they will reveal truths about people behind the scenes using government and the media to carry out their plots. The alt-right is not correct on everything, but they will say things that will end up on the internet that will wreck things for those plotting behind the scenes, using their resources and government to carry out their socialist, racist, and sexist agendas. There’s a reason why youtube is censoring.

  7. This is an epic video Mr Berwick, everything said needed to be said and I can’t imagine it being said better than that. I am downloading it to repost if it gets censored. You are a true leader for change.

  8. “In real life we now have black people who were never slaves fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats and blaming it all on Trump.” Couldn’t agree more… It really sounds like a South Park scenario… it’s frightening!!!

    1. That whole line was oversimplified propaganda for people who like catchy sayings. First of all almost all of the Antifa people are white, so this isn’t a black vs white issue at all. Thanks Jeff for confusing the issue more. You really should take a break from blogging and do some deep soul searching because you have lost it my friend.

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