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Is a Mining Manufacturer Blocking SegWit to Benefit from ASICBOOST?

Electronics Retailer Bic Camera Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Completes Reimbursing Customers For 2016 Hack Losses

Soon You’ll Be Able to Buy and Sell System Resources P2P With Bitcoin

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25 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #136 – ASICBoost – Japan accepts Bitcoin – BFX Coin – Distributed Rendering

  1. All the more reason to #UASF segwit in bitcoin… Miners should never be allowed to vote on anything that in the moment is in their best interest to block or drag their feet on… I think we should have #UASF and Miner voting but the latter should be used only when the proposals have nothing to do with the bottom line of the miners!

    As far as Roger is concerned… I think he was used… He’s an emotional guy and emotions make you vulnerable to manipulation… I think he honestly believed he had an alley in Wu but now I think he’s in shock! His silence speaks louder than any words!

  2. Roger Ver, has tweeted since the ASICBOOST news. He completely ignored it though and had some dumb comment about micro-payments and buying coffee.

  3. i disagree with the selling pressure from payment processor. 1. You cant spend what you dont have. so at the opposite end the buying pressure will always counter balance. 2. You dont go spend more fiat money just because you can, you spend for your needs. same thing apply for hodlers, if you need to use btc, you will buy it. i think the worry of hodlers will sell just because there a way to spend is foolish

  4. Agreed that the idea they patented it means they wanted a advantage… even if for a short term… That is not the idea of bitcoin.. the original idea was a equal playing field.. Also the ASICboost idea brings up a considerable concern.. a secure system cant be gamed… if it relies on random number generations and that actually can be gamed, it needs to be addressed because it is a security concern. The loophole must be plugged.

    1. So even if they released this open source, dropped the patent etc. , so all asic producers could integrate it for efficiency.. it brings up a security concern.. it is a security loophole.. it has to be plugged.. The point of bitcoin is all out security.. If it is gamble it has to be killed, end of story..

    1. Hooked by the Bix conjecture – sure there are reasons that lead him to make this guess which he then sells as truth. Who knows maybe Greenspan did influence the cypherpunks consideration of economic models

  5. A lot of people on forums have said mining on antpool with their new antminer gives them better output. I know mine does… Could be that asic boost at work…

  6. I guess now we will find out which miners use asic boost. Any miner not signaling SegWit within the time it takes to implement (30 days?) must be asic boosting. Right?

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