The Bitcoin Group #146 – UAHF – Price Tumbles – Coinbase Freeze – Dennis Rodman

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Game of Bluffs? With UAHF, Bitcoin Scaling Becomes Digital 'Missile Crisis'

Bitcoin Tumbles Most in More Than Two Years After Record Run

Coinbase Disables Account for Ross Ulbricht Legal Campaign

Dennis Rodman just gave Kim Jong Un ‘The Art of the Deal.’ And it may be a genius move.

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32 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #146 – UAHF – Price Tumbles – Coinbase Freeze – Dennis Rodman

    1. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” ― George W. Bush

    1. Tone Vays Bro, I like you, have a lot riding on bitcoin and have first class dreams. I know you have a lot more to contribute beyond concern about the crisis du jour. Aside from your technical expertise there has to be more in you’re experience that will convince investors why to invest from a wall street perspective. There are enough techies to debate the scaling. Bitcoin will survive and go forward. Our dreams are not in danger.

  1. NO Tone! “YOU” need consumer protections aka “YOU” believe in trading liberty for the facade of security provided by government overlords….you just lost a follower. “

  2. 8:34: BITMAIN is around 80% of market absorbtion. When you look at the large “farms”, they are all running S9s, unless they build the miners and don’t sell them – such as BitFury [BIP148] and BW [BIP9]. There is a lot of hash power there.

    EDIT: Does anybody know who wrote BIP148 and how long it took to write?

    1. BIP148 is a coup to force the other 70% of the network to flag support for BIP9 (segwit). Something they have refused to do (wisely I believe, but it’s not about me, it’s about Bitcoin as a whole) for the last 2 years. As for “who” wrote it? Just my suspicion here, but given the effects it will have on Bitcoin txs (and the way it has been “forcibly” introduced to a few altcoins) , I’d give it a 99.99999% probability that it was written by a current/former Goldman Sachs (or insert other international legacy finance interest) employee, a current/former employee for the Federal Reserve, a former/current member of the Federal Government of the US, or a proxies/employees for the same.

      Effectually (ie if you strip away all of the names of people/politics/bullshit) BIP148 will be an “in your face” 51% attack by “malicious government/private actors” as described by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin White Paper.

    2. Frank Dashwood Wow! That’s an interesting perspective. I agree that no matter which way you fall on how to scale this shows a massive vulnerability. I go back and forth, but I see BIP148 as an exposure to a large weakness. We’ll see what happens.

      EDIT: BitFury is “blockchain” more and than Bitcoin. SegWit will help with their health initiative. I wonder why people have not been asking them about it. I guess BITMAIN is easier to hate because they are bigger. Your theory is plausible, which even if not true is something to think about.

  3. The longer this goes on the more I think UASF is going to hurt bitcoin because now we know somebody can put a bug, get some miners and a threaten to take people’s money. This is worse than banks! Either way it goes … UASF has ruined bitcoin. Now we know bitmain can put a bug, mine it, and undo people’s transactions due to the fact that BitFury has already done it with UASF. In any case, bad actors.

    1. Everything you just said is nonsense, where did you get this info? did someone make you believe this or did you come to this conclusion on your own?

  4. and to buy things, just download the wirex app , send off for a visa card, send your bitcoin to the wirex app, tansfer ( in app ) from bitcoin to which currency you want, (price now locked in to currency) and buy anything you want on amazon, because they’re now recieving your currency. or simply go to the atm and draw out the cash.

  5. What a mindless circlejerk Bitcoin has become. If you have to resort to ” Game Theory” it shows how little you understand about human behavior. Grow up, learn about the necessity of compromise in life and go with 2x.

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