The Bitcoin Group #139 – Antbleed, All Time High, Cloud Mining, South Korea $5M Hack

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Tone Vays ( )
Jeffrey Jones ( )
Jimmy Song ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Antbleed Bug

Bitcoin and Ether prices hit all-time high

Roger Ver Plans Cloud Mining Project After Bitcoin Unlimited’s Sudden Crash

South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Suffers $5 Million Hack, Issues Bitfinex-Like Tokens

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19 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #139 – Antbleed, All Time High, Cloud Mining, South Korea $5M Hack

  1. Tone, as much as I enjoy watching your videos and respect your technical analysis ability, I must disagree with you on alts. Alts, collectively have an important role to play for bitcoin. They stabilize bitcoin. Imagine if all these new funds went into bitcoin alone, bitcoin would be in a massive bubble, which would not be healthy.
    Think of the alts as an overflow tank for bitcoin. We all know that bitcoin gets pumped and dumped. So when bitcoin is in a dump cycle the funds go into alts instead of fiat, and then back into bitcoin, and in the process the alts themselves grow. I believe that this is a healthy system.

    1. I’m ok with that, my point has always been that every individual Alt is a scam other than Litecoin and perhaps Monero. I never have a problem with people that admit they are only holding these also (or trade these alts) to get more Bitcoin. My problem is always people that think Alt X is better than Bitcoin and are convincing Newbs that Alt X is better than Bitcoin. These people are either Scammers (knowingly or unknowings) or just plain Morons.

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