The Dollar vigilante on Blockchain, Bitcoin and Wirex

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Jeff is interviewed by Raphael Shalaby for Wirex. Topics include: the origins of The Dollar Vigilante, Jeff's experience as a Wirex card user, blockchain systems outside government control, being your own bank, central banking and war, unstoppable bitcoin vs the internet killswitch, attempts to outlaw bitcoin, crypto vs precious metals, SDR world currency, the coming financial collapse.

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36 thoughts on “The Dollar vigilante on Blockchain, Bitcoin and Wirex

    1. Why would you leave a balance on wirex during the transition. You could have easily pulled your money off wirex and put it in your wallet. Take some responsibility.

    1. Why would you leave a balance on wirex during the transition. You could have easily pulled your money off wirex and put it in your wallet. Take some responsibility.

    1. That’s great. I commend you for being a supportive and cooperative, and having foresight. But my chief point is, that, crypto does not NEED specific demographic, to make it “take off”.

      Secondly, that all across civilization, as a group, females ARE always considerably later to everything. As pioneering individuals, which few of them seem to have the courage to muster, they can do anything. Just their nature.

      Lastly, if you know your are an exception, let not my comments even phase you. Keep on keeping on. You’d only be bringing yourself down by classifying yourself more as a member of any particular group, than that of an individual.

  1. Wait?!?!? He uses Bitcoin!?!? I thought it was for putting in your wallet and showing to people while watching the price go up and down … [sarcasm]. It’s nice to hear others use it

  2. Mike Maloney has stated that many universities are now using his “Hidden Secrets of Money” video series in their curriculum! That is good news for exposing the demon of central banking.

    1. Bitcoin = taxation reinvented. You cannot hide on the blockchain. The beauty bitnerds rave about has them under the microscope. Taxmans job made easy.

  3. Be careful with WIREX. Their customer support sucks. You are lucky if they respond in 2-3 days. Sometimes they don’t. Fees are too high. Exchange rate to sell BTC (~ -10%) of Bitstamp. I had a feeling that they could scam their customers one day. Last but not least, 0.5 btc withdrawal 24h limit. What?? Jeff, what are you advertising?

  4. This video is kind of nuts I know all of the questions he ask Jeff because I watch him all the time. I’d probably still be a bit star struck. I’d just try and buy the guy a something to eat and BS!

  5. There are three Gold & Silver mining stocks right now the two of them are completely revolutionary meaning they mine different ways they don’t use cyanide and they’re just a lot better the Third is actually only $0.53 right now but it owns about 25 mines it has a market cap of 300 million and as of October 23rd they should come out and say that one of those mines now is worth more than four times (1.2 billion) the company’s actual market cap! That stock is FFMGF, My favorite 2 penny mining stocks are Enviroleach technology and Mineworks. Tickers EVLLF and MWXRF these to tickers as long as the stock markets stay open should be the Apple and Amazon of mining stocks in the next 2 years! Don’t take my word for it I am not a financial counselor I just study a lot. So do a bit of research screen shot this message and when you pay off your houses etc. Maybe right me and we can all chose Charities or whatever to put the extra money into because you always have to pay it forward!

  6. Hail to the great Dollar Vigilante! Yeay! You are a great guy Jeff! Take care. King’s Cross in London was the place where we had a false flag terror attack from our gouvernment, so in a nutshell you are right, they are the very enemy of mankind, Gog and Magog’s age, Dajjal’s servants, the Western Gouvernment.

  7. Debt slaves are what this country is comprised of. Pay them bills, go to work, drop off the kids at daycare so a stranger can raise them so you keep this vicious cycle going . The family value has been fractured to a frightening level.

  8. Bitcoin = taxation reinvented. You cannot hide on the blockchain. The beauty bitnerds rave about has them under the microscope. Taxmans job made easy.

  9. Try using any card in Puerto Rico after emergency….All digital is suicide….Banks are closed, there is no power and no internet and Bitcoin is useless in this case…

    “At the same time, many supermarkets and gas stations are only taking cash because credit card systems are down. The New York Federal Reserve, which provides bills to the island, said Wednesday that “demand for cash is extraordinarily high.”

    “That’s not all. Because of widespread power outages, bank branches are functioning on generators. Banks can’t get security software back on line. Bank employees don’t have enough gas for their cars to drive to work. There is no public transportation.”

    Imagine you have Bitcoin and another guy has Gold and Silver coins…..Who will get cash first??? Exactly, the guy with the gold coins runs to the first jeweler who gives him CASH for his gold or silver!!!!

  10. What is the best Blockchain penny stocks to invest this year…2018 ?The news saying that Blockchain will be grater than any Bitcoins…any opinions…?

  11. Wirex/WirexApp stole my money!!!
    May 9th 2018. I applied to Wirex for the new currency cards. A GBP and a Euro Card. By May 29th the GBP and Euro cards had not arrived. I informed Wirex support, and they further informed me that they would have new cards issued. I informed them that I was moving residence. They informed me that I would have to re-verify my new address. The address verification process I went through again. All was well on that score. However the earlier cards I ordered never showed up at my former address, even to this day. Wirex claimed they must of gotten lost in the post.
    And even though I asked Wirex for them to be cancelled, and their representations removed from my wallet. To this day six weeks later, the representations are still in my wallet. Despite the fact that I have communicated with Wirex support staff many many times. And they CLAIM over and over again, that everything will be sorted out. To this day the card representations are still there.
    I went through the KYC (Know your Client ) routine, yet again, established my new address.
    And I applied for new cards a GBP and a Euro card, despite the former card representations still being in my wallet.
    Only one of the new cards I applied for arrived. The GBP card. However due to the fact that the earlier cards and their wallet representations have never been activated, or removed, from my account the new GBP card that I received is not represented in the Wirex wallet or Web Interface. So I can neither activate it, or do anything with it. The card is a dud.
    This is just one of many many many issues I have experienced with Wirex or WirexApp or whatever guise they are going under.
    This company I have found very hard to trust.
    Why would I keep anything of value with them?

    Wirex have now locked me out of (Blocked) my WirexApp wallet account, with out any notice or warning!
    As I had both BitCoin and Pounds Sterling in my Wirex Account, this is clearly theft.

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