The Bitcoin Group #138 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin – Bitfinex Troubles – Billionaire Invests

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Tone Vays ( )
Theo Goodman ( )
Chris Ellis ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Cocaine, Women and Crime Bosses: How Onecoin Became One of the Biggest Scams in Crypto History

Crypto Criminal Josh Garza Pleads Guilty

Update: Bitfinex has been temporarily suspended from the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index

Spreads Widen at Bitcoin Exchanges Amid Bitfinex Banking Issues

Billionaire says he has 10% of his money in Bitcoin and Ether

India May Recognize Bitcoin Before Summer And Tax It

Coincheck and Hirosaki City Partner on Bitcoin Donation Project To Save Cherry Blossom Trees

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25 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #138 – Onecoin, Paycoin, Scamcoin – Bitfinex Troubles – Billionaire Invests

    1. LoL seriously this dude……. salty bitcoin fanboi101. Ethereum isn’t a scam, isn’t a OneCoin and is what the worlds web3.0 will be built upon. G.G.

    2. I can almost guarantee that Kip Jacobs holds near his entire crypto portfolio in eth so feels the need to attack people who dont share his views on it

    1. I believe it was in an episode of BU, you two discussed judging strangers by their actions and friends/relatives by their intent. I have no way of knowing your intent. Did you dump because I did hear the pump?

  1. Agree with tone on coindesk price index. Coindesk needs to add back in and delineate with an asterisk like they do on baseball cards or olympians that set records using performance enhancing drugs…some sort of hover over that details reason for classification.

  2. Its time for SpinCoin franchised studios which generate their own power for hashing or keeping the lights on during shtf moments like these. Spinners get a great workout and earn their own coins as they sustain the crypto currency.

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