The Coming Collapse, Austrian Economics and Bitcoin With Jeff Berwick on Demand The Truth

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Jeff appears on Demand the Truth Podcast, topics include: the inevitable collapse of the economy, government debt, we do not have capitalism in the USA, more like fasco-communism, there is no loser in a free trade, the great blame capitalism game, reducing state power, the madness of Keynsian economics and central banks, Bitcoin vs alt-coins, protecting yourself from the inevitable collapse, historically fiat currencies have crashed, investing in yourself, the near impossibility of making a business in the US, freedom equals prosperity.

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29 thoughts on “The Coming Collapse, Austrian Economics and Bitcoin With Jeff Berwick on Demand The Truth

    1. Jeff and another investor founded GGC after awhile Jeff started distancing himself from the project, but was still involved.
      Another psychopath was collecting investment capital at a rapid rate before losing control of the project.
      Shortly after the collapse Jeff made a commitment to see investors recover what’s left.
      He hasn’t done anything and just moved on to the next project.
      The investors are slowly making some progress in the courts.

    1. Yeah the word is getting out about the flat earth. This will bring down the elite liars. Everyone will eventually see it. It’s ova for these elite rats that rule us. Check out Eric Dubay’s videos here on youtube.

  1. What happens to trade when technology makes it possible to fabricate everything locally, and machines and robots
    are doing everything, no need for workers anymore? The time is soon approaching when ‘trade’ and ‘economics’
    and ‘capitalism’ will become useless and meaning less concepts that have no valid or useful implication anymore.
    We need more ideas other than hording and enslaving others. Even bitcoin will loose it’s meaning when everything
    can be manufactured basically for free. These philosophies are good for ‘hoarders’ but will become redundant
    when there is no need for hording anymore.

  2. How is it possible to neglect basic mathematics? Yes,financial situation is hanging around, currencies are already worthless, but they are still in use due to zero interest rates.

  3. I wish Jeff would explain who would pay to run the country if there was no government? Taxes are charged by the governments to pay to run the country. Does anyone know how Jeff proposes it would be paid for?

    1. silkywizard great question. Most things would run just the way they do now, with private, mostly voluntary exchange. And the necessary functions usually entrusted to govt would be funded by insurance companies that everyone pays voluntarily. Check out this playlist:

      Law Without Government
      www youtube com/playlist?list=PLPkR2yiTWdPKnbwSdrMII8GP9s47KF498

    2. Thanks for the answer just I hear Jef always saying get rid of government but wanted to know how it would work without a government. I will take a look at the video you’re recommending I watch.

    3. +silkywizard thanks for caring. Most people are scared of the idea of law without govt, and anarchists seem to hardly ever explain it to people, which salt limits their reach.

  4. see your living up by/near the Las Brisas by the bay
    by the view of the bay out your window…. very high end real estate area and exactly where i would[will] be living when silver takes off..ha ha..

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