The Man Who Predicted the 2018 Crypto Crash… and Where He Thinks It Is Going Now

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Jeff Berwick interviews TDV partner and analyst Ed Bugos.

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Topics include: a surprising history of some of Ed's great calls over the years, the housing bubble, Ed's call for Bitcoin down to 3k back in January 2018, many crypto start ups will go to zero, Bitcoin FUD, is this the bottom? miner wars, market fundamentals, impetus for the next bull market, the coming recession, past market crashes, the Bitcoin value proposition is the same as ever, recent success in shorting tech stocks

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60 thoughts on “The Man Who Predicted the 2018 Crypto Crash… and Where He Thinks It Is Going Now

    1. I think the theory is that Shemita predicts black swan events. I think this was sometime in the end 2015. Nothing really major happened but the Fed raised interest rates in Dec 2015 and some say that caused Chinese stocks and economy to start a downward trend and ended the 35 year bull market in bonds. The first prick in the global everything bubble. Now it is the US and developed worlds time to fall next and this will be quick because of public and private debt levels in US dollars. Whilst China’s economy has been declining, they r transitioning to decouple from the US dollar (petroyuan and accumulating tonnes of gold) to likely take the position as the next empire of the world. They have been surpressing their currency for 30 years, so wen they decouple, they will be in a better position than most economies. East to Western empire cycles happen every half millenium or so. We r at the end of a multiple cyclical transition period. Hold on to ur seats.

  1. Ed 100% advised us TDV members to start selling around the $15k range or at least take profit. I remember the blow back he got for this prediction and he was on the money with it.

    1. +Mike L He thinks we may get up to $5-6k range then a drop down to a low. It’s hard to say and things change so fast in this particular field. I think the sentiment is that we’re still in a bear market with small pumps here and there but pretty much bottomed out.

  2. It is highly unlikely that Bakkt will be ready in January. We will be lucky to see it operational by June 2019.
    There is a lot of resistance in BTC at $4400 that may cause it to correct yet again. Don’t assume that because we have had 5 bullish days, that the 11 month bear market is over.

  3. The reason the central banks and cartels have prolonged the market correction for this long is because they needed time to set up the new digital system. If you think they haven’t learned anything from 2008 you’re wrong. This time they will have the systems in place for a new market. Digital currencies are here to stay. The bottom is going to fall out, a complete devaluation of physical fiat. It’s not going to be just another recession. It will be the haves and the have nots. If you think that cryptos are free from manipulation you are mistaken. There is more manipulation in the digital space than there ever was in physical fiat. We will never have currencies that cannot be manipulated. Before physical fiat is devalued they will squeeze every drop of value from it by allowing people to buy into digital. I think we’re seeing that happening now possibly. Once that transfer has run its course, hyperinflation will set in/physical fiat will devalue to zero. Nothing will change.. it’s just a new system. The early adopters will be the most wealthy. That’s it.

    1. IntotheFire i wouldn’t doubt that both will be valuable, realistically, carrying around gold and using it to purchase things won’t be practical. That’s where crypto comes in

    2. David Detrick not just manipulation, crypto gives them 100% control that they didn’t have with paper money. Crypto is a doorway to one world currency run by Israel

  4. Silicon valley is overplaying its hand in trying to manipulate and control people beliefs and opinion through censorship, de-platforming, search results, shadow banning, ect…. they will be replaced

  5. Some of us are listening. I topped up on some monero and a little BTC a couple of days ago.

    When the market is going up and everyone is happy, that’s when I should have sold.

    When the market is down and everyone is sad, that’s when I need to try buying.

    Let’s see how his goes! Not putting in anything I can’t afford to lose. 🙂

    1. They took a passport from so called Liberland, which is terra nullis between Croatia and Serbia. That small patch of land (the swamp) will disappear once Croatia and Serbia settles their land disputes

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