The Bitcoin Signal NOBODY is Watching Right Now

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What are the most important bitcoin signals right now, according to the charts and higher timeframes? We explain in the video.

For our new LT Elliott Waves indicator:

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74 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Signal NOBODY is Watching Right Now

    1. I hear you on that… maybe we both need to watch a vid by that one dude who was born with no arms or legs (Nick Vujicic; saw him speak once) and has a phenomenal attitude to life. It always makes me more thankful, which I’m not the best at being to be honest. Hope you have a good weekend.

  1. All these charts and indicators however these still could not tell us that there was a 100% certainty of losing ridiculously amounts of money! Thanks for that! Only people profiting now during 2018 are shorting positions and youtubers from their channel!

    1. +Timothy Brake I totally understand Timothy – many thanks and I totally understand. We have all been there. Back in the year 2000 I lost a lot of money myself in the bubble of the dotcoms! So that was a learning lesson for me too. It makes us stronger and better – and we can recover from it as better informed. many thanks.

    2. I don’t have a youtube channel, nor do I short crypto’s, but I do make short term counter-trend trades and I’m doing OK. Sure I could be doing better, but the bear market has been a great teacher. I always find Alessio’s videos informative and thought provoking and consider him to be a good market commentator. If you’ve been looking at crypto’s for more than a month, you should have done the work to establish what the signals were that would have saved your capital at the highs of last December / January and conversely, how to identify likely market bottoms or conditions for a strong bounce. Good luck – I hope you find success in 2019.

    3. Chalk it up to the best tuition you’ll ever pay! You’ve learned vastly more than 90% of recent college grads. Don’t waste it. We’re at or getting to a point in price where the masses wish they could’ve gotten in last year. This is 2015-16 BTC window all over again, just with an extra digit.

  2. I was here 4 months ago saying btc will go down to $3k levels. But alessio told us he’s still bullish.

    The fact is, btc will take time to recover. Probably a year or so..

    An asset that is based on speculation does not have fundamentals.

    1. +chris As per your message “then why are we all here listening to him or commenting. Why have thoughts or opinions at all? Maybe everyone should shut up according to you and there should be no opinions or thoughts in the world. Great idea Einstein.”
      This is how this works. You propose an idea and you back it with TA or something more tangible than a thought. As Alessio says, there are no certainties only probabilities or something to that effect. I don’t make up little stories and speculate what’s going on. It could be right or utter bullshit. You don’t know, what you do know is what is in the charts and that gives you clues. You make assessments on probabilities. If your assessment is wrong, you move on to the next setup. If you are right more than you are wrong you benefit in the long run and that is the game. People who say “X coin is going to $xx” are going to get rekt if they don’t back it up by a trade idea and hedge for that idea going the opposite way.

    2. G J Lol TA These aren’t stories. Buying and selling are behind the movements. Especially during the bitcoin cash hash wars. They happened. 4 of those guys are huge players in terms of how much BTC they hold. CSW has threatened to drag BTC down to $1000. If you think he hasn’t moved the markets over the last few weeks and that it’s all hot air….I don’t really know what to say. Good luck to you. But imo it hits 2k before 6k. You think everyone is buying BTC this Christmas like last? The overall sentiment at the moment in the space is not upbeat. Good luck to you

    3. G J TA in crypto is a bit of a joke. Almost everyone is always wrong. The volume is too low for everything except BTC. Trying to chart BTC is a bit funny as well. I check in for a good laugh here and there though.

    4. +chris Yea that could be happening and you might be right but my point is that you’ll never know for definite unless you have insider knowledge and know for certain that what you claim with proof is moving the markets. The problem is most people wont be privy to that info so you cant have an edge over everyone else. My overall point is that unless you can back something up with any kind of data it’s just rhetoric, its not to say it cant be true if you get my point. I have no idea what people will be doing at Xmas so I wont be making a decision based on what I think might happen. One of the simplest things to do is to look at the 1 day chart and see if we have made a higher high. We haven’t yet. Not this year. Unless we start making higher highs and start reversing the trend that is when I’ll get interested and possibly look to buy back in. As the old saying goes, “the trend is your friend”.

  3. usually you count 5 waves in direction of the macro trend, which is still to the upside. retracements arent counted in 5 waves but can be complex patterns which are mostly only identified at the end of a correction. can you explain why you are applying a 5 waves count here?

    1. thanks for your question. Yes it is very simple: (1) Firslty it is a known fact that in Elliott Wave theory markets TREND in 5 waves. Downtrends as well as uptrends are usually composed of 5 waves. (2) It is a matter of PERSPECTIVE and TIMEFRAME – so on a higher timeframe the downtrend may actually appear to be a correction – and it could well be. But that still means that on the LOWER timeframe we have a major trend to the downside. And (3) Even the ABC correction has a 5, 3, 5 structure – and this means you are going to have 5 waves within the A wave and also the C wave. Many thanks!

  4. The one good thing to come of this brutal bear market over this past year is it shows that no one – not you or anyone else – knows wtf is going on with the crypto markets.

    1. Hindsight is 20-20 but I would think that if you had any understanding of market cycles wish I didn’t at the time, if I were in cryptocurrency for a. Of time meaning several years then people should have known that in the purely speculative market this was going to retrace 80 to 90% of all time highs. Yet I’ve heard that one person give the advice of getting out of the market until these levels or reached.

  5. people need to stop beng so pessimistic and emotional investors. Markets go up markets go down. However there is way too much potential and the market is still too new to die. Crypto is not finished as many seem to believe. Yes wr could be a long bear market with further losses but eventually we will find a bottom. If you do your research you will see even those who are high in the SEC have stated institutional money is coming to crypto. However they are not jumping in until BTC is at a level where they know its time to pull the trigger and start buying. This will be the bottom and that’s when the big boys will come to takeover. So dont be foolish trade what you can if your an experienced trader to get more bitcoin and long term investors should be buying the dips and averaging in as the market continues dropping since predicting the bottom is difficult.

    1. John Torres everyone is expecting a $3-2.5k bounce so very likely we go much lower to shake out the rest of the hodlers in this market.. Personally I’m staying out until we get a clear trend change on the larger time-frames. I wouldn’t be surprised if we go sub $1k.

    2. Unfortunately I think $1,150 is possible. Then buy !!!!

      All next year crypto will be in the toilet. There will be plenty of time to load up.

      But it will be hard to part with cash for something so badly beaten into the ground

      Also possible that Wall Street will do everything they can to keep it down. Because they hate anything that rivales stocks

      But stocks will be taking a massive dump sometime soon anyway…..

      Here comes the pain !

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