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Gabriel D Vine ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
Jeffery Jones ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


SEC Rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, Sending Price Tumbling

Bitcoin Price Spikes Above $1,300 as ETF Decision Nears

You Really Should Run a Bitcoin Full Node: Here's Why

Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold

Antpool is Now Mining with Bitcoin Unlimited

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33 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #132 – Bitcoin ETF Denied, Fullnodes, Better than Gold, Bitcoin Unlimited

    1. Ethereum is owned, you are not free if you have a Master.
      You chose money over freedom, we party on a 15% drop cos we love freedom more than money.
      Happy Days, ETF DENIED

    2. Ethereum maybe $20, but it will never get 24mBTC again.
      So it depends on the asset class you compare aganst.
      I didn’t get in on the ETH ICO but i was an early miner. I closed my position 36 hours before the DOA hack happend at 24mBTC on the ETH, nice! It sure did fatten my BTC wallet.
      So I love ethereum, but would never hold it again. Way too scamy!

  1. Tone says it right. BTC is permission-less, why would you want to be in a regulated environment. Gold/Silver has been manipulated by Wall Street. Why would anyone want a BTC ETF.

  2. Wow, that’s a shock. Tone is so informed on crypto that it’s a surprise when he’s obviously uninformed on the Gold and Silver price fixing by the banksters. This is no longer conspiracy theory. There are many news stories about their rigging and even transcripts of chat sessions where the banksters were laughing as they used naked short selling to breaking stops traders had set and thus force further selling.

  3. Serious agency working 4 years studying a way to have bitcoin regulated, got to the conclusion that bitcoin cannot be regulated. Guess that’s good news, isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Magnus Skog you just have to properly run it with port 8333 open, there are directions on the web and it should be easy to google. I will also put up a video when I set mine up soon. I’m sure Chris has an old video somewhere on WCN as well

    2. Tone, there are other things to consider, I.E Bandwith. The node will hog all the bandwith so you cant do other stuff on your connection to your ISP,

      People need good training videos to teach them how to mannage such issues. Also, Hard Drive size, Chris knows how to make your node only keep the last 12months of Blocks, This means we could get smaller and older machines running as full nodes and signaling SEGWIT and supporting the network. People need training, if enough people lobby Chris he may do some training vids covering issues like, Bandwith, storage space, OS, port forwarding, small scale lotto solo mining to defend the network. All important! But all beyond most people although they may already have the equipment.

      Tone and Chris in a video would be the way to go. I will donate $10 worth of BITCON, im sure others will too.

      To sum up, We want to see, Chris Ellis teach Tony Vays (on video) how to run a SEGWT FULL NODE on an old $50 Windows laptop, with limited storage, limited bandwith, and maybe an small USB stick miner doing the BTC LOTTO

  4. Fantastic News People, ETF Denied!

    MESSAGE TO CHRIS ELLIS: Get some training videos up for running FULL NODES.
    I have ASICs pointing at F2pool, I also run a SEGWIT FULL NODE in Windows 7 on a HP DL-380 (G5) Server in the South West of Britian.
    Many people have old mining gear kicking around being un-used because it is not efficent enough to currently use for mining. So… LIKE TONE implies… we need people that can run a SEGWIT FULL NODE and point their ASICs at their own nodes at short notice, in order to defend the network from BU. Will you do your bit by putting out training videos? Thank you Chris.

    I was involved in rallying miners together in order to maintain the old chain on the ETHEREUM network. Right after the fork I (greenuser) was solo mining what is now called ECT. We need to be ready to MINE for SEGWIT and defend the BITCOIN NETWORK. Chris, please help.

    And BTW people, we need far more Women in Bitcoin : )

    1. Hi good post . You run a mine in cornwall ! Would you a have a rough idea of a cost to set up from start to actually be able to run at profit assuming you already had internet connection .i could suggest it to a few friends that are pc based and I believe mined a few yrs ago but like many let it pass them by and dropped out the game not realising that we would be where we are today ! . Thnks ✌️

    2. Women will come when they are ready. Generally women are more risk averse than men so it makes sense that this speculative space remains dominated by men. Forcing the issue will only bring incompetence to the space.

    3. @Paula Green “And BTW people, we need far more Women in Bitcoin : )” — Why? Not that I am for or against it., but I don’t see why would it matter. It’s not like women can’t be in bitcoin, they apparently just choose not to. What about non-atheist? people of color? disabled?
      Why is it if something is male dominated it’s considered “bad”, i don’t see men complaining about how women dominate education and healthcare. I also notice how women don’t have a problem with industries like mining,logging,construction,sanitation, to name a few, being dominated by men…i notice women don’t complain about how Selective Service is 100% men..

  5. @theonevortex You repeated a misconception that AntPool’s hashrate is down. It’s their percent of total hashrate that is down. Their hashrate is up. It’s an important distinction.

    1. I’m not denying that. But thinking this is a 40 yr plan to keep the gold price down to control the world is the conspiracy. it’s also ridiculous. Just because wall street has the power to crash the price of gold by 5 cents on average in the afternoons for 5 years does not mean it’s anything other than making 5 cents per OZ on X number of OZs that day…. worked once, try it twice, etc.

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