The Bitcoin “Magic Money” Documentary Has Just Been Released

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29 thoughts on “The Bitcoin “Magic Money” Documentary Has Just Been Released

  1. Bitcoin is much more mature mow, it just shook off a massive China crackdown on exchanges, so the volume is switching to peer-to-peer trading, as originally intended. Price keeps rising no matter what, now over $1050. Honey badger don’t care what central powers try to do to kill it.

  2. Took me a while to come around to bitcoin. Gold,silver and bitcoin are allies. They are the twin towers of destruction of fiat currency. It going to be the biggest transfer of wealth in our lifetime when all the fiat currencies around the world start failing into hyperinflation.

  3. What is Bitcoin? It is a dangerous merger of money, technology and spying : Bitcoin / Blockchain. It’s promoted as the solution to the failing financial system we live in today. But Bitcoin / Blockchain is not a solution to the collapsing financial system and the failed institutions (banks, corporations, etc.), because this IS the new world financial order created by the elites, the bankers and the corporations in their attempt to create one world currency. MR ROBOT (financed by USA Network, owned by NBC Universal, owned by COMCAST) promotes it covertly, the WARBURG family promotes it overtly and very aggressively (Bettina Warburg, see Ted Talks) as well as GOLDMAN SACHS (See blockchain video on GoldmanSachs youtube channel). Why? Because if you couple it with the disappearing of physical money + bail-ins + capital controls + “snooper charter”-like laws, you have full spectrum financial dominance over 7 billion people. 

    Bitcoin also bears the classic tells of a psyop where they always try to play it off as some grassroots or underground movement in order to make everyone want it and bring in their trojan horse. They are doing the same thing with human chipping. It’s exactly what they did with Trump. It’s like toying with children for them some times. “DON’T VOTE TRUMP” ! The globalists loudly proclaimed. “He’s our sworn enemy”. What do the masses do ? Even the people who are allegedly in the truth movement ? Give them exactly what they want. 

    This Blockchain he is talking about is the perfect trackable technology, it’s the beginning of the microchipped population (not in their wrist yet, but in their wallet). They underline the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized. We don’t care about that… that’s not important. What’s important is that ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS (intimate and sensitive tings, things you are not proud of buying, pharmaceutical prescriptions, all of them) being tracked, stored and made accessible to your insurance company, to the big brother state, the police, the FBI, CIA etc. Are we really out of our minds??There are so few people that are able to see this dark reality of mass control by use of virtual money …Just watch the movie IN TIME (2011) and look how the currency (i.e. time, crypto-currency, electronic digits, etc.) was tracked in that movie… amazing… 

    The problem with bitcoin, eCoin any virtual coin and all crypto-currencies or virtual digits in the bank is that all transactions are virtual, public and ultimately traceable. Orwellianly so : “backdoor, side door” etc. We need currency that is impossible to trace, real (not virtual) and non-dependent on electricity or internet, in order to maintain some privacy and control.

    1. I value freedom and I think Blockchain is a major step forward in achieving and keeping it. Anyone with an Internet connection has a means to transact and a store of value now. Great for 2.5 billion of people without a bank account.

      Imagine a government run on Blockchain. No stealing, no human error, no corruption, no emotion involved. What do we have now? You pay taxes and it feels like throwing money into a black hole.

      And stop with the transactions are public nonsense. It’s a feature not a bug.

  4. Strange that the actor playing “Max Wright” in this trailer is actually an internet marketer named Ryan Higgins. Wonder why they needed to deceive? Very hypey and hokey looking film.

  5. bitcoin. just like the tech stocks in the 90s, just like real estate in the 2000’s. nothing backing it except hope n faith it will be sold tomorrow to a bigger sucjer for a higher price. physical gold and silver will emerge from obscurity and be proven to be the ultimate money!

  6. There’s definitely many upsides to bitcoin, but I’m still not sold on it as money. To me it seems to unstable (would still use it over fiat currency if I had the choice) but I’m more interested in precious metals and using platforms like goldmoney.

  7. magic Money = Shemitah
    or is it super Shemitah
    wait it’s super duper Shemitah and it’ll happen… uhhmm within the coming weeks
    of course if you pay… you’ll avoid it and make money

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  9. I watched it and STEEMED a review (@steveitt) where I picked out 10-13 things I learned from it. If was a great pitch for BTC and a great doc! I think it got the point across very well.

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