The Bitcoin Group #126 – Bitcoin Crackdown, Thank You China, Satoshi Who & The Wall

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Tone Vays ( )
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Stricter Bitcoin Regulation, Ban on Mixers Recommended at Interpol, Europol Conference

Bitcoin Lovers, Thank Beijing

Bitcoin is Abuzz With New Satoshi Nakamoto Rumors

The Wall between US and Mexico May Work out Well for Bitcoin

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28 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #126 – Bitcoin Crackdown, Thank You China, Satoshi Who & The Wall

  1. You should also check out the Las Vegas guy (Robert Kahre) who was paying
    his contractors in American silver and gold eagles, whose legal tender
    values were $1 and $50 respectively, but whose precious metal value was
    much higher. The court case calls into question what is the definition of a
    dollar. The government likes to be able to define it however it benefits
    them and their court case the most.

  2. It is rubbish to say that Hillary supporters, or anyone who would be
    against the rich/globalists/industrialists/capitalists, say that anyone who
    is rich is a criminal. It is right to say that anyone who didn’t earn the
    money themselves, through their own work and sweat, but “earned” that
    wealth through exploitation of other working people, that have created the
    wealth through their work and productivity, that didn’t earn that money
    fairly… and this is 100% true.

    To earn something means you must have done some work yourself, put your own
    effort and time to create wealth.

    Sport people earned their money (if they get really good and earned lot of
    money through prise and advertising) because they have put lot of time and
    effort, and lot of times their own money, to get there they are.

    People that invent something that everyone wants, are also the kind of
    people that have earned that wealth as they have again put in time and
    effort to invent something, this also lot of times needs their own money to
    be invested into the product that they invented.

    Now people that do not earn the money themselves are those that simply own
    (through inheritance or other means) some business. This means in reality,
    these people are simply in possession of the business and everything that
    people actually working in that business… the actual wealth created by
    their work… and not the owners work. Owning something doesn’t mean you
    earned what’s being produced. As much as people that are hired by the owner
    need a job to EARN a living, the owner also needs these people to work for
    him to be productive. Workplace without the working people is useless, it
    doesn’t exist.

    Therefore it is the working people that generate all the wealth in business
    place, and not the owner. If the owner, say in some smaller business, still
    actually keeps a job, and comes to work and does add to the productivity of
    the workplace, then that owner did in fact contribute to the wealth
    created, and he therefore did earn portion of the wealth created… but the
    key word phrase here is, “…earned PORTION of the wealth…”

    Do people see now how richest people, simply owning, the global
    corporations, actually didn’t contribute to ANY of the wealth created…
    all of the wealth created was created by the working class people. But the
    working class people have never benefited from their productivity… only
    the capitalist owner did.. and this is not just or fair, but is legal…
    because the system itself is set up to work in the capitalist favour.

    1. +Ed your comments contain arbitrary judgments and your own moralism. We
      don’t decide many things which are foundational from your perspective – for
      example, whether someone’s earnings were earned according to our own
      expectations. You have assumed a dictator – yourself. You’ve also made a
      classic lefty error which is devaluing the naturally longer term
      perspectives of investors and employers, and ignoring the risks they incur,
      and also ignoring the benefits accrued by workers who are alleviated
      (freed) of having to manage the same. That’s important to understand from a
      sustainability standpoint. You also seem to misconstrue capitalism as just
      another mandatory club, competing against communism. It’s not. Birds and
      beavers join no such club in order to accrue their own capital. These and
      other errors subsequently compound in your conclusions. I think any who are
      skeptical of what you have posted and want to know the mechanics could
      start by reviewing the concept of negative rights, take some Austrian
      economics with a heavy dose of Hoppe, and touch on r / K selection theory
      including its political implications.

    2. Ed wow, nice communist manifesto…I wonder if you ever owned a business
      because I do…I pay my workers minimum wage, and many have quit over time.
      if current ones complain too much they will get fired. and if by some
      miracle New Jersey lowered minimum wage laws, I would lower their salaries
      same day. You will have no idea why that is so I’ll tell you. my business
      is 3 years old and I have made NO money from it. every day I think about
      shutting it down and losing half my savings I put into it (half my saving 3
      years ago that is cause right now it would be 80%+ of my savings as I’ve
      used the rest to live on while paying people minimum wage). so I keep the
      business going to avoid that initial loss and it is slowly picking up (and
      by the way, I actually do almost nothing as I am almost never there)…even
      if it becomes profitable to the tune of $50k+ per year into my pocket it
      will take at least 5 years of me pocketing that money to make up for the
      initial investment, the risk i took on and all the opportunity loss of
      making money in other ways during all that time (like buying Bitcoin
      instead). hence my 2-3 employees will continue making minimum wage even if
      they see me take home $100k and if they don’t like it and complain, they
      are fired… I’m sure you will see me as exploiter of workers but that is
      because you have never ran a small business and only read old books from
      Marx, Lenin, Mao and Castro.

  3. If the Feds want to put you behind bars then they will put you behind bars.
    They will find a reason no matter what you do with your Bitcoins. I hate to
    break it to you Tone but the pro-Bitcoin rhetoric coming out of your month
    is sure to make you public enemy #1 if Bitcoin is truly the money of

    1. live injection I may be be public enemy number 1 to both Gov’t & Bitcoiners
      but neither one will be able to tie me to amy Bitcoin activity…I might be
      scamming all of you by just talking BS and never owning more than a single
      Bitcoin at any point in life…my point is that no one should know (and
      especially prove) how much you have.

  4. @Tone Martyn Skhreli is amazingly nonsense person. There is not a single
    bone for sympathy in his body. Trump is another such shithead. He may or
    may not raise prices for drugs for other countries. But lets not forget
    that there are other manufacturers of drugs around the world who reserve
    right to duplicate the drug and sell it to 3rd world country. US can
    regulate 3rd world countries selling those drugs in USA but USA can not
    regulate sales happening in other countries.

  5. Monitoring the border with only surveillance is stupid ~ instead of having
    a relatively flat cost barrier to solve the issue, you’re relying on
    extremely expensive surveillance technology which has recurrent costs.
    After 10 years assuming it’s effective, it would have ran up trillions to
    maintain. Why do that when you can spend 10 billion (or nothing if Mexico
    pays) and then only have to pay for the staff to man/secure it? Just
    because we live in a technological world doesn’t mean physical solutions
    aren’t sometimes better x)

  6. I disagree bitcoin itself can be regulated, The only thing can be regulated
    is fiat legal currency. So go buy your socks at overstock and let overstock
    worry about regulations on their side.

  7. @Tone: It’s not the socialists that want to control Bitcoin, it’s the
    capitalists. Even Satoshi himself seems a socialist because he invented
    Bitcoin after the financial crisis in 2008 when the people had to bail out
    the banks and other capitalists because they created a bubble by repacking
    debt. He created Bitcoin to counter that. We often agree Tone, but not on
    this one.

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