The Gold/Silver Ratio – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

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MORE: Mike Maloney and David Morgan explain the gold/silver ratio: where it’s been historically, where it is today, and what it tells us about the future of the silver price. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to check out the Hidden Secrets of Money website at . It’s a world-leading educational series by Mike Maloney, the bestselling author of the Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver. As Mike explains in the series and his book, we live in an economic system that is made complicated by design. Basically, it’s set up so most people don’t even try to understand it. In Mike’s videos, he breaks down these concepts using easy-to-follow analogies, real pages from history, and animations that tie it all together.
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Mike Maloney is also the founder of ( ), which was one of the first websites ever to sell bullion online. It is well known for outstanding customer service and its competitive prices. If you’re a fan of Mike’s YouTube channel and need help buying gold and silver, his team is standing by to answer all your questions and make it easy. You can find out more at .

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54 thoughts on “The Gold/Silver Ratio – Mike Maloney & David Morgan

    1. +NBF1865 Yes, I know all about fiat currencies and how they work. Doesn’t
      change my answer in my previous comment. The debt clock amount shown is a
      ratio and is not meant to be taken as the current value in dollars of
      silver or gold or any other thing listed. As long as you can go to a store
      and buy food or a car or an ounce of gold with dollars, then dollars have
      value. If you don’t like fiat currency I will take it off your hands for
      the value of the paper that it’s printed on, if you like. LOL

    2. NBF1865 I agree. Fiat currency is the mechanism by which the ones in
      power/the controllers steal wealth from the people with inflation and
      taxes. Fiat currency is a piece of paper backed by nothing (FAITH??)

    1. That’s such a ridiculous statement….if silver is so worthless why is it
      so widely used in electronics and a whole host of devices in industry? Last
      time I checked computers, radar, solar panels weren’t free or called a
      worthless debt instrument.

  1. Please some real geologist on youtube come and correct those BS !
    There is NO “natural ratio” of 9 to 1 ! There is around 20 times more
    silver in the earth crust than gold…
    but every year world mines don’t produce 20 times more… (only) 8 times
    mores silver than gold.

    So year after year the depletion of gold is increasing compare to silver
    which means that the “natural ratio” is actually increasing with even more
    silver to gold in the earth crust.

    The price ratio has therefore more chance to get closer to 100 than to 16 !
    Yes, a lot of the silver consumed is not recyclable but there is absolutely
    no shortage of silver for another 5 decades …

    Please people, don’t be lazy and just parrot two “experts” (with vested
    With internet at your fingertips there is no more excuse for ignorance.
    Search for yourself !

    1. Didier deNice There is enough gold on and in the planet to walk kneed-deep
      in gold. But most gold is beyond our ability to extract. That makes gold
      and silver expensive.

    1. Bleed the wealth and it can’t be replaced. No one to help nothing to pass
      down to the next generation. You’re right it will be the largest wealth
      transfer in history. We live in the matrix literally a banking matrix. From
      birth to death we are profit centers to them our health being the most
      profitable to them.

    1. The problem is that much of the world’s population growth are by third
      world countries, whose people can’t afford precious metals. People who can
      barely afford to buy food aren’t’ buying gold coins.

  2. If the naturally occurring gold to silver ratio is 9:1, why is it assumed
    that silver is undervalued with respect to gold? Why can we not say that
    gold is overvalued with respect to silver? Since silver is now around
    $17/oz., could we not say that the true price of gold should be $153/oz.?
    Whenever I hear this ratio argument explaining why silver should be trading
    at a higher price, it is always assumed that the baseline price for gold is
    correct, not the other way around, or even some value between the two.
    Unless and until there is a true free market in the metals, we don’t know
    what they should be trading for anyhow.

    1. First, costs of production for gold are currently between 700 and 1000$.
      If it cost you 1100 to produce an ounce of gold in early 2017 you just
      shouldn’t be in business at all !!!
      Second, it’s pretty common for commodities to be sold on the market below
      their production cost from time to time. Yes business and reality is tough !
      So Galbraith’s basic argument that gold might just be overvalued to silver
      is not absurd at all.

  3. Gold must be more expensive, because it doesn’t tarnish. They are not
    overvalued too much. Most of people would rather take a bar of hersheys of
    same weight as bar of silver

  4. I buy gold and silver, and I’m overweight silver right now. my concern is,
    if I’m right, how will I cash out? if silver goes through the roof what
    will I sell it for? devalued dollars? I can’t wrap my brain around the end
    game. I want to get rid of cash for real money, but when I want to cash in
    my real money, what will I exchange it for????

  5. And diamonds should be a different price than they are too, but they are
    much more expensive than they naturally would be because of human
    social/political interference. Isn’t the more important question ‘what is
    the ratio that the government in your country will allow for gold/silver?’

  6. Hey Mike thanks for all of your videos. I just wanted to say that it would
    only take 10 million people investing less than $2000 a year at the current
    prices to wipe out the yearly annual production of both gold and silver. 10
    million people is roughly .00133333% of the worlds population thus they
    could be the new elite if they actually stick to buying up all of the
    worlds yearly gold and silver production. Just my theory and thoughts, what
    would you have to say about it. Hope you are in good health, and yes i buy
    both gold and silver and am every increasing my supply based on when the
    price goes up or down.

    Oh, and just one more statistic. Last year Starbucks took in $3 billion
    more in sales that it would have cost to purchase the worlds gold and
    silver annual production supply. There is a reason why these metals are
    called precious metals but very few people really understand how valuable
    they can be for us.

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