The Fate and Future of Bitcoin: The Bankster’s Battle for Control

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Jeff is interviewed by Vin Armani, topics include: the changing crypto space, globalist influence of Bitcoin, high Bitcoin fees, Bitcoin Cash, paid shilling and 'sock puppetry' to influence Bitcoin, suspicion over efforts trying to move bitcoin away from currency and towards 'digital gold', maybe Bitcoin core is the fork, people moving to Bitcoin Cash, what makes Anarchapulco so good and so different, massive growth in the liberty movement, Anarchapulco 2018, Ron Paul to speak this year!

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72 thoughts on “The Fate and Future of Bitcoin: The Bankster’s Battle for Control

  1. Great interview Jeff. It is clear to me that either 1) Bitcoin (Core) has been hijacked by the bad guys (AXA) and they have an agenda and/or 2) the Core development team is horribly incompetent. The market will decide. I believe Bitcoin Cash will prevail.

    1. I dont think the core devs are controlled by the Banksters. I agree the fees are ridiculous but the cheap transactions and speed is coming . Security of the network is important, so they are testing and testing

  2. When you have so much bitcoin you compromise your integrity because in the end you are protecting your great wealth rather than being a flag bearer of this revolution.

  3. So much misinformation,..Bitcoin Cash would not even be able to handle world adoption unless they integrate SegWit and Lightning
    Adjusting the block size does not solve the underlying problem, it only delays it.
    Right now it works like any other ‘Alt’ coin, so basicly not to much transaction volume and low fees.
    The problem with bigger blocks is also that the blockchain size becomes to big. And it’s already over 150GB….
    Do you imagine yourself downloading 10TeraByte of transaction history just to run a full node?
    Keep dreaming.
    Bitcoin to the moon.

    1. its 2018 not 2009, 8mb is nothing. Everyone can make a nodes, your aguement is invalid. Btw lightning is the most centralised system “hub” (=bank) stop lying to people

  4. It costs 7-15% thru the exchanges to convert fiat to crypto. And then it costs another 7-15% to convert from crypto to fiat. The on-ramps and off-ramps costs are an hindrance to wider adoption. No one seems to want to talk about these charges. The exchanges are just acting like another banking infrastructure.

    1. BTC has use. It is what you must have in order to buy altcoins. And every altcoin is valued in BTC, so it is a store of value.

      LTC a “shitcoin”, give me a break. Clearly you have never tried to send cryptos to someone. If you would have, it would probably be LTC.

    2. jim jones we have all seen that tweet and yes it was weird, but it was also awesome to me. As Lee said himself there, “if one tweet causes the cost of a coin to drop, then it don’t deserve the price anyway”… LTC still holding strong after its creator himself throws a bomb at it like that, that tells you how strong LTC is. Imagine if the creator of ripple did something like that… back to 50 cents

    3. How is it a conflict of interest to own litecoin when your job is maintaining litecoins value?

      I would say that sounds like a unison of interest? He owns litecoin so it is in his best interest to maintain its value… I mean.. where is the conflict?

    1. You idiot…core is a non profit organization…anyone who runs a core node supports the network.  When lightning network hits, you Btrash shills are going to cry.

    1. You are a fool. Jeff is doing more for humanity than a troll like you ever will. Death is an illusion. You have read the teachings yet your understanding is superficial.

    2. +Meena Great reply, Im astounded by your intellect. (sarcasm) But since this is the last time we converse I will leave you with a free truth teaching: WORDS are man made and don’t exist. As such cursing is meaningless. But alas, it was your destiny to experience ignorance.

    1. I have 10 years experience in networking and communications. What about you? BTC Bitcoin will seize up and die once people realize they can’t sell or even send coins anymore.

  5. Jeff is a little off his rocker here. Both bitcoin and bitcoin cash can NOT scale to any level of mass adoption as they stand today. They BOTH need to be updated if they want to be used in the future when we have more people using crypto

    1. Bitcoin cash can scale faster in the short run. Upping the block size is much easier then creating and implementing lightning network. True. But if we wanted to use crytpo for everyday transactions, mining and PoW (in any system) has its limitations. Anyway, its still early to speculate. We will have to let the technologies speak for themselves. 2018 will be a big year for all crypto coins.

