The Bitcoin Group #131 – Satoshi Patents, Bitcoin All Time High, Bitcoin Unlimited and VC ICO

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Tone Vays ( )
Gabriel D Vine ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Reuters: Self-Proclaimed 'Satoshi' Craig Wright Still Seeking Bitcoin Patents

Bitcoin value tops gold for first time

Gavin Andresen: “Run Bitcoin Unlimited” To Solve “Destructive Congestion”

Venture Capital Fund to Become First to Issue Own Digital Tokens

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29 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #131 – Satoshi Patents, Bitcoin All Time High, Bitcoin Unlimited and VC ICO

  1. why does Tone insist on having his video on , we know the feed sucks with it on. We know your on the Beach Tone you don’t need to keep on reminding us .

    1. ego…
      what he may not realize is, he’s involved with a scammer.
      Jeff Berwick has a ‘business’ where he promises to acquire residency papers for clients, charges many thousands. A large backlog of clients have received NOTHING.
      Research “Dollar Vigilante scam”

  2. I think Tone Vays needs to chill, and the reason for his NON STOP RANT was because he got spanked by Roger Ver when they had a debate. I think he even knows he was out matched and even though i don’t agree with most of Roger Ver and BU push.

  3. I think Tone Vays head is getting way to BIG for his own good. Does anyone notice the Tone of his voice (no pun intended) he just coming off very arrogant.

  4. Tone is entirely out of touch with anything other than Bitcoin, and he thinks he can judge FUD when he hears it, or when he invites it on his show? Pathetic how little he grasps his limits.

    1. HOW TO RUN A FULL NODE: Download and install the latest version of Bitcoin Core.
      Wallet version: 0.13.1 and 0.13.2 will signal SEG WIT.

      Once you have Bicoin Core wallet up and running all you have to do is…..
      OPEN (or in otherwords “FORWARD”) PORT: 8333 on your router or modem.

      This will all depend on your make and model of router or modem. You will have to “Google” your make and model of router or modem and find out how to “FORWARD PORTS” or… contact your router or modem manufacturer and ask them how to “FORWARD PORTS on your model of router or modem.
      More info:

      Core wallet is caped at 8 connections. Once PORT: 8333 on your router or modem is open, you will start to connect to more nodes and process more transactions (depending on your bandwith, internet speed and processer speed)
      More info:

      NOTE: You do not need “Bitcoin Demon” unless you are solo mining to your fullnode. Also, you do not need “bitcoins” in your wallet to run a fullnode. Run it with a Zero balance if you like.

  5. Bitcoin will be like gold or a blue chip company, a good place to store value in the long run that will just increase over time and no need to worry to much about transaction time. Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum or others like it on the other hand looks like a perfect day to day ttransaction and speculitive electronic currency. Both have a Vital role to play. The key is to be able to easily exchange between the two (or more). If you need funds from you nest egg to your day to day use or vice versa.

  6. The irony of Chris Ellis later on advocating fact-checking almost knocked me out of my chair… Fact-checking Tone Vays and Gabriel would be a full time job, between the two of them they’re almost incapable of performing an entire segment without making at least one very substantive factual error. I thought about actually producing a minute-by-minute set of corrections, but then I realized that isn’t my job! Just as a teaser here, for example, what Tone Vays says about Antpool blocks is completely made up. Like literally completely. Look it up. I don’t even have a clue where he gets that from, other than maybe he’s confusing the fact that they occasionally mine empty blocks in the rare case they find PoW before validation? Or maybe he was told that by Bitfury? (Tone appears to have zero skepticism whatsoever of any of Bitfury’s claims).

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