The Cult of Statism Is Dying, Freedom Is Winning – Jeff Berwick on Declare Your Independence

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Jeff Berwick discusses all things Anarchapulco with Ernie Hancock of Declare Your Independence on Freedom's Phoenix.

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Original interview courtesy of Declare Your Independence
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Topics include: a week of complete Anarchy, family friendly, a nude pool and a strip club, whatever will the NPC's think? freedom or danger in Acapulco, yellow vest protests, government mind control, putting the cult in culture, social media manipulation and censorship, Anarchapulco conference well known and liked in Acapulco, Anarchism in Mexico, the end of drug prohibition, the police don't bother people in Mexico, awakenings at Anarchapulco, the future of crypto, government issued crypto, spectacular growth in the liberty movement, Liberland, hey come on down to Anarchapulco.

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32 thoughts on “The Cult of Statism Is Dying, Freedom Is Winning – Jeff Berwick on Declare Your Independence

    1. The Rothschilds are Knighted Roman war bankers…Orders of St John and St Gregory. You’re being lied to right here on YouTube by ex Catholics pretending to be Christian and Masons. In your pocket a $1 the pyramid has OF MANY NATIONS A NEW WORLD ORDER in Latin. Latin is Rome and Rome only.

    2. Joseph Eckhardt ….I agree. Italians are the true Latinos…The Catholic Church was the only one powerful enough to stand up to these luciferin Talmudic Jews…The Catholic Church has been infiltrated… It’s power unfortunately has been greatly diminished. The civil rights movement was a Jewish movement (not black) One of its many goals was to break up ethnic and religious communities from bussing…..Now here we sit today in chaos..Those old ethnic and religious communities were strong and very patriarchal.. Divided and have conquered…

    1. +Muse Sumo i guess I’m just not used to seeing jeff being interviewed in this manner. I’m sure ernie’s a great guy, but maybe not the best interviewer? I’ll give it another shot, i’m sure. Maybe in small increments.

  1. HOOTERS has closed 35 locations this year, surveys of young communist in America finds large breasted, beautiful women offend women and men equally. THIS MAKES ME PUKE!!

  2. I had an AirBNB tenant from USA staying with me in Mexico and she was freaking out the first week here, thinking she was hearing gunshots like she is used to BACK HOME… But it was fireworks, that are common here in December as part of their celebrations… After a couple of weeks of getting used to the differences, she tells me she feels MUCH safer here in Mexico and is now looking at moving here full time. Don’t believe everything you read in the “mainstream” or propaganda news. Do your research and VISIT in person.

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