    2. Magic Man Xpress One of the things I have noticed with crypto is that it is responsive to the customer. It is very different from regular centralized banker money. Perhaps because the users of crypto want it to succeed but many truly good and intelligent people act in good faith on behalf of crypto. It is like they are responsible stakeholders in the success of crypto. I am most impressed by the adaptability of the community to overcome challenges which can be done with forks and upgrades. You get nkthing like that with central banker notes which cannibalize each other for the profit of one over the other. A huge part and probably the essential part. of crypto that makes it great is the people involved in it. The community is strong, smart, and adaptable. Wise investments always rely on investing in good people. I have had a couple struggles with transactions in this emerging network and yet I have been impressed how adaptable and responsive the community has been to my – and others – concerns. The community seems positive and determined to overcome each challenge they run into for the benefit of all. It is a lot more reassuring than the central banker system that is totally gripped in fear and self interest and has a history of trying to buy it’s way out of trouble which solves nothing.

  6. This is the way I see it, my car has flat tires (bitcoin) will be getting new tires some time in the next year or two, do i leave the tires flat or pump them up? While waiting for my new tires? especially when the big players are starting to stop using BTC, well it’s a no brainer, get the tires pumped, and try to get the new tires as soon as possible.

    BTC has being Hi-Jacked, I can only speculate that someone is doing it for a reason of profit. I’m a small business that gets paid in BTC, can’t continue with the high fees.

    If you think lightning network will save us, watch this.
    How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | Lightning Network

    When people just have insults for answers, don’t listen to them, they are the scammers.
    I have listened to many youtube hosts, all they say is Bitcoin cash is a scam, never answer any of the real questions, they have Bitcoin and want it to keep rising , but offer no solutions today, only possible promises in the future.

    1. You can not blame the high transaction fees and the 1mb congestion on BCH alone, in the last 2 years Bitcoin Core developers and institutions like Bitpay and Coinbase and many others refuse to act promptly to the situation in which is now going on with Bitcoin.

    2. Bitcoin does not have any transaction fees.
      Yes – you read that correctly.
      Now go and study the Bitcoin protocol and the Bitcoin specification.
      Users have complete control over the fees that they pay.
      You paid a high fee?
      You CHOSE to pay that high fee.
      Miners cannot force anyone to pay a high fee – they MUST accept what fees are given to them.
      Ask yourself then, by the laws of economics why would anyone be paying high fees, when they could simply pay a lower fee if they wanted to?
      Ask yourself who is DELIBERATELY flooding the Bitcoin network with high fees, cutting everyone else out?
      Otherwise we have an economic madness – people paying huge fees when they are not compelled to do so and can pay any fee that they want.
      So just explain to me how this is the fault of Bitcoin, which compels NO FEE AT ALL – and which gives users of the system COMPLETE CONTROL over what fee they pay, and puts the power in THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE.
      Just explain to me how a dysfunctional manipulated fee market can be attributed to Bitcoin, when Bitcoin leaves it OPEN TO US ALL to choose whatever fee we want to pay.
      Go figure.

    1. I would suggest that you actually read up on lightening network. Blockstream is one of 6 companies involved in lightening network and all the work is open source. So being a thought leader in the space doesn’t give them control over the direction of bitcoin. They cannot force anyone to use their implementation and all the implementations are interoperable (see BOLT). Jeff is also profoundly mistaken to think that increasing blocksize was going to solve the scalability problem. If he had any technical expertise he would realise that one needs to handle transactions both on and off blockchain in order to scale and reach the level of visa with bitcoin. I would suggest you look at the challenges that needed to be confronted to scale the internet to the point where it is able to have streaming videos and movies on billions of devices from when email used to be sent once a day in batch. Jeff has no appreciation of the timescales that involves because he is assuming that the present day internet just happened like magic.

  7. I like you man and some of your videos are really good but from what you said here shows that you clearly don’t have the technical knowledge to talk about the scaling problem. Either sit down and read about how big blocks prevent decentralization or don’t talk about that topic so that you don’t look incompetent.
    Just to be clear I am not huge fan of lightning channels but SegWit is much better solution than 8mb blocks.
    And learn the difference between megabyte and megabit.

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