The Battle And Future Of Bitcoin In Jeopardy – Jeff Berwick On We Are Change

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Topics include: The Bitcoin 2x fork, segwit, and the Bitcoin Cash Fork, who owns Blockstream? Bilderberg Chairman involved, high fees on purpose? an attempt to destroy Bitcoin? The sudden rise in Bitcoin Cash, is it the real Bitcoin? forum censorship to exclude Bitcoin cash, a war for the future of Bitcoin, a battle to control the money, government and media control, some good people supporting Bitcoin Cash, Anarchapulco and Cryptopulco 2018!

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39 thoughts on “The Battle And Future Of Bitcoin In Jeopardy – Jeff Berwick On We Are Change

  1. Just use segwit addresses if you want cheap transactions. Core is so much more than Blockstream, and I would by 100x happier trusting core than the Chinese Bitmain conglomerate and Roger Ver.

  2. Increasing Blocksize is not a long term solution due to data bloat however, it would ease congestion plus… lower fees would attract new users and thus grow the user base. Cores inability to compromise is hurting the brand. They have the ability to unite bitcoin with a temporary (time locked) upgrade to 2MB until second layers solutions are available. But it’s their way or the high way.

    1. +Andrew Best! Exactly, there is no way to scale without segwit. Now, compare that to the fact that jihan has used fear as his primary tool all along. he is a fucking sociopath.

    2. “Segwit propaganda?” please losing braincells. cant wait till Lightning Network is launched and all of you bcash fools will be regulars on /r/buttcoin wishing you had never listened to people like jeff berwick and held your bitcoin.

    1. Its a pattern. High profile BTC advocates destroying their reputations by spouting what is clearly nonsense (Ver, Andreesen, Berwick are examples). These people are smarter than that. It makes me wonder.

    1. Totally agree. I’m a big on BTG. I hope the mining community will follow it and keep it alive because a BTC that is centralized by the mining companies is not what it stands for

  3. The pump and dump over the past weekend is a great example that bitcoin cash is a centralized coin. When it crashed from 2500 to 1100 within minutes, the pumpers were profiting greedily from average joes. If a centralized coin controlled by a group of corporate miners can succeed in destroying bitcoin, then the whole crypto space will be in jeopardy!!!

  4. This is a no-brainer! BTC should be used as a long term store of value. Litecoin, Dash and others can be used for day to day currency. Roger Ver is a controlling, manipulative cuck. Enough with these ridiculous forks that distract everyone and confuse newbies! BTC all the way!

  5. Jeff shilling for BTrash. So sad. I used to think you knew what you’re talking about, but apparently you’ve been sucked into the Cult of Judas, Wu and the Fake Satoshi. Disappointing you’re aligning with these scammers.

  6. Jeff go Watch Andreas Antonopoulos explain why larger blocks do not solve the problem. The Video is called, “Delivering Liberty, at Scale” and was published on his YT channel on October 21st. 2017 Larger blocks do not solve the problem. Segwit does. Give yourself 30 mins to understand why and it will be clear why larger blocks are only a band-aid solution/temporary fix. Segwit has the correct idea. Just watch the video and you will understand the reason why.

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