The Bloodless (r)Evolution How Bitcoin Will Destroy Government And Central Banking

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Jeff delivers his speech at FreedomFest, topics include: statism, ridding the world of government, government does not exist, 100 years of ever increasing government oppression and reduction of freedom, Dec. 23rd 1913, inflation and money printing, dumbing down of the people, ending government tyranny, the upcoming market crash, interest rate manipulation, hyperinflation, the unstoppable role of cryptocurrencies, anarchism, creating a new system the renders the old system obsolete, the non-aggression principle, Bitcoin is a (r)evolution in money!

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56 thoughts on “The Bloodless (r)Evolution How Bitcoin Will Destroy Government And Central Banking

  1. Wishful thinking. Even if bitcoin could destroy central banking (it won’t), it still wouldn’t do a thing against the estabilishment control of media, universities, basic education, armies, etc.

    1. Bitcoin may not, but decentralized cryptocurrency, the idea, certainly will if people begin to chose freedom. Many won’t, just as some slaves with kind or tolerable masters preferred the familiar bondage to the unknown responsibilities of freedom. Decentralized currency will do to the monopoly of money what the printing press did to the monopoly of ideas (another means of a domination structure), standing armies and coercion are no match for an idea whose time has come. It cannot be uninvented. It can be slowed, sabotaged, slandered etc., but in the end all these things will only make it more resilient.

    2. You may recall that many of the Israelites, freed from Egyptian bondage, rebelled against Moses and the Lord and wanted to return to the ‘safety’ of their former masters.

    1. Silver Gold Man yes and notice the Roman leaf crown logo on his podium, same NWO institution Rothschilds work for who created and run Israel controlled by Jesuits of Rome.

    1. His speech was very good. More and more people are joining the chorus as we all begin to wake up and learn the truth. I think Jeff is in a good place.

    1. You will be told to report it and then they’ll come in on you and demand to see your transactions and if you lie then you go to jail. If we slaughtered all the FBI gents, federal judges, lawyers and politicians and just started over. We might have a better system, but we cant viral or talk our way out of this. We know what they are doing to us and we know what they have planned and we’re hoarding food but they are just going to take your food and they’re goin to take your guns

  2. Jeff had Dan Larimer on his show, and Dan said Bitcoin cant do more than 3 transactions per second, when interac can do 21k per second…long way for Bitcoin to go before its really viable in the marketplace.

    1. True, but other coins are being built that can function as digital cash, meaning quicker, cheaper and more transactions (a lot of all three is needed). It’s still a bit early to asses their solidity but it’s coming.

  3. Dude, I hate to break it to you but most people who identify themselves as “anarchists” are just punk kids that graffiti on walls and show up to protests to break windows. I wouldn’t want to be associated with them.

    1. Yes, so I’m saying allot of people who identify themselves as anarchists create chaos so I think you have a different camp of anarchist. May wanna go with a different brand.

    2. Anarchist is the wrong word to use…I think that libertarian is a better word. People don’t really wan’t anarchy, they want liberty (freedom, fairness, harmony)

  4. More likely that governments and central banks will destroy Bitcoin, it’s only being allowed to go unregulated for now because a cashless society is where they want to take us. Once their own crypto is ready to go they will cripple all the competition with legislation.

    1. As much as I hate to admit it, you are probably right. This needs to be multi pronged attack to be successful. We need to decentralize government to local democracies at the same time this happens. The attack on their form of currency will be easy in and of itself, but the attack on their real power, government, will be difficult.

      I do not have any answers on that latter part, but i will be researching and thinking until I find something to back.

  5. Cryptos may very well fix the problem with central banking, but we’re still left with Government. There will still be plenty of guys with guns ready to obey the orders of the “authorities”. I would like to think we can educate people to see that Government doesn’t exist, but I also think if we ever really started to make a dent in their power, Government would just crank the tyranny up all the way and try to wipe us out. We need to spread the message of the importance of gun ownership for self defense against the State, because at some point it will be necessary, IMHO. Get armed and get some training. I don’t think they are going away without a fight. Remember what kind of people join Government in the first place.

    1. You need to look ahead further. If cryptos wipe out central banks, where is the government going to get the money from to pay and bribe their hencemen?
      If you where a cop how long will you take orders from the government without pay. You’ll be home protecting your family like everyone else.

    2. +Brent Knowler, You need to look further back. Governments have been around a lot longer than central banking. They can just seize assets and conscript people.

    3. Government IS Slavery governments may have been around longer then central banks as we know central banks to be. But governments were always at the center of wealth distribution. So in a sense governments were the central banks of their time.

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