The Bitcoin Group #123 – Bitcoin Rises & Falls, Exchanges Unavailable, and Blockchain Blockchain

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Gabriel D Vine ( )
Tone Vays ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( ).


Bitcoin plunges as much as 20 percent as Chinese yuan soars

Battered bitcoin slides another 12 percent after China warning

Coinbase Traffic Issue

Coinbase Core Devs?

Coinbase Seg Wit

Goldman Sachs Blockchain

Bitcoin Will Never Be a Currency—It’s Something Way Weirder

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36 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #123 – Bitcoin Rises & Falls, Exchanges Unavailable, and Blockchain Blockchain

    1. It’s not difficult to understand, even with someone of your diminished
      mental faculties. Hillary is part of the establishment. Blockstream is
      funded by establishment corporations to cripple and degrade Bitcoin’s
      potential for as long as they can.

    1. Dude stop you are not making any sense here.
      Your side endorses which hunts censorship via thought police like yourself,
      attempts to mute discussion, is central, and thinks they are an authority
      on all manners and are tyrants. IT is your side that is hurt and lashing
      out attacking handicap kids in the name of being against trump, good job!
      You are not bitcoin.

    2. Yes that is what you are doing. What you do is come over and just shout out
      words. Tyrannnyyy Fasho! , Freedom ,you no good, Freedom. there is zero
      arugment you just spout out words and are lashing out becuase

      you are losing

    3. Go support more anti trump people that like to beat up people and take
      hanicap people hostaage , start there, oh wait, you are in denial and would
      rather play keyboard SJW here where you feel good. Ok good job, thanks you
      have really changed my mind.

  1. One of the best shows in a very, very long time IMO. Great show gents. I
    actually really loved Gabe’s timeline analogy near the end comparing the
    early internet yrs & telco’s to today’s blockchain cos. & how they were
    rendered irrelevant within ~5 yrs, hence 18 more mths for the current
    irrelevant blockchain cos.

    1. Thanks man, I’m planning to do a Monero video in the near future, i like it
      way more way more than any other coin (along with Litecoin) I just don’t
      see them as being viable unless Bitcoin implodes which would be bad for
      everyone and the ecosystem.

    1. haha, thanks… if I start working for a contract again, means i’m doing
      something wrong in this bitcoin space :)… BTC in escrow and you’re good
      to go…. PS: I do not get paid to do the bitcoin group, just happy to be a
      part of it and being invited back

  2. (1) It was strange Tone did not mention CYN fiat value against bitcoin
    value, track this graph and you will see the BTC is the inverse of CYN. As
    Chinese fiat currency has been devaluing BTC price has been increasing.

    (2) You do not think people buying any alt coin using bitcoin increases
    bitcoin price. Most people buy BTC to buy there altcoin..

    (3) You people forget bitcoin history because you was not there, the
    original holders of bitcoin where gamers, Gamer are used buying game
    credits (eg second life) This was one of the first internet money until BTC
    came along… people where doing exchanges in this currency before BTC.

    (4) Do people buy phone credit with fiat , game credits ? It dumb to say
    BTC is the only internet money around..

    (5) Keep on advertising ethereum, more you people FUD the more it will be

    1. Hi,
      1. Yes, you can look at the old trading shows and we talk about the
      relation of CNY and BTC
      2. Where is there some kind of trackable way to show most people buy
      altcoins with bitcoin? It doesnt add up in volume and market cap.
      3.Indeed there was internet money, but it lacked a blockchain and proof of
      4. Who said bitcoin is the only internet money?
      5. Is pointing out major technical, economical and community issues that
      are also admited to be problems by the ETH community “FUD”? I do not think

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