The Bitcoin Group #130 – Bitcoin All Time High – CloudBleed – Miners and Regulation

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Tone Vays ( )
Blake Anderson ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Bitcoin hits 3-year peak, nears record high on U.S. ETF approval talk

Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster

Chinese Bitcoin Miners Migrate to Sichuan Province

Bitcoin players join hands to regulate Indian cryptocurrency mkt

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20 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #130 – Bitcoin All Time High – CloudBleed – Miners and Regulation

    1. Gotcha… Yea I definitely don’t trust them either. “rebranding” a bunch of time to distance themselves from the instamine. I don’t necessarily think it’s fully a scam and it does have potential but I think Duffield set himself up to be insanely rich and I’m not ok with that.

  1. Eventual ETF insturment approval more a question of when rather than if at this point. And if not one of the 4x ETFs pending SEC approval it will likely be a similar state approved insturment in another guess japan 😉

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